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Koko Krunch Now Has A New Version With A Chocolatey Centre & Singapore’s The First To Have It

The all-new KOKO KRUNCH Maxx

Forget toasts and eggs – if your idea of an awesome start to a day takes the shape of a bowl of cereal swimming in milk, KOKO KRUNCH Maxx, the newest addition to the Nestle Breakfast Cereal family is about to make breakfast your most important meal of the day. 

Most of us hold KOKO KRUNCH as the ultimate chocolate cereal of all time – but unlike the usual crescent moon shells we’re used to, the all-new KOKO KRUNCH Maxx cereal puffs look the part of little pillows of chocolatey goodness and are significantly larger, packing more crunch in each bite.

But the real surprise comes when you bite into the little morsels

Enveloped in each whole grain chocolate wheat pillow is a chocolate-filled centre that transforms into a creamy filling when submerged in a bowl of cold milk! You won’t have to speed eat your bowl for the best taste experience either, the new and improved KOKO KRUNCH Maxx is specially designed for MAXX-imum crunch and promises to stay crisp for longer in milk. 

Did you know that 1 serving of KOKO KRUNCH Maxx gives you the same amount of iron that’s in 2 servings of spinach?

And it’s not just all about taste, KOKO KRUNCH Maxx comes fortified with Iron, Calcium and Fibre. It also contains B Vitamins (B2, B3, B6 and B9) which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 

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If all this cereal talk is making you hungry, you don’t have to anticipate its arrival because KOKO KRUNCH Maxx already on the shelves in participating supermarkets around you. This is because, for the first time ever, Singapore is the first country in all of South East Asia to get their hands on the  newest cereal by Nestle

P.S. You can also get it from online grocers and retailers such as Redmart and Shopee.

Get your hands on Nestle KOKO KRUNCH Maxx today!

This post was brought to you by Nestle Breakfast Cereals.

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