5 Hidden Things To Do at Jewel Changi Airport Once You’re Done Queuing Up For All The Food

Things to do at Jewel Changi Airport

It’s been a while since Jewel Changi Airport blew us away when it first opened to the public. Between queuing for fast food and visiting all the attractions, you would think that you’d have probably covered almost everything there is to do there. 

Wrong. To make your next trip down a little different, take part in these unique things to do at Jewel, from a wine and bakkwa tasting session to creating a custom candle blend.

1. Naiise Iconic – customised gift wrapping and tea profiling

At usual Naiise outlets, you’ll expect locally-designed lifestyle products weaved with Singaporean lingo and nostalgia. You can also purchase unique items created for everyday use from their curated selection of global brands.

But Naiise Iconic at Jewel does things a little differently. It’s their first retail concept that combines the shopping experience with experiential elements such as personalised gift wrapping and customised tea blends.

To take your presents to the next level, the Gift Bar allows you to zhng your gift with their customisable wrapping service that starts from $3 which you can further decorate with wax seals ($3), dried flowers ($1) and pom poms ($1).

For tea lovers, create your own personal blend in-store with teapasar using their platform that suggests blends according to your taste profile. The tea masters will then put your blend together before roasting it to your desired intensity. 

Keep a look out for the free tea-of-the-week samples that all customers can try – the Lychee Oolong I had on my visit was kept warm by a tea light and a great pick-me-up.

If you’re done browsing the shopping racks, you can even wind down with a tea break at the in-store cafe and enjoy a cup of Iced Chocolate ($6.50) that’s rich without being overly sweet, along with a slice of cake by Julie Bakes. 

The Ondeh-Ondeh ($8) cake contains all the flavours of pandan, desiccated coconut and gula melaka that you would expect in the Nonya treat. 

Store address: #02-205/206

2. Bee Cheng Hiang – wine and bakkwa tasting

For a unique date idea with your SO, try a unique wine and bakkwa tasting at Bee Cheng Hiang. Offered only at their flagship store, Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery and at the Jewel outlet, choose from 3 ($11.90), 6 ($19.90) or 9 ($28.90) courses – you’ll be able to sample different varieties of bakkwa like Sliced Pork, Minced Pork, and Chili Gourmet, along with recommended wine from the designated staff on hand. 

Pro tip: Indulge counter-side where you can watch the experts grill up the bakkwa before serving it fresh to you. 

For a snack that you can easily have on-the-go, the EZ Mini Crunchies is the perfect one to throw in your bag. Essentially a crispy mini-disc of pork floss, it comes in a variety of flavours – Original (from $8), Coconut (from $9), Duo Choco ($14.50) and Oat ($7)

Store address: #01-226

3. Tiger Street Lab – seasonal brews & exclusive Tiger Beer merch

We usually quench our thirst for beer with a bottle or pint at bars or home gatherings, but imagine a fully themed Tiger Beer hangout. At Tiger Street Lab, you’ll be able to enjoy local food fusions along with special Tiger Beer brews, buy merch, and customise your very own pint label. 

Take your pick from their selection of brews – you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Tiger Crystal ($10) for an extra cold and smooth lager, or a pint of the seasonal Tiger Shiok Ale (from $13) which has flavours of pineapple and passionfruit for a refreshing aftertaste. 

For some bar bites, the Shrimps, Guacamole and Mango Salsa ($16) and Roasted Duck ($15) pizza-like flatbreads are loaded with toppings and are great for sharing. If that isn’t enough to satiate you, the Crispy Chicken Wings ($14) and aromatic Truffle Fries ($10) will do the trick.

Tiger Street Lab is also the only place in Singapore where you can customise your very own bottle label with your name for $15 – perfect to take home as memorabilia. You can also bring home exclusive pint glasses for $22 or a set of 3 shot glasses at $19.90.

Store address: #05-205

4. Klosh – customise a candle and mail out postcards

If you can never find a candle scent that ticks all the right boxes for you, create your own at Klosh. At the Create-a-Scent station, you can pick and mix your own scent chips at $12.90. To infuse your home with an invigorating or relaxing scent, simply melt the chips over a warmer to release the oils. 

Exclusively at the Jewel outlet, Klosh also provides mailing services (from $0.30) for their cards and postcards to save you the hassle of finding a postbox. Simply purchase one at $1.50 and fill in your well-wishes to someone special before dropping it off in their mailbox. 

Be sure to check out the Illuminate Collection ($29.90) that’s inspired by the beautiful Jewel HSBC Rain Vortex. The 3D paper cut light box is the perfect gift for anyone that wants to bring a piece of Jewel home, and the soft glow makes for a relaxing night light.

Store address: #04-230

5. Orient Crown – check out a life-sized safe & get watch advice

Whether you’ve just bought your first luxury watch or are an avid collector, watch winders play an important role in preserving the quality of your timepiece. Orient Crown is the leading brand of watch winders in Southeast Asia and you can find single winders, cabinets, or even safes here to keep your precious pieces from harm.

If you’re unsure about where to start, you can also enlist the help of the friendly staff to dish out advice on which watch winders can fit your needs and how to properly care for your watches. 

Also check out this unique giant safe that can hold up to 24 watch winders and 3 jewellery drawers – talk about luxurious.

Store address: #01-236/237

Earn double rewards with the iChangi app to redeem vouchers & miles

As someone who loves treating myself to a day out, Changi Rewards makes it more attractive to do so at Jewel. By signing up for a free account on the iChangi app, you can earn points as you shop and dine at Jewel Changi Airport. These points can then be redeemed for attraction tickets, 1-for-1 deals and even air miles. Score.

For an even better reason to make Jewel your second home, you can now earn double the rewards with Jewel Double Rewards, an exclusive rewards programme at Jewel. 

All you need to do is link both your Changi Rewards and CapitaStar accounts and spend a minimum of $10 in a single transaction. Just scan your Changi Rewards e-card during payment for the Changi Rewards points and CapitaStar STAR$ to be awarded to their respective accounts.

Great news for CapitaStar members because you can now also redeem your STAR$ for eCapitaVouchers that can be used in Jewel. With these unique experiences, you now have more to look forward to at Jewel besides shots for the ‘gram’ and fast food runs.

For even more rewards, head down to Jewel between Friday to Sunday from 3rd-26th July 2020 and shop to your heart’s content at over 100 participating retail outlets to enjoy GST-absorbed shopping with a minimum spend of $80 nett in a single receipt

Image credit: Jewel Changi

That same spend in a single receipt also qualifies for a $10 Jewel voucher that you’ll be able to use on a future visit, so you have a legit reason to return on top of simply admiring the HSBC Rain Vortex.

As an extra bonus, if the receipt presented is from any retail store at Basement 1, you can redeem an additional $5 Grab voucher or 2-hour carpark coupon to offset your parking charges! 

Find out more about Jewel Changi Airport’s Double Rewards here

This post was brought to you by Jewel Changi Airport.
Photography by Clement Sim.

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