5 Game-Changing Inventions You Never Knew Were From Singapore That Do Us Proud Even Overseas

Game-changing inventions from Singapore

When it comes to homegrown brands, Singapore’s got a lot to brag about. Names like Razer and Secretlab are instantly identifiable as “ours”, but there are plenty of other game-changing inventions originating from Singapore you may not have known about.

These include AI robots that help the fight against viruses and a machine that “prints” out fresh roti prata for you. Here are some innovative creations from Singapore that place our little red dot on the map.

1. Rotimatic – Fresh rotis at the touch of a button

The portion of water and flour is adjusted in real-time, making sure that each roti is consistently kneaded.
Image credit: Rotimatic

Singaporeans are known to be proud foodies, so it comes as no surprise that a local company called Zimplistic invented Rotimatic. This machine automatically churns out freshly made roti – all you have to do is put in ingredients such as flour and egg. 

This seemingly futuristic invention was the brainchild of Singaporean couple Rishi Israni and Pranoti Nagarkar who are accomplished inventors with 37 patents under their belt. Now, Rotimatic can be found in over 20 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Saudi Arabia. 

2. Big Tiny – Eco-friendly tiny homes for a sustainable future

The house-on-wheels concept means that a change of scenery shouldn’t be a problem for homeowners
Image credit: Big Tiny

While many of us dream of living in big mansions and luxurious manors, Big Tiny has us reconsidering how we look at our living space with their cosy tiny houses. Founded in 2017 by three Singaporean entrepreneurs, Big Tiny created minimalist yet functional tiny homes that people can purchase and rent out in various parts of Australia..

Tapping into the eco-friendly movement, Big Tiny sets themselves apart by putting wheels on their tiny homes for portability. They also set these homes up in rural yet scenic locations.

3. Igloohome – Smart security system that works offline too

Image credit: Igloohome

Even though digital locks have been around for some time, Igloohome is a relatively new kid on the block. The company was founded just six years ago, but their digital locks now stand toe-to-toe with tech giant brands like Samsung and Yale. 

What makes their digital locks a game-changer is its ability to send guests a PIN code to unlock the door without requiring a  WiFi connection. The company has already made waves in countries all around the world such as the US, Australia, and Germany, since their digital locks are perfect for AirBnB hosts.

4. Sunburst UV Bot – Disinfecting robots to help combat Covid-19

Image credit: KAZE Robotics

Singapore has made great strides in the effort to combat Covid-19. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a Singaporean technology firm called PBA Group invented the Sunburst UV Bot, a robot that can carry out disinfecting jobs at public spaces.The bots are equipped with ultraviolet lights that can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

They are also programmed to follow a specific route, even stopping at key checkpoints to carry out disinfecting jobs. With reach into Malaysia, Thailand, and Hongkong, it has since been deployed in retail malls and hospitals and helps to protect frontline workers from being exposed to the virus.

5. ViSenze – Identify the clothes of your favourite idol

Find out what your favourite idol is wearing by using the ViSenze app
Image credit: App Store

ViSenze’s Egami app is like the Shazam of clothing – simply take a picture of the clothes you want to identify, and you’ll be able to find where to purchase similar items with prices included. 

The company may have bases in the US, China and Japan, to name a few, but its HQ is actually based in Singapore. Not many may know this, but the AI startup actually began as a research and development arm of the National University of Singapore and China’s Tsinghua University in 2012.

Now, their tech is being used to rock the fashion world, with large companies such as Zalora and Uniqlo utilising ViSenze to shape the next generation of shopping online and in stores. 

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Cover image adapted from: Igloohome, Big Tiny, @rotimatic

Tay Jin Heok

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