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We Tried Lazarus Island’s First Ever Beach Glamping Experience With Serious Jeju Island Vibes

Into The Woods glamping at Lazarus Island

When it comes to staycation options, hotels in Singapore are aplenty. But none of these have rooms in a giant, luxurious tent, located right along the beach. Normally, we’d have to fly out of Singapore for such a unique experience, but we got to stay in such glamping tents by Into The Woods on Lazarus Island.

Located less than 30 minutes from the mainland, the accommodation is a great chance to escape city life and spend quality time with bae, friends, or family. Plus, there is no shortage of IG-worthy photo ops on this gorgeous island.

Can I stay overnight on Lazarus Island?

Most visitors tend to make day trips but thanks to 2 new accommodations, you most definitely can stay overnight on Lazarus Island. Your current staycation options are Into The Woods glamping tents and Tiny Away Escape cabins.

How much does it cost to stay in a glamping tent?

Each tent features floor-to-ceiling windows for uninterrupted views of the sea.

Into The Woods has a total of 9 glamping tents – 3 family tents and 6 couple tents. The rates are as follows:

Couple Tent

  • $380/night from Sundays to Thursdays
  • $410/night on Fridays & Saturdays

Family Tent

  • $430/night from Sundays to Thursdays
  • $480/night on Fridays & Saturdays

Stay in the couple tent or family tent for larger groups

When they say glamping, Into The Woods really means it. Each tent is furnished with an air conditioning unit, fridge, mini kitchen set up, and a snack bar. Don’t worry, you’re not totally off the grid – there is WiFi too.

The sofa bed opens up to fit 2 people.

The couple and family tents are practically the same except for a few small differences. The latter has an extra sofa bed and is a teeny bit larger, accommodating up to 4 people. Simply call housekeeping to help you set up the sofa bed when you’re ready to call it a night.

Speaking of beds, the one in the family tent is king-sized while the bed in the couple tent is queen-sized.

Perhaps one of the nicest parts of each glamping tent is the personal deck facing the sea. All the tents face east, so it’s the ideal spot to sit and watch the sunrise.

In case you’re wondering how much privacy you’ll get, rest assured that the tents are pretty well spaced out. 

However, the beach itself is open to the public, so you might see a crowd forming over long weekends and public holidays. Having said that, the tents and Into The Woods facilities are out of bounds to everyone but the guests.

Is there a toilet at Lazarus Island?

There is one major caveat of staying in these glamping tents – there are no ensuite bathrooms. Instead, there is a communal toilet block about a 3-5 minute walk away. Well, here’s what makes it feel a lot more like camping in the outdoors.

There are also no public toilets on Lazarus Island. These communal ones on-site are for staying guests only. You’ll have to get a lock code from reception when you check in, which will give you access to a key that unlocks the 4 bathrooms.

Each bathroom is fitted with a shower, toilet, and sink. Don’t worry about packing basic toiletries like body wash, shampoo and conditioner, as these are provided for. 

Once the sun sets, we found it got pretty dark outside and even the short 3-minute walking path to the bathrooms has minimal lighting. So, when going to the bathroom at night, bring along the torch found in your tent. 

On the bright side, it means you can see plenty of stars in the sky.

Cook your own dinner & go on a scenic picnic

For times when you need to wash your hands and feet or the cooking equipment, there is a 12L jerry can in each tent that can be filled with water. This should be enough for a 2D1N stay but on the off chance you need to refill it, you can easily do so from the Communal Lodge.

Let’s talk about the adorable mini kitchen set-up. No, these are not masak-masak toys for kids, but complimentary stuff you can use to whip up meals at your own time. You’re given a portable stove, cast iron pan, soup pot, and utensils such as knives and tongs. There’s also a microwave and electric kettle to quickly heat up food and make coffee or tea.

2 important tips to be given here: firstly, if you’re boiling soup, use the kettle to boil the water because it is very windy outside and water in the pot will take forever to come to a boil. Secondly, there’s a 96L fridge, so bring your own drinks and food to cook.

The kitchen is also equipped with plates, mugs, bowls, and paper towels. For cooking and seasoning, oil, salt, and pepper are all provided too. So, really all you need to bring along are the ingredients you want to cook.

We don’t want the smoke detector in the tent going off, so make sure only to cook outside on your personal deck. If the weather is good, feel free to bring the chairs, table, and cooking equipment further out on the beach or in the gardens for a more natural setting.

If you’re not keen on lugging around a bag full of ingredients to cook, you can add on food bundles with your tent booking. Into The Woods offers a Korean feast for 2 at $50 which includes gimbab, seafood pancakes, chicken bulgogi, and fish cake soup.

For young ones, they also have the Kids’ Favourites bundle for 2 at $20 with ABC soup and mushroom chicken rice. You don’t get to skip the cooking though, that’s still on you.

Another alternative is buying supplies from the convenience store on the island. But note that it is only open from Fridays to Sundays from 10am-6pm, and the prices are steeper than on the mainland. Nonetheless, it’s good to check it out if you’ve forgotten to bring something or are looking for supper when staying up late.

Here, you can buy marinated meats, cup noodles, and tidbits like chips. You can also get cans of soda and alcoholic drinks like beer. During the day, the store also runs a kitchen and bar where you can order cooked food and cocktails from a daily rotating menu.

Keep in mind that there are no other food options on the island, and beyond 6pm the store is also closed. So, stock up earlier or, as we said before, bring your own food.

A large picnic mat and ice box are provided too.

The folks at Into The Woods have thought of everything to make your stay on the island a comfortable and fun one. Make full use of the complimentary snack basket as well as this cute picnic wagon that’s in every tent. Load it up with all the picnic essentials – mat, food, and drinks – and then easily wheel it to a nice shaded spot on the island. 

Almost any spot you choose is guaranteed to have spectacular views of the ocean or forested area. If you’d like to catch the sunset, walk to the opposite side of the island and plonk your picnic mat facing away from the glamping tents.

What to do if it rains on Lazarus Island?

As you know, it can rain in Singapore at any time. So, if you feel droplets, there are a few things you can do to entertain yourselves on the island. 

First off, you can head to the Communal Lodge to borrow books, games, or kids’ toys to bring back to your tent or play within the lodge itself. They also have basic painting materials for some art therapy. 

In addition, the lodge is a great place to meet other guests and make some new friends.

If you prefer to stay in your tent, the deck chairs can easily be brought in, where you can put on some music and watch the rain from the comfort of your tent. This is a great time to disconnect from social media and simply contemplate life.

Should you be in this mindfulness zone, pick up the complimentary journal and writing supplies to jot down your thoughts and feelings.

And if it’s just a light drizzle, we say pick up the umbrella in your room and go for a walk around the island. It’s the perfect time to capture photos with a moody vibe, no filter needed.

What to pack for your stay at Into The Woods

First, let’s tell you what else you can find in your tent. There are towels and a hairdryer. There are also multiple electric sockets, so don’t worry about needing a power bank. Just pack your chargers.

What you will need to bring along is toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste as well as all your skincare needs. 

Make sure to pop that tube of sunscreen in your bag – you’ll need it if you plan to be outdoors most of the time. Other things you can consider packing are slippers, a swimsuit, and a hat or sunnies. 

If you plan to cook your own dishes – which we strongly suggest you do – then bring along all the ingredients you need. Let’s say this is a special occasion, then carry your own cheese board and wine bottle to create a romantic setup.

BTW, the island is pet-friendly too, so fur babies are welcome to join the getaway,

Groups planning a sporty day out, bring along frisbees or volleyballs to play on the beach. Families coming with kids, don’t forget to pack sandcastle-building toys and swimming floats if needed.

Pro tip: the waves get pretty loud at night, so if you’re someone who needs pin-drop silence to sleep, then pack a pair of earplugs.

How do I get from Singapore to Lazarus Island?

Hop on a boat from Marina South Pier which will drop you off directly at Lazarus Seringat Jetty. The journey to Lazarus Island is roughly 25 minutes and the 2-way ticket costs $15/pax.

Alternatively, you can take a ferry to St. John’s Island and walk across the linkway to Lazarus Island. On the weekends, there is also a ferry service that goes from Sentosa to Lazarus 4 times a day.

FYI, you don’t need your passport to get to any of these Singapore islands.

Those booking a stay with Into The Woods have their ferry tickets included in the package. Simply collect them from the Marins South Ferries booth 15 minutes before the ferry departs. 

It leaves at 3pm for Lazarus Island, just in time for your check in at 3.30pm. The ferry going back to the mainland leaves at 12pm, so make sure to check out by 11am.

What is Lazarus Island known for?

For those who haven’t heard, Lazarus Island recently opened up a Sea Sports Centre where one can rent kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. Bicycles are also available for rental to explore the island on 2 wheels. 

Should you be keen to venture further, St John’s Island is about a 25-minute walk away where a Marine Lab is offering guided ecological tours.

Escape city life at Into The Woods for a relaxing glamping experience

It’s not often Singaporeans get to go glamping on our tiny island. Sure, you could stay overnight in a tent along East Coast Park, but you wouldn’t be able to match the comfort of having a king bed and air conditioning. Therein lies the appeal of Into The Woods. 

You get to be away from the city life, stay right on the beachfront, and still experience all the comforts of a hotel.

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Photography by Huiwen Chan.

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