The CBD Has Lunchtime Wellness Activities Like Meditation, Art Workshops & Cuddling With Cats

imPAct@Hong Lim Green’s Lunchtime Wellness

With a hectic work week, it’s no surprise that sometimes you just want to tune out and eat lunch alone at your desk. But your midday meal doesn’t have to be a dabao container of food that you, with your eyes glued to your computer, scarf down in between emails and calls. 

Instead, head to imPAct@ Hong Lim Green’s Lunchtime Wellness activities on selected dates from now till September 2023 to practise mindfulness in a series of workshops. Each session starts from $16/person and runs for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Cuddle with cute rescue cats from the SPCA

Your lunch break is about to be filled with fun and cuteness thanks to some adorable rescue cats.

Image credit: SPCA

The Purrfect Paws event is taking place at imPAct@Hong Lim Green on 12th April & 10th May and will involve a lot of cuddling cats. Petting cats has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. So, expect to feel refreshed and relaxed after the session

BTW, these furry pals from SPCA are looking for their forever home. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to adopt a cat, this might be it. 

Date & time: 12th April & 10th May*, 12pm-12.45pm & 1.15pm-2pm

*Session to be confirmed

Meditate through a sound bath & stitching class

On 26th April, relax your soul and cleanse it of bad vibes with a Cocoon Sound Bath. If you’re familiar with the practice, you’ll know that on top of being able to relieve tension in your body, it can help promote better sleep and a stronger immune system

Image for illustrative purposes only.
Image credit: @leapingwaters 

There’ll be no actual bathing involved. Instead, you’ll be meditating on the sound waves and vibrations from crystal Himalayan Singing Bowls, chimes, and bells. Because you’ll be lying down on a hammock, it might be a good idea to wear comfy clothes.

Image for illustrative purposes only.
Image credit: @annemibo 

To reap more benefits of meditation, come back on 26th July for a round of Stitch Meditation. During this hour-long sewing session, you’ll be able to unlock a valuable new skill while relieving your overtaxed brain of stress and anxiety.

Cocoon Sound Bath
Date & time: 26th April & 24th May, 12.30-1.30pm

Stitch Meditation
Date & time: 26th July, 12.30-1.30pm

Relax with a DIY perfume & art workshop

Image for illustrative purposes only.
Image credit: @pennyessentials 

For more mindfulness activities, right this way towards the Craft A Scent workshop where you can learn more about aromatherapy and essential oils. If you’ve ever wanted to DIY your personal eau de parfum, come by on 14th and 28th June and explore a myriad of blends like fruity, floral, and sandalwood.

Image for illustrative purposes only.

There’ll also be a mindfulness Art Workshop that’ll kick off on 12th July. You’ll get to explore the brain-boosting and stress-relieving benefits of combining different breathing and drawing techniques.

Craft A Scent
Date & time: 14th & 28th June, 12.30-1.30pm

Mindfulness Art Workshop
Date & time: 12th July, 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Destress in a yoga sleep session

To get yourself into a deeper state of relaxation, join a Yoga Nidra session at imPAct@Hong Lim Green on 16th August and 30th August 

Image for illustrative purposes only.
Image credit: @calma.clasesdeyoga

This form of practice isn’t meant to tone your calves or add flexibility. Instead, it’ll send you into a state of lucid sleep. That means your body and soul will be relaxing in a sleep-like slumber while still remaining awake and aware of the surroundings.

Yoga newbies need not worry because there’ll be a trainer telling you exactly what to do so you won’t be lost in your own breath. Or, fully fall asleep midway through.

Date & time: 16th & 30th August, 12.30pm-1.30pm

Boost your mood at imPAct@Hong Lim Green Lunchtime Wellness

Your mental health matters. So, if you have an hour to spare, ditch the desk lunch and head to Lunchtime Wellness at imPAct@Hong Lim Green for a series of mindfulness activities. They will help you beat the work stress, fight anxiety, and boost your mood.

Image for illustrative purposes only.
Image credit: imPAct @ Hong Lim Green

Bring your PAssion Card to get discounted admission at $16/person. For non-members, expect to pay $31/person which, in the name of your mental health, is totally worth it. Hammocks are also available for rental at $12/member or $27/non-member in case you’re looking for a spot to catch some shut eye.

Plus, lunch is included in your ticket and will be served after each event so you can leave the session feeling full and relaxed.

Check out imPAct@Hong Lim Green’s Lunchtime Wellness events

Address: 20 Upper Pickering Street, Hong Lim Park, Singapore 058284

This post was brought to you by imPAct@Hong Lim Green.
Cover image adapted from: @leapingwaters, @mindfulartmatters

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