This Diploma Lets ITE Students Get Training As An ICA Officer With Salary, All While Still Studying

Work-Study Diploma

You might’ve seen them patrolling at the airport, or in movies when they’re hunting down the bad guys – these uniformed personnel are none other than law enforcement officers. If you’ve been itching to join the force and don the navy blue fit – now’s your chance. 

ICA has collaborated with ITE to offer a Work-Study Diploma in Security Operations, so you can study and train to be one of them. Here’s everything you need to know: 

Go for on-the-job trainings & earn monthly salaries

You’ll be posted to land, air, and sea checkpoints.
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Unlike our usual school setting, this 2.5 year-long diploma has students out and about for the majority of the time. Yes, we’re talking proper jobs where you can get hands-on experiences on what it’s like to be an ICA officer. From forgery detection and firearms training, to control and restraint techniques, this programme will be chock full of practical training.

Essential skills including document examination, forgery detection, and profiling techniques will be covered on the job. There’s also the combat side of things, where students will have a go at firearms training and control and restraint techniques. 

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All that hard work won’t go unrewarded as students will get a monthly salary that can go up to $2,500/month. Similar to full-time officers, students will also receive the respective employee benefits. This way, you’ll be able to hustle and pay the bills while staying in school. 

And if the uniformed life calls to you, students can look forward to a sign-on bonus of $8,000* after graduation too. Perks are aplenty as there will be annual increments, milestone payouts of $5,000 every 4 years, and degree sponsorship opportunities. There’s also a Learning Development Subsidy of $700/year, so you can continually level up your skills.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Theory modules are also offered in this diploma, where students can brush up on the fundamentals and partake in projects. These classes will take place at ITE College Central, and students will complete 8 theory modules over the course of 700 hours.

Check out the ICA Work-Study Diploma

If your interest has been considerably piqued, mark your calendars as applications start from now till February 2023. All ITE graduating students (NITEC and Higher NITEC) and recent graduates are welcome to apply.

School doesn’t always have to mean sitting in a stuffy classroom doing endless readings. With  this Work-Study Diploma, you can amp up your knowledge and skills with real-life experiences that’ll help you transition into the workforce. Bonus points for the monthly income that you can earn too.


Learn more about the Work-Study Diploma

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