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7 Hotpot Restaurants In Singapore With Free Private Dining Rooms To Make You Feel Like A VIP

Hotpot in Singapore

Image adapted from: JiangHu Hotpot and @xiaoyangmehmehjiao

When it comes to large birthday gatherings, we tend to rent out party venues that can fit all our friends and family. But sometimes, a low-key meal with your BFFs or closer family members is all you want. While there are a ton of restaurants to choose from, a go-to dining option that’ll always warm the heart and tummy is a good ol’ hotpot.

Instead of sharing space with the rest of the crowd, enjoy your birthday like royalty at these hotpot restaurants in Singapore that have spacious private dining rooms for booking – all for free!

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1. Da Miao Hotpot – live “face-changing” opera performances

Private rooms with cushioned leather seats fit for 8 
Image credit: Damiao Hotpot

Hailing from China, Da Miao Hotpot features an extensive menu to choose from. Dive into atas ingredients like Wagyu Beef ($36) and Boston Butt ($13) – which, despite its peculiar name, is just yummy slices of marbled pork collar.

Image credit: @yoogawi

Their Damiao Special Spicy Soup will leave you sweating and crying for mercy, so it’s best to order the Damiao Traditional Yuan Yang Soup Pot ($20) and balance the spice with a milder soup like Tomato Pig Bone or Fresh Mushroom.

“Face-Changing” opera performance
Image credit: @yoogawi

Their cosy private rooms come with a total minimum spending of $500. Before heading into your private room, catch entertaining live performances of opera-style bian lian or “face-changing” and Chinese tea pouring that originate from ancient China.

Impressive Chinese tea pouring ceremony
Image credit: @yoogawi

As you enjoy the shows, munch on Sichuan snacks like Glutinous Rice Cake with Brown Sugar ($6), which comes with a satisfying crunch and drizzles of sweet syrup.

Pro tip: Make your reservation via Facebook, WeChat or Weibo to get a 10% discount off your dishes.

Address: 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery,  #01-11, Singapore 179022
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs & Sun 11.30AM-10.30PM | Fri & Sat 11.30AM-3AM
Telephone: 6250 9969

2. Beauty In The Pot – open till 3AM

Image credit: Alric

As the name suggests, Beauty In The Pot is the hotspot for those searching for the fountain of youth. Packed with collagen, their range of soups will serve your skin and tummy well. Sip on their Beauty Collagen Broth which uses a medley of conpoy, chicken, pork bone and pig’s trotters. It’s boiled for many hours for a rich and thick consistency. 

Spicy Nourishing Broth and Beauty Collagen Broth
Image credit: @bakmeimei

The KINEX outlet in particular has everything bathed in hues of pink, from their chairs to luxe wall decor. Their private rooms come with a capacity of 10 and are available for booking without any extra cost or minimum spend required. Best of all, they’re open till 3AM so your celebration can go late into the night.

Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-38, KINEX, Singapore 437157
Opening hours: 11.30AM-3AM, Daily
Telephone: 6284 8820

3. JiangHu Hotpot – claw machine and game machine with over 130 titles

Image credit:
JiangHu Hotpot

Sichuan hotpot restaurant JiangHu Hotpot captivates at first sight with its garden-like decor. Filled with orange hues from the autumn leaves that hang delicately from atop, this restaurant looks like an ancient palace right out of a Chinese movie. 

Mixed Meatball Combo
Image credit: @v.myigmoments

Try their hearty soup options like Pig Trotter Soup and order a serving of IG-worthy Mixed Meatball Combo ($15). Uniquely plated in a winding display, this selection includes handmade coriander pork balls, fish roe balls and lamb paste balls. Beyond the typical hotpot menu, they also have a buffet with an ice cream, popsicle and fruit bar. 

Image credit: @xiaoyangmehmehjiao

Their private rooms are perfect for a midday hotpot, with natural light streaking in through wide floor-to-ceiling windows panes. With no minimum required spending or extra cost, each private room can house up to 10 people. Check out their claw machine and game machine with over 130 games on your way out!

Address: 799 New Upper Changi Rd, Bedok point, #03-01, Singapore 467351
Opening Hours: 11AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 8129 1929

4. COCA Restaurant – unique broths like coriander and flaming chicken

If Tom Yum and Mala are flavours you can’t live without, Thai-Chinese hotpot place COCA Restaurant is a must-try. Some ingredients to order are their House Special Shrimp Paste, Fortune Fish Paste and Thai Mama Noodle

Quadruple Pot with 4 Signature Soup Broth
Image credit: @fluffyunicorneats

Get the best of 4 worlds with their Quadruple Pot to cater to everyone at the table. Other than their Merciless Mala and Healthy Chicken Collagen Broth, go for unique broths like Coriander Pot or Double Boiled Treasure that’s served with a flaming chicken!

Double Boiled Treasure with flaming chicken
Image credit: @mervyn6

Upgrade your meal to a Premium Buffet to enjoy a free serving of Lobster Mala Xiang Guo per table. You’ll get to customise your bowl with up to 7 ingredients that’re deliciously stir-fried with mala paste and spices. 

Lobster Mala Xiang Guo
Image credit: @uricacxy

Ranging from a seating capacity of 10 to 26 people, their private rooms are available with a minimum spending of $500 and $800 for lunch and dinner respectively. 

Image credit: Coca Restaurants Singapore

Find their full list of outlets here.

5. Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant – 21 private rooms

Image credit: Imperial Treasure

Boasting a whopping 21 private rooms that can each fit 14 people, Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant is a good pick for your celebrations.

Their crowd-favourite Imperial Drunken Chicken Soup is cooked in rice wine and traditional Chinese herbs like ginseng and wild yam. They also offer a wide variety of live seafood, including King Tiger Prawn.

Fresh King Tiger Prawn
Image credit: @imperialtreasuresg

Depending on the time and outlet of your choice, you’ll get to choose from various set menus starting from $118 for 2 during dinner. To enjoy a private room for free, simply spend a minimum of $120 per person.

Find their full list of outlets here.

6. Captain K – free Chilean crab during your birthday month

Image credit:

While known for their Korean seafood tower, Captain K’s hotpot satisfies in its own right. After picking either a Single Soup Base ($16) or Double Soup Base ($20), fill up on their Korean soups like Korean Kimchi with cabbage and soft tofu, or Kombu Dashi, which is made with sea kelp and bonito flakes for an ultra umami taste.

In terms of dishes, they serve whole seafood dishes like Boston Lobster ($8.80 for 100G), Golden Pomfret ($22) and Hokkaido Scallops ($20 for 4 pieces).

Free Chilean King Crab when you visit on your birthday month
Image credit: @captainksg

Claim a free Chilean King Crab on your birthday month and live it up with additional Korean beers, Soju Bombs and Watermelon Soju. 

Each private room comes with a TV
Image credit: @captainksg

Each private room can fit up to 10 people with a minimum spending of $1,000 – but you’ll get an attractive 30% discount off your bill when you dine in after 9PM on Fridays, Saturdays, and eves of public holidays.

Address: 112 Middle Rd, Midland House, #01-00A, Singapore 188970
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11.30AM-3PM & 5.30PM-11PM | Sat & Sun 11.30AM-3PM & 5PM-11PM
Telephone: 6255 5744

7. Shang Pin Hot Pot – no minimum spend required

Image credit: @glamourayne

If you’re looking to go ballin’ on a budget, Shang Pin Hot Pot has tasty affordable options like hand-pulled Kongfu Noodles ($3) and Meat Festival ($24), a platter of pork, beef and mutton slices.

Image credit: @shangpin_hotpot

For indecisive diners, save yourself the headache by ordering their Multi Flavour Soup Pot ($18) that comes with 3 broths. While their soup options might seem to be the usual flavours of tomato, chicken, and mushroom, they’re known to hit the spot. Try their Pig’s Stomach and Chicken with White Pepper Soup for a kick of spice!

Image credit: Shang Pin Hot Pot

Book a VIP room for your hotpot party of up to 14 people without any extra charges or minimum spending. 

Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, #02-102/102A, Singapore 039594
Opening hours: 11AM-12AM, Daily
Telephone: 6565 7666

Hotpot private rooms in Singapore

Birthday celebrations are one of the rare occasions where breaking the bank over food takes the backseat. But you don’t have to book up a pricey private room to enjoy the occasion in a more intimate environment, thanks to these hotpot restaurants offering such rooms that don’t cost any more than your meal.

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