Grab Now Has Up To 50% Off For WFH Feasts Including Mala, Bento Bowls & Ben & Jerry’s

Grab Manyversary

There’s much to love about WFH – like getting a few extra winks of sleep each morning and “arriving” at work in your PJs. But till 8th July 2021, you’ll have something extra to look forward to each morning with the Grab Manyversary Sale

With a spate of deals across GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabPay, you’ll get to snag savings on your daily lunch fix and scrumptious feasts for the fam, along with discounts on bonus treats and shopping hauls. 

Snag 1-for-1 deals for your WFH lunch fix

Whether you’re rushing through yet another hectic Monday morning or battling the noontime Z-monster on a sleepy hump day, catch some downtime with 1-for-1 delivery deals on GrabFood

1-for-1 Minced Meat Abalone Porridge from A-One Claypot House 

Kick back with a plus-one and slurp down A-One’s Minced Meat Abalone Porridge ($15, U.P. $30) for a simple but luxurious midday meal. Otherwise, umisushi’s Tori Teriyaki Bento Boxes ($12.30, U.P. $24.60) will also make for a nutritious boost, and you’ll have a refreshing choice of Cucumber Lemonade or Iced Green Tea to boot.

1-for-1 Tori Teriyaki Bento Boxes from umisushi

You’ll also get to enjoy 1-for-1 deals on nifty rice bowls from Bowl & Grill – a Western and Japanese fusion chain of stores that features halal-sourced ingredients and a pork-free menu. Grab a pair of their Chicken Happiness Bowls ($7.20, U.P. $14.40) to sample their hearty offerings – served atop your choice of short-grain rice, teriyaki soba, aglio olio or fresh salad. 

Bowl & Grill offers an option of Chicken Chop Bowl (left) or Chicken Cutlet with Nacho Cheese (right), both featuring an onsen egg.

Get 50% off food delivery feasts

For something a little more extravagant without leaving you feeling the pinch, Grab is offering 50% off a whole range of feasts during the Manyversary Sale. 

The Buddy Bundle includes two types of meat, veggies, mushrooms and beans, topped off with two carbs of your choosing (centre). It also comes with spicy chicken cubes (left).

Turn up the heat with the Buddy Bundle at Xing Le Mala Hotpot ($19.95, U.P. $39.90), and tuck into your choice of stir-fry or soup-base mala, along with a side of spicy chicken cubes. Like at your favourite mala joint, you’ll get to pick your spice levels from xiao la to da la – in addition to your choice of numbing level for that added zing.

The Popeyes Sharing Platter includes 5pc Chicken along with Biscuits, Mac N Cheese, Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Fries and drinks.

Fried chicken is very much a way of life, and with 50% off Popeyes Bundle Meals, fans of this crispy delicacy can tuck into the Sharing Platter ($22, U.P. $44) for a spread of sides and drinks. Otherwise, purists can opt for the 6+4 Bundle ($18.90, U.P. $37.80) that focuses on the important stuff with 6pc Chicken and 4 Tenders, alongside a Large Mashed Potatoes to go with. 

The Soup Spoon’s 2 Pax Soupervalue Bundle comes with two large soups, a Caesar Salad, meat-free Quorn Nuggets and a choice of sandwich, in addition to drinks and either Chocolate or Carrot Cake.

For a comforting midday interlude or unctuous end to your day, slurp up the rich nosh from The Soup Spoon that’s offering 50% off the 2 Pax Soupervalue Bundle ($29.90, U.P. $59.80). You’ll get to pick from their all-star lineup of Large soups – including Clam Chowder, Tokyo Chicken Stew, and for a $1 top-up, the rich and meaty Beef Goulash.

Get your shopping loot delivered to your doorstep

30% off Ben & Jerry’s from The Ice Cream Store ($9.79, U.P. $13.98)

To accompany your downtime after your daily 9-to-5, you can secure 30% off Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chilll’d ($9.79/pint, U.P. $13.98) to dig into for your nightly binges. Otherwise, enjoy a whole range of promos from The Ice Cream Store via GrabMart that include Magnum Mini Matcha & Classic, along with Mini Ruby ($8.33, U.P. $11.90).

Elipse Suction Bowls (front) attach firmly to tables to prevent spills, while Green Toys (back) like the cheery Yellow Tugboat ($15.33, U.P. $21.90) and Red Airplane are made from recycled materials.

Other GrabMart deals include 30% off selected items from Motherswork – where you can pick up highly-raved Green Toys and Elipse Suction Bowls ($13.23, U.P. $18.90).

Enjoy food and shopping deals during the Grab Manyversary Sale

With a whole host of discounts on your delivery hauls, you’re in for a treat that’s sure to take your WFH life to the next level. Be it bowls, bento boxes or a full feast via GrabFood, the Grab Manyversary is also a great opportunity to score savings on your shopping via GrabMart. You’ll also get to enjoy up to 30% off when you use GrabPay or PayLater to make purchases.

Till 8th July 2021, you can expect up to 50% off anything and everything on the Grab app, and get in on lobangs galore from the convenience of your home. 

Find out more about the Grab Manyversary Sale


This post was brought to you by Grab.
Photography by John Low.

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