13 Best Foldable Bicycles In Singapore For Breezy Bike Rides While Saving Space At Home

Best foldable bicycles in Singapore

With our ever-expanding cycling network and gems such as the scenic Rail Corridor and windy East Coast Park, it’s no wonder cycling is quickly becoming Singapore’s national pastime. If you’re looking to squeeze in some cardio on the way to work or jio your pals for a leisurely weekend ride, foldable bicycles are the best way to get in on this healthy hobby.

Collapsing into compact bundles, foldable bicycles save space in smaller homes, are easily stored in car boots or even toted onto buses and MRT trains for extra convenience while commuting. Whether you’re seeking out one for work or play, here are the best foldable bicycles in Singapore:

What to know before buying a foldable bicycle in Singapore

Foldable bikes work well on the space-restricted island we live in, saving tons of storage area and mobility on public transport.

However, it is important to note that most foldable bikes are made for city riding, that is, short distances and on even terrain. This shouldn’t be a problem if you only need a bike to commute around Singapore. For long distance cycling routes, a mountain bike would be more fitting.

When choosing a foldable bike, some considerations to take into account include:

  • Number of gears: If your cycling route undulates a lot, a bike with multiple gears can help you climb uphill and cruise downhill with ease.
  • Adjustable seats and ergonomic handlebars: No matter the distance you’re cycling, you’ll want to be comfortable throughout your ride. Apart from having an adjustable seat to suit your height, you’ll also want to consider a padded one to protect your bum when riding longer distances.
  • Safety features: Make sure your bike comes fitted with a safety bell to warn others in your way, and a light for night rides. These can be purchased at most bike shops or even online.
  • Wheel size: Smaller wheels actually accelerate faster, and are able to do tighter turns around crowded places. Larger wheels are much more stable, which make them suitable for longer riding distances. Of course, the size of the wheel will also impact how small your bike will be able to fold up as well.

You can take your foldable bike onto public transport, but it does require following a few rules. Firstly, your bike cannot be larger than 114cm x 64cm x 36cm when folded. Most bikes are much smaller than this, so there’s no need to worry about it.

On public transport, you must make sure that your bike is folded and kept upright at all times. Also, if the wheels are dirty or wet, you have to cover them up first before boarding.

What’s the best foldable bicycle in Singapore?

Name Price Weight Best for
Brompton C Line From $2,600 11.26kg High customisation and compact design
3Sixty S6 From $870 12.8kg Budget-friendly Brompton alternative with seamless folds
Tern Link D8 $1,050 12.1kg Easy adjustability and quick folding
Dahon K3 From $821 8.1kg Lightweight and effortless folding
Decathlon BTwin Tilt 500 20” $369.90 13kg Affordability with customisable options
Birdy Touringplus 24SP $2519 11.8kg Comfort and performance on rough terrains
Bickerton Junction 1307 $550 16kg Comfortable seating for longer rides
Hito X6 $430 11kg Suitable for tall and heavy riders
CarryMe $999 8.4kg Slim design ideal for urban commuting
Java Zelo V2 $380 13kg Reliable performance in wet conditions
Begasso $288 16kg Stability and affordability
Hachiko Trifold T7 $579 12kg 4 rolling wheels for easier transportability
Thornton Pikes $888 13kg Extendable seat up to 1m

1. Brompton C Line

Most compact with high customisation

Brompton with added accessories such as a front pannier bag for storage and a carrying handle for portability.
Image credit: @verns_bromie_ride_captures via Instagram

Foldable bicycles are pretty much synonymous with Brompton. And for good reason – these bikes are constructed from stainless steel and among one of the most compacted when folded. 

Brompton bikes are small enough to fit under cafe tables and even in the overhead bins of planes.
Image credit: @brompton_sg via Instagram

They’re also highly customisable in terms of parts, accessories, and colours. Start by picking the Brompton C Line – one of their most popular series in Singapore that includes the Urban, Utility, and Explore models. You can then switch out seats and wheels, or add on a bell and lights to make the bike your own.

Price: From $2,600
Gears: 2 to 6-speed
Weight: From 11.26kg
Folded dimensions: 58.5cm x 56.5cm x 27cm

Address: 107 North Bridge Road, #01-26 Funan Mall, Singapore 179097
Contact: 6908 5023

Buy Brompton C Line on the Brompton website.

2. 3Sixty S6

Brompton alternative on Shopee

Image credit: @bayuu_vk via Instagram

If you’re looking for a collapsible bike that’s got the Brompton aesthetic but not the Brompton price tag, look no further than the 3Sixty S6. Like its lookalike, it’s got a steel alloy frame and seamless folds. 

Image credit: @liaogebike via Instagram

The similarities don’t end there – you can even choose between M and Y handlebar options. The M handlebar can be pulled closer to your torso so it’s highly recommended for smaller riders since it’s easier to control. The bikes also come in an array of colours, including ombre options such as Oilslick and Electrosilver.

When not in use, the bike folds up easily. Plus, there are rollers attached to the rear wheel and near the seatpost so the bike can be transported around easily when folded – a trusty feature you’ll also find on the Brompton.

Price: From $870
Gears: 3- or 6-speed
Weight: 12.8kg
Folded dimensions: 63cm x 60cm x 33cm

Buy 3Sixty S6 on Shopee.

3. Tern Link D8

Adjustable for different heights & 10-second folding

Image credit: @piki_photo via Instagram

Nailing the perfect fit for your bicycle is essential for comfort and safety, especially for longer rides. Most bicycles allow you to adjust the height of the saddle, but the Tern Link D8 lets you further tweak the position of the handlebars. This way, you can pick a more comfortable and upright position for long rides, or a lower, more aerodynamic one to go a little quicker.

Image credit: @ternlisboa via Instagram

For convenient storage and transport, the bike folds down in 10 seconds with 3 simple steps, and is held together securely by magnets to be carried around. The bike also has nifty features to boost its reliability and usefulness, including puncture-resistant Kevlar tyres and compatibility with racks and fenders.

Price: $1,050
Gears: 8-speed
Weight: 12.1kg
Folded dimensions: 79cm × 72cm x 38cm

The Tern Link D8 is currently sold out, but you can check for availability through Tern’s Singapore dealers on the Tern website.

4. Dahon K3

Lightweight at only 8.1kg

Image credit: @witzard_1979 via Instagram

It can be incredibly liberating to zip along scenic cycling routes in Singapore, but you’ll have to dismount at some point to lift your bike over obstacles such as kerbs and steps. Even if you’re not encountering flights of stairs on the regular, a lightweight bike can make minor inconveniences such as folding and unfolding much more effortless.

The Dahon K3 might be a touch larger than the Brompton when folded, but it only weighs a fraction as much – and costs much less.
Image credit: @mue.mue58 via Instagram

Weighing in at just 8.1kg, the Dahon K3 is one of the most lightweight folding bicycles on the market. While most other bikes weigh above 10kg and sport 20-inch wheels, this adorable gadget has 14-inch wheels that let it fold into a tiny package. Smaller wheels can result in a bumpier ride, but on flat ground, the bike can hit speeds of up to a whopping 35km/h.

Price: From $821
Gears: 3-speed
Weight: 8.1kg
Folded dimensions: 64cm x 63cm x 29 cm

Buy the Dahon K3 on Shopee.

5. Decathlon BTwin Tilt 500 20”

Affordable with accessory options

A kitted-out BTwin Tilt 500 with added accessories such as a bottle cage, rear lights, saddlebag and handlebar bag.
Image credit: @angelotorino81 via Instagram

Decathlon is a haven for aspiring fitness enthusiasts, and they’ve partnered up with Taiwanese bicycle maker BTwin to bring their range of affordable rides to our shores. At just under $400, the BTwin Tilt 500 is a wallet-friendly option that even offers you 7 gear speeds to deal with different slopes and terrain.

Though its other features are rather typical, the BTwin Tilt series offers compatibility with Decathlon’s jaw-dropping range of bike accessories. From saddlebags to rear blinkers, you can even convert the Tilt 500 to carry more cargo with a fabric front basket ($15.90) and a pair of 15L bags ($29.90) for more eco-friendly grocery runs.

Price: $369.90
Gears: 7-speed
Weight: 13kg
Folded dimensions: 78cm x 66cm x 38cm

Buy the BTwin Tilt 500 on Decathlon.

6. Birdy Touringplus 24SP

Best for hilly terrain & rough surfaces

Image credit: Mighty Velo

With its high-tech engineering and rugged looks, Birdy bikes might very well be the Land Rover of the foldable bicycle world. One of the premium options on this list, the Birdy Touringplus 24SP is built for comfort, and you’ll be cushioned with both front and rear suspension, along with thick tyres to roll right over rough and bumpy terrain.

Image credit: @birdybicycle via Instagram

Perfect for the occasional off-road adventure, the Birdy Touringplus 24SP offers a whopping 24 gear speeds, letting you pedal through hilly road surfaces with ease.

Price: $2,519
Gears: 24-speed
Weight: 11.8kg
Folded dimensions: 72cm x 60cm x 33cm

Buy Birdy Touringplus 24SP on Mighty Velo.

7. Bickerton Junction 1307

Padded seat for long rides

At first glance, the Bickerton Junction 1307 looks like another Brompton copy. But its shape and the way it folds are where the similarities end.

Image credit: @mars_dorado via Instagram

What stands out for this Bickerton foldable bicycle is its seat that is more padded than Brompton’s. This makes for a cushy ride, especially if you’re taking this bad boy out to conquer a long-distance cycling route. Although designed more for city streets on paved pathways, the bike’s 7-speed gear means it can handle climbing inclines with ease.

Price: $550
Gears: 7-speed
Weight: 16kg
Folded dimensions: 32cm x 85cm x 71 cm

Buy Bickerton Junction 1307 on MyBikeShop website.

8. Hito X6

Best for tall & heavy riders with sporty design

Image credit: jackbikesg via Youtube

Foldable bikes are made to be as compact and light as possible – so for larger riders, it’s important to pick a ride that suits their needs. Supporting riders weighing up to 160kg, the Hito X6 is highly rated by taller riders of up to 1.8m

It’s a good option for those looking to get the most bang for their buck, coming in under $500 but weighing a modest 11kg. The upgraded 2023 model boasts aluminium pedals for sturdier rides – available in a range of sporty looks, including an eye-catching gold-and-black design.

Price: $430
Gears: 7-speed
Weight: 11kg
Folded dimensions: 35cm x 60cm x 80cm

Buy Hito X6 on Shopee.

9. CarryMe

Slim foldable ideal for MRT commuters

Image credit: Pacific CarryMe via YouTube

Most foldable bikes are built small enough to be brought aboard public transport, but the CarryMe takes it to the next level with its slim trolley-like design. It comes in an array of 9 colours and folds into a nifty bundle that easily rolls on casters through crowded malls or MRT stations. 

Image credit: Pacific CarryMe via Youtube

It’s definitely not the top pick for those looking for an adventure on wheels as its smaller tyres result in a slightly bumpier ride, and you’ll be straining to climb steep hills on its single gear. But weighing only 8.4kg, it is compact and easy to fold, making it the perfect companion to zip between your doorstep and the MRT station. 

Price: $799
Gears: Single-speed
Weight: 8.4kg
Folded dimensions (LHW): 91 x 32 x 25cm

Buy CarryMe on Mighty Velo website.

10. Java Zelo V2

Reliable in tough & wet road conditions

Image credit: @md.fvrhvn via Instagram

Cycling in wet conditions can be dangerous – especially when brakes slip and you can’t come to a stop in time. This won’t be a problem with the trusty Java Zelo V2, which uses disc brakes that you’d commonly find on motorbikes and cars – all while being one of the cheapest foldable bikes on the market.

In addition, it boasts a solid set of features that includes a decent 7-speed Shimano gear set, and robust and grippy Kenda tyres that’ll stand up to rough and slick terrain.

Price: $380
Gears: 7-speed
Weight: 13kg
Folded dimensions: 91cm x 65cm x 39cm

Buy Java Zelo V2 on Shopee.

11. Begasso

Most affordable with stable full-sized frame

Image credit: @ma.sharlaine via Instagram

Foldable bicycles usually sport smaller wheels for a more compact size, but the Begasso provides extra stability with a larger, full-sized design. Featuring extra-large 26-inch wheels, cruise on bumpy ground worry-free, as you’ll be cushioned with springy suspension on both the front and rear wheels. 

It also offers disc brakes for reliable braking along with a generous 24-speed gear set to help you traverse rough terrain. The best part – it folds in half so you’ll be able to transport it by car if you’re planning an overnight cycling ride, without having to install an external bicycle rack.

Price: $288
Gears: 24-speed
Weight: 16kg
Folded dimensions: 91.4cm x 71.1cm x 30.5cm

Buy Begasso on Shopee.

12. Hachiko Trifold T7

Has 4 small wheels to easily roll bike around when folded

If you’re tired of lugging your bike on and off buses and trains, try the Hachiko Trifold T7. This bike has 4 extra wheels that convert your bike into a strolling wagon for easier transport. The bicycle folds in 3 steps and there’s even a magnet that holds the fold in place so it doesn’t unravel while you’re transporting it.

Image credit: Decathlon

While the bike certainly can be used for city riding, the Hachiko Trifold T7 does have features such as a 7-speed gear and shock-absorbing suspension for bumpier terrains.

Price:  $579
Gears: 7-speed
Weight: 12kg
Folded dimensions: 80cm x 66cm x 38cm

Buy Hachiko Trifold T7 on Decathlon.

13. Thornton Pikes

Suitable for taller riders with a seat that goes up to 1m high

Image credit: Thornton Bikes

Tucked among the sports gear and print shops of Queensway Shopping Centre is Thornton Bikes, which sells a range of foldable bikes. One of their newest models is the Thornton Pikes, which has a seat that goes up to 1m high, making it perfect for long-legged riders. Though it lands at 13kg for weight, this provides better stability and control for taller riders.

The bike also has a block for attaching your bags to, rear wheels for easy strolling, and an attached air pump in case your wheels need a little lift on the road.

Price:  $888
Gears: 6-speed
Weight: 13kg
Folded dimensions: 81cm x 71cm x 25cm

Buy Thornton Pikes on Thornton website.

Explore Singapore with these compact foldable bicycles

Whether you’re looking for a ride to join your kaki on weekend adventures, or a companion to supercharge your daily commute, there’s a wide range of foldable bicycles to fit your budget and needs.

Allowing you to free up valuable storage space at home, foldable bicycles also catch a ride on our efficient public transport system to explore Singapore’s many far-flung gems and create great memories with loved ones.

Where to take your new foldable bike:

Cover image adapted from: @verns_bromie_ride_captures, @ma.sharlaine via Instagram
The products have been ranked in terms of functions, and price from sources and reviews online.
Original article published on 26th Mar 2021. Last updated by Ezekiel Sen on 15th April 2024.



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