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I Tried Fat Freezing In Singapore To Lose The Extra Weight I Gained After Starting Work

Fat freezing in Singapore

I had received playful warnings from peers and family alike upon officially joining the workforce. Be it the sudden onset of constant stress or the new sedentary lifestyle, people around me made sure I was emotionally prepared for the weight gain that was bound to ensue. 

“I’m sure it won’t be that bad!”, I scoffed while shovelling an assortment of deep-fried, sugar-laden pantry snacks down my gullet. Till one day, I threw on a pair of jeans and realised to my dismay that I had expanded so much over the past year or so, I could barely button myself up. 

Climbing onto the scales for the first time since pre-employment, my heart sank upon seeing the digits, a staggering 8 kilograms heavier than before. Despite my best efforts to start eating cleaner and incorporate more fitness activities into my daily routine, I found myself hitting a roadblock. Hence, I decided to try the 360° Freeze at ICON Aesthetics to lose stubborn weight, and here’s how it went. 

360° Freeze Treatment at ICON Aesthetics

We’re all familiar with the term “burning calories”, but “fat freezing” was a concept I had heard about for the first time. A completely non-invasive process, the treatment was perfect for somebody like me who is highly squeamish and will literally turn pale as a ghost at the mere sight of a needle. 

Image adapted from: ICON Aesthetics

Here’s how it works:

  1. Cold temperatures are applied to targeted areas of your body.
  2. Exposed to the cold temperature, your fat cells start to crystallise.
  3. As time passes, your fat cells will break down and automatically get eliminated from your body as waste. This takes place over a period of several weeks post-treatment.
  4. Because the fat cells have been eliminated, the treated areas of your body will appear more toned and contoured.

After a thorough run-through of the treatment process, the aesthetician will measure the circumference as well as body fat percentage of your target body parts.

Protective sheets of cooling gel are applied to the areas. Not only was it nice and soothing – like a facial mask for your belly! – these will prevent frostbite from the extreme cold temperatures that are to come.

Tackling my thighs as well. Other areas that can be treated are the arms and even the chin. The latter is rather unheard of, as traditional fat freezing machinery is too bulky to treat such a small and delicate area. Certainly a viable solution for those who’ve always been plagued by a double chin.

Here comes the action! Applicators “suck” the meaty portion of your target body parts inward with a strong vacuum force. Within the applicator is how the coldness will be transferred through your skin, all the way into your fat cells.

What sets the 360° Freeze Treatment at ICON Aesthetics apart from traditional fat freezing are the full coverage applicators used. Employing the latest technology available, the treatment applicators at ICON Aesthetics are able to cover significantly larger areas of the body as compared to standard dual plate applicators. 

Image adapted from: ICON Aesthetics

Look at that suction go! Bye-bye, pesky fat cells.

This allows patients to experience up to 40% fat loss versus a maximum of 25% fat loss when dual plates are used. Better yet, the 360° Freeze Treatment can be applied onto a total of 4 different areas at one go, which essentially means 4 separate sessions wrapped into 1 since traditional fat freezing treatments have to be carried out 1 at a time. 

With most of us living hectic lifestyles with packed schedules, this was great news to me. I settled in for a nap and when the timer went off, each of my thighs and both sides of my belly were done and dusted.

The entire process takes about an hour or so. After ensuring that all applicators have been securely latched onto your target areas, the aesthetician will leave the room to give you full privacy. Should you require assistance at any point of time, the team of aestheticians are only a press of a button away. 

Bundled up in ICON Aesthetic’s smooth and silky robes, tucked into the comfy beds within their cosy treatment rooms. I had the freedom to browse my phone for a bit as the machines worked their magic, before nodding off for a rejuvenating snooze.

Fat freezing results

Waking up each day noticing new contours and definitions I haven’t seen in years is quite the exciting journey

After taking care of me throughout the session, the friendly aestheticians bade me farewell with a couple of helpful tips for the week to come. First and foremost, my newly frozen fat cells were going to exit my body as natural waste. Hence, it was crucial that I chug ample amounts of water and maintain regular trips to the loo. 

They also informed me that the toning and sculpting effect of fat freezing would be amplified by an active lifestyle, especially if I were to hit the gym. This made a lot of sense, as I wasn’t about to just kick back and revert into couch potato mode without fully capitalising on the new boost in my fat-burning metabolic rate.

In the following weeks, I was delighted to chart the progress of a visibly flatter tummy plus a few centimetres shaved off my frame. I could also comfortably slide on all my old jeans again, hooray! These little victories served as a huge motivator for me to work out more, which complemented the fat freezing treatment in aiding my overall weight loss. 

ICON Aesthetics treatments

Piling on the pounds had been pretty detrimental to my self esteem, but a quick and breezy appointment at ICON Aesthetics was able to restore my confidence and help me love the way I look once more. 

If you’re interested in shedding a few centimetres of your problem areas as well, take full advantage of the 360° Freeze Treatment opening special. You’ll get to enjoy 2 sessions at a trial price of $188 (U.P. $1,196).

For a makeover to further lift your spirits, swing by the ICON Medical Aesthetics Clinic helmed by their in-house doctor, Dr Wilson Ho. Treatments offered there include the Celebrity Skin Booster ($199/1ml), Nose Threadlift ($650) and Mini Face Threadlift ($688).

Conveniently situated at Wisma Atria, it’s the perfect town getaway whenever you’re in need of a proper pamper session and some luxe “me time”. For those looking to address aesthetic concerns to start looking and feeling your best self, rest assured that you’ll be in good hands here.

Find out more about the ICON Aesthetics 360° Freeze Treatment here


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This post was brought to you by ICON Aesthetics.
Photography by John Lery Villanueva.

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