The Science Centre Now Has Escape Rooms With Themes Like A Mythical Land & Mad Doctor’s Lair

Science Centre escape rooms

Escape room veterans should be familiar with the typical zombie apocalypse or serial killer settings. If you’re looking for a fresher take, you’ll love the Science Centre’s 3 different escape rooms that feature STEM-based puzzles and unique scenarios. Get ready to geek out and put your love for science, technology, engineering, and maths to the test.

Breaking free from alien captivity, escaping the Metaverse or saving your friend from a mad doctor – choose your mission. Without giving too much away about the clues and how to break free, here’s what you can expect from each of the themed rooms:

Dr X – Rescue your friend before they become a test subject

Free your friend before they become a test subject.

Learning about human biology and psychology is not something you’d expect at an escape room, but they happen to be byproducts here as you try to rescue a friend from a diabolical doctor.

Dr X will have you scrambling through his secret laboratory, piecing together clues and finding a way to help your poor friend break free. The captured player won’t be helpless though – find a way to regroup with the others and break free.

There are no conventional locks or simple riddles to be found here – Dr X isn’t going to let you ruin his plans that easily. Hint: think big and use all your senses to make it out of his lab in one piece. 

Shangri-La – Be transported into a mythical Metaverse

Us trying to find the answers. No, they weren’t in the bag.

Jumanji has nothing on the Shangri-La room, where you and the gang will be transported to a fictional metaverse that has a blend of Asian and Western influences. From a bamboo forest to a sandy pit, traverse the metaverse and escape before you get trapped in this virtual dimension – forever. 

Be prepared to get physical with this one – don’t expect to be able to escape without crawling, ducking, and climbing over terrain while solving puzzles along the way.

Museum of Humankind – Revive Earth in a post-climate change era

Rising sea levels, absurd temperatures, and the destruction of ecosystems – we’re already seeing some of these effects of climate change taking place today. But in the Museum of Humankind, you and your group will assume the role of the last surviving humans trapped in an alien museum.

Ball pit or rising sea levels?

This is the only room where you’ll have access to your phones, so make sure to come with enough battery and put your device to good use. It seems that even in an age where Earth has died out from climate change, your best resource is still your smartphone.

Get discounts for group bundle tickets

Apart from the collective brainpower of larger groups, bringing more kakis along for the experience means greater savings on ticket prices.

Tickets start from $20/pax but you can purchase them in bundles to save 20% off the total cost for 6 tickets and above, and 10% off the total cost for 3 tickets and above. You’ll get an even further discount of 5% on group ticket orders by using the code <ESCTSL>

Do note that there are a few physical aspects to the rooms, so come dressed in comfy sneakers and pants that give you full range of motion. And although the minimum requirement is just 2 people, you might want to bring in reinforcements as they are pretty challenging. 

Grab your tickets for a weekend of problem-solving and STEM fun with the homies.

Find out more about The Science Centre’s Escape Rooms here

15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
Opening hours: Thu-Sun & PH 10am-10pm (Last entry at 9pm) | During school holidays only: Mon-Wed 10am-5pm (Last entry at 4pm)
Contact: 6425 2500

This post was brought to you by Science Centre Singapore.
Photography by Gavin Chua.

Raiz Redwan

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