Dessert Guru Has A DIY Bubble Tea & Dessert Pack For You To Sate Your BBT Cravings This Circuit Breaker

DIY bubble tea

DIY bubble tea
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Dessert Guru, Eatbook

While Singaporeans can survive without bubble tea, it’s certainly something that has brightened up our homebound days. And with the latest Circuit Breaker update that closed down bubble tea stores, it has indeed become “sad, sad situation,” as Elton John might say.

But here’s the good news: businesses in Singapore can be a creative bunch and there are now DIY Bubble Tea and Dessert Packs available for purchase. That’s right, our next cup won’t have to wait several weeks!

DIY Bubble Tea and Dessert Pack by Dessert Guru

This DIY kit by Dessert Guru is every BBT-lover’s dream come true, with enough ingredients for 15-20 servings. Even if you’re sharing with your family, this ought to still last for days, if not a week.

Image credit: Dessert Guru

Toppings are key in the beverage and with this kit, you can pick from 7 different toppings, according to what your work-from-home self is feeling. Flavours include brown sugar pearl jelly, earl grey jelly, and mango bursters that pop in your mouth.

Image credit: Dessert Guru

It’s not just the basic versions of BBT you can make either. To get your drink all snazzed up, each set comes with 4 different flavours of frozen fresh fruit purees that’ll fuel your beverage with both flavour and Vitamin C.  

Blend the strawberry puree up into a smoothie
Image credit: Dessert Guru

Each pack comes complete with 500g of seedless soursop, passion fruit soursop, mango and strawberry puree which you can savour individually or mix and match from your own unique concoction.

Image credit: Eatbook

While tea bags are not included, you can still brew up your favourite tea from your pantry, add some milk and blend it with ice and the provided puree. Finish it with some of the available toppings and you might just have something that rivals what you can get at a bubble tea store! 

Create your own bubble tea at home

This DIY Bubble Tea and Dessert Pack is now available at half its usual price, at $39.90 (U.P. $69.90) with islandwide delivery on the weekdays. As an additional perk, orders above $100 get 15% off with the promo code “SGUNITED2020”.

Since the beginning of Circuit Breaker, we’ve embarked on many kitchen endeavours, from dalgona coffee to souffle pancakes, and with this DIY kit, your next one could very well be the beloved bubble tea.

Purchase Dessert Guru’s DIY Bubble Tea and Dessert Pack here


Delivery fee: $4. Free delivery for orders above $80.

Telephone: 6246 1191

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