10 Coronavirus Memes Online That Will Hit Homebound You In The Feels

Coronavirus memes

Coronavirus memes
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The coronavirus has hit us hard, but if there is one thing that thrives in adversity, it’s memes. In fact, the meme world is having quite the field day. After all, plenty of us are bored from staying home all day, stuck with our restless minds. So what better way to channel our creativity, than to do creative copywriting over pixelated images?

For those tired of hearing dreary news, here are some of the best 10 lighthearted memes that’ll brighten up your homebound day.

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1. The correlation between BBT and COVID, explained

Image credit: Unknown

According to this graph, the drink is proven to be an elixir.

Of course we’re kidding, but our undying love for bubble tea sure makes it seem probable.

2. Introvert who?

Image credit: Unknown

What do you mean people leave their home every day?

3. When you’ve got belly good snacks at home

Image credit: 9GAG

Working from home has its perks, but every rose has its thor-ns. And in this case, it’s proximity to all our stashed snacks.

4. Language potion

Image credit: Eunice K, via Memes n Dreams

Those who watched the announcement by Prime Minister Lee on 3rd April would have been surprised by many things. But perhaps none as much as his fluent language switches from English to Malay to Mandarin after each sip from this glass. 

Now where can we get out hands on one of those?

Image credit: Matt, via Memes n Dreams

5. Pickup lines: COVID edition

Image credit: Roy Nelson

Here’s a Tinder bio idea: One ply? Two ply? Neither. The only thing I’m looking for is your re-ply.

6. 2020 Olympics:

Video credit: Marty O

One might not be able to play team sports these days, but that’s not to say adapted versions are out of the picture. Try curling V 2.0 – no ice is needed, and we heard it’s a good arm workout. It doesn’t hurt that it keeps your floor sparkling clean either!

7. Social distancing woes

Image credit: YEOLO

The designated joker of your Whatsapp or Telegram group is bound to have forwarded this at least once. For those with more than 10 people in their cliques, there’s no need to battle over who sits out – consider going onto a video calling platform instead. You’ll be practicing safe social distancing while chatting, and there are games and filters available across different apps to experiment with as well.

8. Mastermind expose

Image credit: Unknown

Who knows? Maybe it was Zoom, perhaps it was Plague.Inc, possibly it was Canada. Or maybe, just maybe, this whole coronavirus situation is just an unfortunate case of really bat luck. 

9. Happy birthday to me

Image credit: 9GAG

Birthday celebrations have now become a limited-pax affair. But if you really think about it, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, after all its quality, rather than quantity that matters.

10. Social distancing is priority

Image credit: u/al6commes

Chi-ken not go within 1M of another. 

Coronavirus in Singapore

The coronavirus might have put a huge damper on spirits for most of us, but a good chuckle over a ridiculously relatable meme never fails to get morale back up a little. Cheer up and stay strong, we’ll get over this just as we did past pandemics!

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