9 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners In Singapore So That You Don’t Trip On Wires Around The House

Best cordless vacuum cleaners

Chores day usually means lugging your bulky vacuum cleaner out of the storeroom, untangling the electrical cord and finding just the right socket that lets you maximise your cleaning radius without repeated plugging and unplugging. By the time you’re about ready to start cleaning, you’re already panting for breath.

But the year is 2023, which means cordless vacuum cleaners in, traditional ones out. We narrowed down the 8 best cordless vacuum cleaners that will not only provide powerful suction but will also help you save space in your home and prevent any accidental wire trips or backaches from continuous bending over. 

Note: Picking out the right vacuum based on specs is hard, but in terms of suction power, you’ll want a product with at least 16000PA to suck up any form of debris. Wattage on the other hand translates to how powerful a vacuum is, but the higher the watts, the higher the electricity consumption.

1. Shark WS632 Wandvac System – Cordless 3-in-1 vacuum

The WS632 can go from a full-size vacuum to a handheld vacuum in a moment’s notice.
Image credit: Mann & Noble

Designed by Shark, the top-selling vacuum brand in the United States, the Wandvac WS632 is a compact and lightweight yet powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that will suck up everything from dust to crumbs in a jiffy.

Instead of propping it up against a wall, you can leave it in its portable charging base that can fit anywhere in your home from your kitchen counter to a corner of your room.

Image credit: Mann & Noble

This nifty little tool also comes with a charging dock that has space to accommodate its many accessories, ensuring that you won’t misplace them easily. The duster crevice tool that you can attach to the body of the vacuum allows you to clean tighter spaces between car seats and sofas. Those with pets will also appreciate the inclusion of a pet multi-tool to clean up fur.

The new Wandvac is equipped with PowerFins that can dig deep into carpets and clean your floors with direct contact. The self-cleaning brush roll will also ensure none of your long hair strands gets stuck.

P.S. The Wandvac WS632 is normally priced at $399, but TSL readers can get it for just $339. To snag that discount, simply apply the code <ESL632> upon checkout.

Power: 225W
Run time: 20 minutes
Weight: 2.68kg
Price: $299

Get the Shark Wandvac WS632.

2. Dyson V15 – Powerful suction with HEPA filtration

With vacuums, you’ll want them to deep clean as much as possible. That’s what you’ll get with the Dyson V15, which has a suction power of 240AW, currently making it the most powerful in the Dyson family. It also comes with whole machine HEPA filtration that traps microscopic particles as small as PM0.1, which can be harmful when inhaled in large amounts.

With the V15, that means every speck of dust, dander, and allergens sucked clean off surfaces.

Image credit: Dyson

Plus, with its new detangling technology, you won’t have to pause cleaning midway to unclog messes of hair from the brush bar.

Detail cleaning and pet grooming kits.

Dyson has new add-on kits to make cleaning easier as well. There’s the Pet Grooming Kit you can use on your furry friends for fallen hair and dander. For tight spaces and corners, the Detail Cleaning Kit picks up bits and pieces you can’t reach. Both kits work on older models of Dyson vacuums too.

Suction power: 240AW
Run time: 60 minutes
Weight: 2.6kg
Price: $1,299

Get the Dyson V15.

3. Eluxgo EC19C – Washable & reusable filters

Image credit: Eluxgo

When it comes to cleaning, we all want it done as fuss free as possible. For the forgetful, that can translate to having a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t require ordering replacement parts.

The Eluxgo EC19C has a great filtration that can remove fine particles, pet fur, dust mites, and allergens with a washable filter system – no need to worry about going to the store. The filters can be easily cleaned in the sink, and also come with lifetime warranty.

Comes with accessories like mattress brush and crevice tool.
Image credit: @nolinsue via Shopee

Plus, they also have a local service centre on Sims Road so in the long run, you can easily send it for maintenance.

Suction power: 4,000PA
Power: 45/80W
Run time: 15 min in Power mode, 30 min in Normal mode
Weight: 0.84kg for vacuum unit only
Price: $79

Get the Eluxgo EC19C

4. OneTwoFit 2-in-1 – Budget-friendly at just $38.88

Image adapted from: Carousell 

Not all of us gun for top-of-the-line products. Say you’re a student who needs something affordable that does the job for your university dorm, the OneTwoFit 2-in-1 Cordless VAcuum Cleaner is a nifty option. Priced from just $38.88 on Shopee, this is something most folks can easily afford, and gets nasties like crumbs, hair, and dust off the floor.

Comes with attachments to turn it into a compact handheld vacuum.
Image credit: Lazada 

Despite the low price, it checks off all the key boxes. It’s one of the lightest on the market at only 1.5kg, has a decent suction of 12,000PA, and has a large dust tank. It does take 7 hours to charge and only has a run time of 20 minutes but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re only cleaning a small room. 

Suction power: 12,000PA
Power: 500W
Run time: 20 min
Weight: 1.5kg
Price: $38.88

Get the OneTwoFit 2-in-1.

5. Airbot Supersonics 2.0 – 360 degree cleaning head

Image credit: @kisahqaseh_home via Instagram

Cordless vacuum cleaners can reach up to a few hundred dollars, but for those resistant to forking out such an exorbitant amount, the Airbot Supersonics 2.0 gives you the look, feel, and functions of a “branded” cordless vacuum without breaking the bank. 

The device also comes with both a soft brush and floor brush attachment for different surfaces.
Image credit: @hanhanhanhan19 via Instagram

For less than $100, the vacuum cleaner will get the job done without a hitch – whether on high or low spin mode for various chores. Its head is also capable of navigating every hard-to-reach nook and cranny, since it swivels 360 degrees to clean at different angles. 

Suction power: 19000PA
Power: 150W
Run time: Up to 45 minutes
Weight: 2.2Kkg
Price: $99.90

Get the Airbot Supersonics 2.0.

6. Xiaomi Roidmi S2 – Smartphone-compatible for alerts

Image credit: Roidmi

Coming in at just 1.5kg, the Xiaomi Roidmi S2 might be considered a lightweight compared to its counterparts – but don’t write it off as any less competent in cleaning your home. 

The roller bushes are suitable for deep-cleaning all surfaces from wooden floors to carpets.
Image adapted from: Roidmi

In fact, it has a battery life of up to 60 minutes – longer than some of the other options on this list. You’ll also be able to clean up any form of dirt in high and hard-to-reach places, since it can be dismantled to be used as a handheld device too. 

The versatility doesn’t end there – the device is also inbuilt with a LED inductive lamp that lights up automatically in dark areas so you won’t miss a single spot. The app-compatibility also means you’ll get alerts on your phone when it’s time to empty the catchment or charge it up before use. 

Suction power: 23,500PA
Power: 130W
Run time: 60 minutes
Weight: 1.5kg
Price: $329

Get the Xiaomi Roidmi S2

7. Philips Speedpro Max Aqua – 2-in-1 vacuum & mop

Image credit: @amwayofficial_daabeauty via Instagram

Vacuuming might get the job done temporarily, but to really get your floors sparkly clean, a follow-up mop is usually recommended. Instead of tiring yourself out covering your floor area twice, Philips Speedpro Max Aqua saves you the time and effort with one clean sweep. 

Its 2-in-1 feature of being both a vacuum cleaner and mop means you’ll get a cleaner home in half the time. Start your session by utilising the hero feature of a 360-degree suction nozzle that sucks in all types of dirt from every side, before activating the mop function that releases water on the microfibre surface to give your flooring a good wipe down. 

You won’t even have to break a sweat from wringing mop heads or relentlessly bending down, since the step pump function will ensure your microfibre surface is continuously wet for mopping, helping you maintain better posture throughout your cleaning sesh.

Power: 200W
Run time: Up to 75 minutes
Weight: 2.73kg
Price: $499

Get the Philips Speedpro Max Aqua

8. DIBEA H008 Pro – 550ml dust container for less frequent clearing

Image credit: China Gadgets

An extensive spring clean needs a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, and the DIBEA H008 Pro provides just that. But with a powerful suction pressure, it’ll also require a slightly longer charging time of 4-5 hours. 

On the upside, it uses a tiered filtration system to ensure that any air expelled from the machine’s engine is clean air, containing all germs and bacteria within the catchment cup. At a capacity of 550ml, it’s also able to collect a large amount of dust before needing a wash to ensure a reduced need for regular cleaning without compromising quality. 

Suction power: 18000PA
Power: 200W
Run time: Up to 45 minutes
Weight: 2.3kg
Price: $259

Get the DIBEA H008 Pro

P.S. Dibea H008 Pro may be out of stock. Alternatively, get the more budget-friendly Dibea H008 ($145) with slightly lower suction power but same dust tank capacity.

9. Electrolux Pure Q9 Allergy – Minimal noise for late-night cleaning

Image credit: Carousell

It’s 3am and you’ve spotted a clump of hair in your room that just irks you. But as much as you want to, you refrain from vacuuming in fear of waking up your family, or worst, your ever-grumpy neighbours. In times like these, we wish vacuum cleaners didn’t cause such a ruckus.

The Electrolux Pure Q9 Allergy vacuum cleaner could just be your late-night saviour, since at just 50 decibels on Low Mode, will function seamlessly and silently to clean your room – no matter what hour of the day. The LED light that it emits when activated also means you can take it for a spin in deep, dark corners.

And if a clogged vacuum is something of frequent concern, don’t fret. A simple button will untangle and release any hair or dust stuck on the brushroll, smoothening the process to give you a spick and span home in no time. 

Plus, its super slim design and flexible tip that tilts up to 90 degrees mean that you can position the entire vacuum under low-rise furniture to ensure you don’t miss out blind spots.

Power: 600W
Run time: Up to 55 minutes
Weight: 2.75kg
Price: $459

Get the Electrolux Pure Q9 Allergy

Best cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore

If you’ve yet to jump on the cordless vacuum cleaner bandwagon, perhaps now you’ve got the information on price and functions to look out for to do so. Not only do cordless vacuums provide a wealth of benefits for your home from greater suction power to sound-minimising functions, but they’ll also make cleaning much more convenient and safe. 

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Cover image adapted from: @amwayofficial_daabeauty via Instagram, Carousell

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