8 Group Poses Ranked From Most To Least Cheesy For Your Family Photos This CNY

Chinese New Year family photos

As much as we’d all like to meet our relatives more frequently, there are certain folks we only get to see once a year during CNY. And because of that rarity, snapping a group pic to remember the occasion is a must.

But we don’t want your family pictures to be lost in a sea of classroom-like ones. Your IG feeds deserve better variety. So, to step up your posing game, here are eight group photos ranked from most to least cheesy for your family photo sesh this CNY:

1. The Classic Wefie

When it comes to poses that definitely say Gong Xi Fa Cai, this one immediately comes to mind. You can’t go wrong with something like the Classic Wefie when taking a family portrait like this for CNY. But we do think it falls in the basic category since it lacks a bit in the creative department.

Cheese factor: 10/10. We know you can do better than this.

2. The Fan

If you’re looking to venture into more creative poses but would rather keep it conservative, try the Fan. It’s a simple enough upgrade from the Classic Wefie, requiring only for everyone to line up together and fan out their heads. This works best if you have odd-numbered group sizes.

Cheese factor: 8/10. Not suitable if you’re looking to show off your #OOTD.

3. The Choir

Large families will want to put this pose into practice before visitations this CNY. It’s a great way to be able to greet all your relatives at once with this line-up. We call this one the Choir because we think bonus angbaos are in your favour should you perform your favourite CNY ditties for the fam.

Cheese factor: 7/10. We can already hear the dong dong qiang ringing through our heads.

4. The Human Photo Frame

After the last couple of years we’ve had, we’re so thankful borders are finally beginning to open up just in time for family reunions this CNY. This probably means you’ll get to meet new additions to the family you haven’t had the chance to see in person yet.

To give them a warm welcome – newborns and new in-laws included – have them front and centre with the Human Photo Frame. They’ll surely be able to feel the love in their new family.

Cheese factor: 6/10. It’s a little cheesy but we think this is a quick way to get reacquainted with everyone.

5. The Angbao Star

We aren’t afraid to admit that even as adults, getting an angbao is one of the more gleeful parts of celebrating CNY. That’s why we think the Angbao Star is a fitting pose for all ages. Plus, it’s a great way for angbao collectors to show off the unique red packets in their collection. In this one, we’ve used red packets from City Square Mall, which are made from eco-friendly paper.

Cheese factor: 5/10. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really work for those who no longer get angbao. Sorry.

6. The Love Triangle

This year’s CNY celebrations are being held in February, which is also the month of love. And while we know couples will be observing Valentine’s Day, there’s also Galentine’s Day for girlfriends to celebrate each other.

With that, we think the Love Triangle is perfect for you and your besties to show off your friendship this month. Bros – you’re welcome to use this pose with your buds too.

Cheese factor: 4/10. As much as CNY is meant for family, we think friends count as kinfolk too.

7. Springtime Armed Forces

Greeting each other with phrases like 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè) is customary for CNY. But why limit yourself to just well wishes when actions speak louder than words? Using clever positioning of the arms, welcome the coming of spring with the word 春 with Springtime Armed Forces.

Cheese factor: 3/10. You don’t have to be a master of Chinese to execute this pose, but it is a little tough to discern the character without a visual cue.

8. Big Luck

Another CNY greeting you’ll hear often is 大吉大利 (dà jí dà lì), which is to wish those around you great luck for the year ahead. And because the phrase’s literal translation means Big Luck, we think posing as a giant 吉 can only mean even greater prosperity for the year of the tiger.

Cheese factor: 1/10. You’re using your full bodies for this one, and for that the effort alone cuts out all the cheesiness.

Celebrate Chinese New Year at City Square Mall

Posing for your family pics for CNY doesn’t have to be a dull affair when there are so many creative ways to get that perfect group shot. And if you’re looking for a place to snap your pics, City Square Mall has decorations scattered throughout the mall that would add a touch of festive flair.

Get further into the spirit of things by checking out the zodiac panels at the indoor atrium. Trusted feng shui masters from Way Fengshui Group have been consulted for their predictions, giving each zodiac sound advice on how to smoothly navigate the year ahead.

While you’re here, stock up on your new year necessities too, like groceries and your brand new outfits for the occasion. From now till 13th February 2022, rack up receipts of $108 spent in a day ($158 for NTUC FairPrice, Q&M, and educational tenants), and you’ll be able to get your hands on a 6-piece set of angbaos.

Exclusive to City Square Mall, these red packets are made of sustainably produced paper. The packets also come with minimal packaging and a piece of plantable seed paper. Dip this into water and cover it with soil and watch as wildflowers bloom in time to come.

As an added perk, those who spend $168 in a day ($218 for NTUC FairPrice, Q&M, and educational tenants) will also get a $10 CDL Gift Voucher and a Merchant Voucher Pack. You’ll get to save on your fave shops not just at City Square Mall but at other CDL malls.

Whether or not you’re celebrating CNY with family or friends, the cherry blossom decorations in City Square Mall will make a pretty backdrop for any photos you take this season.

Find out more about City Square Mall celebrations here

This post was brought to you by City Square Mall.
Photography by Clement Sim.

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