10 Pretty Christmas Gift Sets To Thank Your Girlfriend For Her Support This Crazy Year

Christmas gift sets for your girlfriend

2020 has been a wild ride, but it has made us appreciate our loved ones more than ever. And as we reach the tail-end of it, it’s high time to show some appreciation to the one who has been by your side through it all. 

If that person is your girlfriend, and you are at a loss on what to give her, here are 10 Christmas gift sets that aren’t just pretty, but useful. 

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1. Fresh 12 Days of Beauty Set – for the GF with a 1-hour skincare routine

Image credit: @taramilktea

Your girl has been eyeing a particular serum at Sephora but she’s been holding back because it comes with a whopping hundred dollar price tag. If you want to show your generosity, go beyond that one serum and get the Fresh 12 Days of Beauty Set instead. It’ll give her a range of cult favourite products to add to her skincare routine.

With some products already costing more than half the price of the set itself like the Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence ($108), you’re definitely getting your money’s worth, even though they aren’t full sized. It covers the entire regime from cleansing, essence, moisturiser to mask, and even includes lip products like the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy.

Price: $197
Get the Fresh 12 Days of Beauty Set

2. Benefit Shake Your Beauty Minis Makeup Set – for the GF who has drawers full of makeup

Image credit:

For girls, there’s no such things as too much makeup. Even if your SO already has an overcrowded vanity desk, you can always add to the collection with mini versions of her favourite product that will fit neatly in her purse – we rarely finish the full-sized ones before their expiry dates anyway. 

If choosing which product to get is too overwhelming because you don’t know the difference between a mascara and brow gel, get the Benefit Shake Your Beauty Minis Makeup Set. This includes 12 of Benefit’s bestsellers from the Dandelion Blush to Roller Lash and Hoola Matte Bronzer.

Price: $117
Get the Benefit Shake Your Beauty Minis Makeup Set

3. Lush Fairy Christmas Gift set – for the eco-conscious GF who needs to destress ASAP

Image credit: Lush

Bath essentials might be one of the most cliché gifts ever, but not when they’re handmade with ethically sourced ingredients and packaged with recyclable materials. If your eco-conscious girlfriend has been nagging at you all year to start using a reusable cup, she’d be very impressed at your solid choice with the Lush Fairy Christmas Gift Box.

It includes a bath bomb and bubble bar for a relaxing bath that she deserves, shampoo bar to cleanse her locks, body spray, shower gel, dusting powder and body conditioner so she can smell and feel good from head to toe. 

Price: $169
Get the Lush Fairy Christmas Gift Box

4. Pandora Sparkling Snowflake Gift Set – for the glamourous GF who always looks put together

Image credit: @theofficialpandora

When it comes to presents for your girlfriend, you can hardly go wrong with jewellery. The Sparkling Snowflake Gift Set from Pandora features a pair of ear studs and a necklace that are timeless and understated, yet festive enough for Christmas as it’s reminiscent of a White Christmas. 

With this set, it’d be effortless for her to atasify any outfit for nights out with the girls or fancy dates with you.

Price: $179
Get the Pandora Sparkling Snowflake Gift Set

5. Fossa Chocolate Pamper Her Kit – for the GF who always has sweet cravings

Image credit: @fossachocolate

Whether it’s to perk her up after a long day of work or when she’s bogged down by period cramps, presenting bae with a box full of chocolates, nail wraps and skin care will earn you instant brownie points. But instead of just getting what’s available in supermarkets and convenience stores, up the ante with the Fossa Chocolate Pamper Her Kit

It includes three Fossa chocolates bars, each handcrafted from scratch, a make-your-own drinking chocolate set that’s perfect to soothe her cramps during the time of the month or a fancy tea break between work, and grapefruit lip saver by WANT Skincare and nail wrap for to have an easy DIY manicure sesh. 

Price: From $67
Get the Fossa Chocolate Pamper Her Kit

6. Tily Tea Christmas Tower – gift sets for the GF who drinks tea like water

Image credit: Tily Tea

If you suspect your girlfriend is made up of 70% tea instead of water because that’s literally the only thing she drinks, this Tily Tea Christmas Tower might just be the gift that warms her heart. Packaged in a dainty house shaped box, it comes with a chic reusable cup to carry on-the-go and 10 tea sachets of assorted blends.

Upgrade her usual teh O to blends like Morning Shine that’s made up of ingredients like ginger, red dates and ginseng, which is antioxidant rich and great for an energy boost to fuel her for the day. Another interesting blend of Deep Cleanse, which has Burdock roots and flowers that can help improve her skin and hair, or even regulate PMS, bless. 

Price: $29.90
Get the Tily Tea Christmas Tower

7. Hook Coffee Advent Calendar – for the workaholic GF who needs coffee to function daily

Image credit: @hook_coffee

Cafes are her favourite hangout spot and she can’t go a day without coffee – not just any coffee, her daily cuppa has to be of freshly roasted ground beans. Spice up her everyday joe with some holiday vibes with the Hook Coffee Advent Calendar 2020, featuring 24 days of coffee drip bags with ground coffee that’s delivered to you within one week of roasting.

Each flavour has a quirky name like Apple Of My Eye and One In A Melon – those who aren’t usually good with words can use them to express your feelings towards her instead. The packaging also features artworks by students from Very Special Arts Singapore, and these little details can add more cheer to her morning routine.

Price: $50
Get the Hook Coffee Advent Calendar

8. Kikki.K Leather Essentials Gift Pack – for the organised GF who needs to write everything down

Also available in blue and brown
Image credit: @kikki.k

From to-do lists, scribbles of random ideas to new year resolutions, your girlfriend writes everything down. Give her year-old notebook an upgrade with Kikki.K’s Leather Essentials Gift Pack

Besides a leather notebook holder, matching leather pencil case and a metal rose gold pen, you can add a personalised touch to it by imprinting her name on it with their free monogramming service. 

Price: $99.99
Get the Kikki.K Leather Essentials Gift Pack

9. Dyson Airwrap Gift Edition – for the GF who can’t leave the house without beachy curls

Image credit: @dysonhair

If you’ve heard your girlfriend complain about frayed, dry ends because she curls her hair on the daily, it’s high time you give her an upgrade so that no further damage is done. The Dyson Airwrap might be a splurge, but worth it if it means healthier hair for bae and shorter waiting time for you when she gets ready.

It uses air instead of extreme heat to achieve voluminous waves, and saves a ton of time in the morning because it dries and curls hair at the same time. They’re also available in a limited edition Copper finish if you’re looking to snag limited edition Christmas gift sets. Otherwise, get the standard Iron and Fuschia or Black and Purple ones to cart out a free accessory worth $59. 

Price: $699
Get the Dyson Airwrap Gift Edition

Bonus: Curate your own Christmas gift sets with Happy Bunch

Image credit: @happybunchsg

If your girl is everything from a skincare junkie, foodie to tea connoisseur, you can give her a bit of everything with the Build a Kraft Box or Build A Luxe Box from Happy Bunch. It allows you to curate your own Christmas gift sets with the wide range of products they carry. 

This includes everything from wellness products like face masks and bath bombs, jewellery from, snacks like Fossa chocolate and Boxgreen, tea and coffee from local brands like Kittea and Hook Coffee, to bottled cocktails from Brass Lion Distillery and Drink Easy. They also have cards for you to complete the gift box with your note of appreciation and love.

Price: From $20
Get the Happy Bunch Build A Luxe Box

Getting Christmas gift sets for your girlfriend

We’re only two weeks away from Christmas and if you don’t wanna be that boyfriend who scours the mall one day before D-day only to get something she regifts, plan ahead and order ASAP so it arrives on time!

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Cover image adapted from: @kikki.k, @fossachocolate, @taramilktea, @dysonhair


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