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This Cheeky Free Exhibit Has Fluffy Weenie Sculptures To Check Out, Visit For An Extra Long Weekend

“Chin-Chin” art exhibition

Alright, let’s get straight to it: there’s a free penis-themed art show happening – but it’s not what you think it is. We’re talking about a colourful and psychedelic exhibition called Chin-Chin – with fun installations featuring hanging penises, ball bean bags, and phalluses protruding from the wall. Intrigued? We don’t blame you. 

If kuku-birds are your thing, read on before heading down to 7879 Gallery and Clayworks at Little India for a trippy ride.

Dick galore – including a 7-footer chin-chin at the entrance

Image credit: @bellaella777 via Instagram

A 7-incher is nothing compared to this 7-footer chin-chin, Japanese slang for the male shlong. This huge sculpture is located right at the entrance – which will stop you in your tracks for sure. It also showcases the colours of the rainbow flag – aligning with the artist’s vision to explore queerness and gender issues with a touch of cheekiness. 

The artist in question is Yui Ozaki and she’s a Japanese artist based in Prague. And to answer your question, yes – she does specialise in penis motifs. She uses depictions of these male members as a sarcastically humorous take on feminism and other social issues. And while she’s exhibited in other cities like Prague, Chin-Chin marks her first rodeo in Singapore. 

Image credit: @bellaella777 via Instagram

As you wander in further, you’ll also see novelties such as a penis hat. Feel free to wear it and snap photos with it in this interactive exhibition. 

All jokes aside, the hats actually represent something a lot deeper. Inspired by the fallen angel in Roman belief, Lucifer and his brother Michael, the heads are a humorous representation of patriarchy in modern society. 

Image credit: @bellaella777 via Instagram

If you still haven’t had your thirst for testosterone quenched, fret not, as the hanging chin-chins should do the trick. Dangling amongst their cloud-plush counterparts, they light up the gallery with a child-like demeanour, making it seem like it’s raining phalluses

These kawaii little installations are actually pouches containing cute messages inside that are bound to make your day

Wait, they have vaginas too

Image credit: @7879galleryandclayworks via Instagram

These meat sticks have had enough attention, now it’s time for some girl power. The exhibition also features a legendary vagina backpack, and we hear it’s pretty intricate. It also features other parts of the female genital system like the labia and clitoris, adding dimensions to the piece.

Visiting Chin-Chin

Image credit: @7879galleryandclayworks via Instagram

Before you leave, try out their gachapon machine to win these stunning penis pins ($18) – the 3 designs are reminiscent of Ozaki’s previous works which can be found in the exhibition. The prints represent different themes including freedom, love, and happiness. 

Image credit: @7879galleryandclayworks via Instagram 

If you wanna go big or go home, know that all the artworks there are actually for sale. We saw an artwork going for $288, which is affordable for an original piece. Otherwise, you can take some of the fun home in the form of funky prints and postcards.

So if you’re down to get a lil freaky, or would love to cosplay as a dickhead at least once in your life, visit Chin-Chin ASAP.

Getting there: Alight at Farrer Park MRT. Head out from Exit C and proceed on a 600m walk via Race Course Road.

Visit Chin-Chin art exhibition


Date: Till 2nd May 2023
Address: 105 Desker Road, Singapore 209627
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 1pm-8pm (Closed on Mondays)


If you missed the exhibition, there’s a lot more art to check out in Singapore:

Cover image adapted from: @bellaella777, @bellaella777 via Instagram

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