We Reviewed The Hair Salon With “Spa” Perks And A Quiet Chair Service To Avoid Small Talk

Chez Vous: HideAway

For a working mother of two who can hardly find the time to shower in absolute peace, a trip to the salon is a time I regard as sacred. A few precious hours of respite from the chaos of everyday life. But even as an extrovert, catching my stylist on an especially chatty day can be a harrowing experience that leaves me frazzled and my social tank running on reserve fuel. 

So when I heard about Chez Vous: HideAway and its newly upgraded perks, I jumped at the chance to review them. An extension of the Chez Vous brand with a quiet chair service that would blast the possibility of endless small talk to smithereens? Sign me up sister

And if you’re unimpressed thinking that your current stylist’s aloof demeanour could very well be a quiet chair service of its own, Chez Vous: HideAway has an ace up its sleeve: a new secret range of off-menu spa benefits that come completely free-of-charge with any treatment. Now that is bound to pique your interest.

Speakeasy-esque entrance and secret rooms for utmost privacy

The illuminated doorway didn’t at all seem like the entrance to a salon, but a portal to some super-secret elite club. 

Salons often have open-plan concepts that leave everything from the cash register and seats to even the equipment used in plain sight. The Chez Vous: HideAway, on the other hand, is so big on privacy, that its entrance sits high on the 14th floor of Ngee Ann City’s office tower building.

I know what you’re thinking…that is pretty peculiar. But the HideAway’s obscure location brings with it the elusivity of a secret well-kept from the masses. So even if the state of your hair hits rock bottom, your dignity will still be sky-high because you won’t be rubbing shoulders with your kaki in the mall.

Even after you step through the main door, you’ll feel like you’re entering some aesthetic escape room or themed bar. The main door leads you into an ornate reception area that has a lone sofa, a mini wall library, and a secret door that’ll take you through to the Relaxation Lounge.

Relaxation Lounge – Free low-light laser therapy & oxygen bar

If you’ve rushed here on an empty stomach, you’ll also be able to quell any rumbling at their complimentary snack bar.

There’s also almost no incentive to ever arrive early for a hair appointment, but you’ll want to come 15 minutes before your actual appointment at the HideAway. The reason: You can kick back in a massage chair and take your pick from a 15-minute mini convenience facial or scalp treatment with their state-of-the-art Low-Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) machine. 

When used on the scalp, red light therapy has been proven to reverse hair loss by stimulating follicle growth.

If facials are something you don’t scrimp on, then you’ll probably know the wealth of healing benefits that come with Low-Light Laser Therapy. But for the uninitiated, here’s a quick TLDR; Red light therapy can trigger the rejuvenation of cells, production of collagen, and tissue repair for that anti-ageing glow-up.

Note: A brand new pair of socks is offered to every customer for hygiene purposes.

410nm Blue light therapy, on the flip side, is recommended for those battling eczema, acne or psoriasis as treatment eradicates acne-causing bacteria lurking on your face and scalp. 

In the relaxation lounge, you’ll get dibs on your choice of red or blue light therapy for either your face or scalp. And if you decide on a mini facial, you won’t have to remove any makeup because you’ll still be able to reap the full benefits of the LLLT either way.

A staff member will assist you with the massage chair set up and mist you with pure rose essence that has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to help soothe and balance the pH of your skin.

The room has even got a row of Himalayan salt jars lining the floral wall to help you breathe with ease and put you in a good mood

And the mini facial/scalp treatment isn’t all there is to the relaxation bar. To really optimise the whole experience and melt your stresses away, your massage station is fitted with an “oxygen bar” in the form of a nebuliser that serves you a constant stream of oxygen perfumed with 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils.

The HideAway spa experience

Quiet Chair Service

 A 180° change from the dim and cosy atmosphere in the lounge, the main salon space is a bright and airy zone that is well-spaced, promising you at least a 1M distance between you and the person beside you. 

We’re used to seeing our stylists juggling two or more clients at any one time, but at the HideAway, each associate director only takes on five customers a day to ensure each one gets the optimal level of care and dedicated service.

At the point of making the appointment, you’ll be presented with the option of a Quiet Chair Service (QCS); but fret not, you’ll still go through the motions of consultation with your stylist to let them know the kind of cut and treatment you want when you arrive.

As someone who often feels compelled to make small talk with my stylist for the fear of coming off unfriendly, the QCS was a welcome relief and something I never knew I even needed…until now. 

A reed diffuser was placed in front of me to alert all staff that I’d chosen the silent treatment. You can still expect your stylist to give you updates on the different stages of your treatment and ask you if the temperature of the water is comfortable, but beyond that, you’ll be given the space to binge-watch movies without incessant chatter.

Opening & closing massages

Take your pick from their range of 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils in Peppermint, Lemongrass, or Lavender.

Perhaps the most unorthodox thing about a haircut at the HideAway, is that you’ll be treated to an essential oil-infused opening massage before the customary hair wash or cutting even begins.

Tuning forks are commonly used for vibrational healing and relaxation

Unlike your run-of-the-mill shampoo-cum-massage, this 5-minute opening massage brings out the big guns with a 4-step process that includes 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils massaged directly into your scalp, a tuning fork for energy healing, an electronic massager for improved blood circulation, and a nifty tool that uses plasma technology to sterilise your scalp.

You’ll also be treated to another closing massage post-wash which makes use of jade rollers to remove water retention in the face, warm herbal compress balls and a hot shoulder pad to relieve any tension in your shoulders.

Silk cocoon scalp scrub & shampoo massage menu

I dare say that getting my hair washed and head massaged is one of the best parts of any salon visit. And while you’re already getting an opening and closing massage all bundled into the cost of your treatment, the massages don’t end there. Chez Vous takes things up a notch with a complimentary scalp massage and gentle silk cocoon scrub.

Paving the way for 5-star salons, Chez Vous even presents you with a shampoo massage menu with options such as Swedish, Ayurvedic and Shiatsu tailored to benefit different scalp conditions.

As my scalp falls somewhere between the normal to oily spectrum, a Swedish massage was recommended to deep-cleanse my scalp and release any knots and tension. 

If a thinning crown and hair loss is your main concern, then the Shiatsu massage which uses acupressure to stimulate blood circulation will be your best bet. There’s also the option of a coconut oil Ayurvedic massage for those with dry and sensitive scalps.

Prior to your scalp massage, an actual silk cocoon is used to gently exfoliate the surface of your scalp without too much abrasion or stripping it of too much moisture.

Here’s a beauty nugget: silkworm cocoons contain a key protein called sericin that’s basically a magical Chemical X with 18 amino acids that is way more effective at keeping your scalp moisturised than hyaluronic acid. 

It also promotes skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production and fibroblast which is crucial for maintaining a healthy scalp.

During the shampooing process, an S-ion brush is also used to sterilise the scalp and remove stubborn dirt particles that manual shampoo can’t.

Off-menu perks from aromatherapy to candle hand massage

Breathe Easy Therapy

All paying customers at The HideAway are privy to a few off-menu perks to help make those long hours at the salon a little – or a lot – more bearable. The first of the lot is Chez Vous’ Breathe Easy Therapy.

The Breathe Easy Therapy, as it’s aptly named, is an essential oil water-less nebuliser setup that helps to keep stress and anxiety at bay by perfuming the air around you with the same 100% essential oil used in your opening massage. 

The nebuliser is loaded with Chez Vous’ house blend of 100% pure natural oils that consists of Thyme, Spearmint, Lavender, Bergamot and Peppermint. What’s interesting to note is that this blend was the result of multiple rounds of trial and error to give you that mood-lifting serotonin effect. In addition, I found that aromatherapy did have a positive effect on my clogged sinuses.

And the best part? You won’t be bogged down by the strong chemical smell that accompanies most bleach, colour, and perm treatments. You’ll also be given two shots – Honey Lavender and Cinnamon – to soothe any sore throats you might have.

Organika Aromatic candle hand massage

If you’re more of the restless sort who doesn’t mind a little small talk with your stylist, opt for their aromatic candle hand massage – a 10-minute DIY treatment that’ll help take your mind off the clock. 

Not just any massage candle is used either. For this particular perk, Chez Vous stocks only spa-grade Organika massage candles that are chock-full of the good stuff like 100% organic soy bean wax, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil amongst other ingredients. While initially apprehensive about the possibility of scalding myself with hot oil, the whole process was fool-proof and the wax turned out warm to the touch and incredibly moisturising.

You’re then directed to slot your oiled-up, gloved hands into an OSIM uSqueez to kickstart a relaxing hand massage.

Oska Pulse back pain relief treatment

And if long days of WFH have saddled you with aches and back pains, just sound that out to your stylist and he or she will whip out another one of Chez Vous’ off-menu trump cards: a 100% pain-free, clinically proven back pain relief treatment that you can enjoy for the duration of your cut and treatment. 

This neat device is called Oska Pulse and is recommended by doctors worldwide for its effective and painless pain remediation using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology.

Perfume library

If you’re the sort to plan your hair appointments to coincide with important social gatherings so you’re guaranteed a good hair day, then add the final touches to your OOTD – scent wise – at the Perfume Library – a final spa perk of the HideAway you probably missed on your way in.

Take your pick from Penhaligon’s and Moschino to Jo Malone and Diptyque Paris, or even give the salon-recommended Côte d’Azur Eau de Parfum by Oribe a go before you head on out the door.

7 Instagrammable zones

The HideAway isn’t a sprawling space, but it does comprise a whopping seven aesthetic photo spots that will give you plenty of opportunities to immortalise that new coiffure in the privacy of the salon rather than on the streets.

One of these Instagrammable spots sits right in the wash zone and features a wall of projected moving jellyfish to imbue customers with the same sense of calm you’d get from walking through an aquarium. 

The private room’s still water feature wall was designed to give off a calming effect

Tucked away in a corner, this private room is available for customers that want total privacy from prying eyes. Need we say that its aesthetics are 100% on point?

Escape the bustle of life at Chez Vous: HideAway

Having gone countless hours in the salon on my hair pilgrimage to attaining all the different pastel shades of the rainbow in my younger days, I can definitely see the appeal behind the privacy and luxe salon-spa experience Chez Vous has created with Chez Vous: HideAway.

When you’re stuck for that many hours in a chair, the whole experience can leave you feeling antsy, especially if you’re inhaling chemicals the entire time. But if you’re looking for a temporary escape from the bustle of everyday life, then an appointment here will leave you in a state of relaxed bliss, ready to continue your day on a high note.

Exclusive spa perks aside, another thing I really appreciated about the salon was the fact that all pricing is transparent and upfront. The HideAway follows a stepladder pricing structure that is all-inclusive. Meaning whatever price you see when you’re making your booking, is the final price you can expect to pay – no grey area wondering if your hair length is considered short or medium, or sneaky add-on ampoules or treatments that’ll send your bill creeping upwards.

Regardless of the length of your hair, here’s how services are priced at Chez Vous: HideAway:

  • $199 for 2 services (Cut + 1 other service)
  • $299 for 3 services (Cut + 2 other services)
  • $399 for 4 services (Cut + 3 other services)
  • $499 for 5 services (Cut + 4 other services)

With that being said, do note that certain premium services such as Keratin Treatment, Rebonding, Digital Perm, Caucasian Highlights or Growth Factor Therapy do require top-ups. But all this will be stated upfront during your consultation. 

Considering the fact that all the spa freebies above are worth a grand $200, the services are reasonably priced for the experience you get. So if you’re still on the fence about your current salon, put Chez Vous: HideAway on your radar. 

Book your appointment Chez Vous: HideAway today

391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #14-04, Singapore 238874
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11AM-8.30PM | Sat 10.30AM – 7PM | Sun 11AM-6PM (By appointment only)
Telephone: 6219 3558

Note: Do include “HideAway” in the email header when making a reservation.

This post was brought to you by Chez Vous.
Photography by Pepita Wauran.

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