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9 Things You Never Knew You Needed in Your New BTO Home

A home so smart it’ll have a brain of its own

Moving out of the family home is a major milestone for the Singaporean who’s come-of-age . You’re finally free from the helicoptering – not to mention naggy – parentals, and have a say in the decor! 

But now that you’ve settled into your new BTO, the affairs of your household can’t be put on hold. You’ve got to be on top of things, for it won’t be long till the spouse gets peeved you forgot to do the groceries and your kid’s Playstation 4 cables have gotten into tangles.     

Now that moms and pops are officially out of the equation, these 9 gadgets will majorly help you rise to the occasion. #adulting   

1. Never get locked out again with this Smart Lock


If you’re a scatterbrain who constantly leaves your house keys at home in the midst of the mad morning rush, this Bluetooth-enabled lock will be your saviour. 

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock is a smart lock that opens doors with the touch of a finger. Say goodbye to that heavy bundle of jangling keys. If you’re a stickler for old-school keys, this one has a “vintage” key hole.


With the Kevo app, you’ll also be able to send e-keys to people, and unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Perfect for AirBnB hosts! Even if you’re not tech savvy, you’ll get the hang of it in a jiffy.

And as for that old key and padlock, you can leave them at Pont des Arts on your next Parisian honeymoon.

2. Heat or chill your drinking water in seconds

Your mother might have painstakingly kept your thermos flask filled with hot water to sate your random Milo cravings, but in the real world, you’re on your own.  

Here’s where the Hot, Cold and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser by 3M has got you covered left, right and center. Connect this to your nearest tap and you’ll never go back to refilling thermos boilers. 

At the touch of a finger, water is dispensed frosty cold, room temperature or piping hot. It also comes with a hot water safety lock, so your itchy-fingered kids can be left unsupervised at home without a worry.

If you’re done with tap water tasting like your chlorinated neighborhood pool, this filter pack reduces the odor of the water running through it. It’s also equipped with a UV light system that wipes out bad bacteria!

This stylish dispenser comes in either black or white and is an indispensable addition to the empty corners in your kitchen. If BTO renovation works have got you on a tight budget and you’re lukewarm about getting this, the convenience of pristine water is worth every cent.

3. Block out dengue with a Magnetic Insect Screen


You’re trying to rid the house of mosquitos, but even human inhabitants will have to flee from the fumigatory fog you’ve created with your non-stop burning of mosquito coils.

Beat dengue the clean way with these Magnetic Insect Screens. Its application is simple, low-cost, and super effective – you’ll never have to compromise your home’s pristine air quality again. No more midnight moth attacks or swarms of wasps coming to make your house their nest. Get one of those magnetic screens and defend yourselves from your six-legged enemies.


4. Make ugly wires disappear with these futuristic-looking power sockets


You know it’s time for an intervention when your wall sockets start looking like Megatron from Transformers. Do away with your messy cables with Eubiq’s E-track.

Not only does it look futuristic and sleek, you’ll be able to add or customise your charging dock to suit your household needs to a T. No more precariously placed laptops or suspended wires posing as home hazards. With it’s comforting glow, you’ll be a Tony Stark inserting Arc Reactors into your BTO’s heart.

5. Hide the unsightly in secret storage compartments


With BTOs, you’re sometimes cornered by rigid kitchen configurations and a lack of storage space, but Blum’s Sink Pull-out will put an end to this. This drawer fully optimises all the space in your kitchen giving you more storage space than ever, and makes hiding your greasy sponges a breeze.

Your dishwashing clutter can now be swept under the carpet… I mean sink!

6. A moveable light switch for the entire house


This isn’t your regular pesky cicak, so hold off calling the pest control. The Gecko is a moveable light switch that’s the lazy man’s solution to convenient light control 

It doesn’t make the same “gek gek gek” sound, but you’ll have no trouble finding this around the house. It’s multi-function button is a tiny bubble that lights up with different icons, with this magic remote you can dim and brighten every section of your new BTO.


No more feeling around in the dark for midnight pee breaks or ruining romantic moments while Netflixing with a date, just stick this to your wall and you won’t have to move from your most comfy blanket-burrito position in bed.

7. A fridge that both stores and ORDERS groceries

This is one gadget you’ll have to keep your eyes out for. 


With Wi-Fi connection, an in-built camera, and a 21.5 inch touch-screen on The Family Hub™ refrigerator by Samsung, your fridge won’t be just for storing food. From tracking the inventory of your cold storage in real-time, to leaving digital sticky notes and updating your family’s activity schedule – you won’t be needing that tiny magnetic whiteboard anymore!

BEST PART: Order groceries right from your kitchen, delivered to your kitchen!

8. A machine that folds your laundry for you

Get a load of this. Here’s your secret to a load of laundry folded precisely like origami. Outsource the folding to your new laundry buddy – Foldimate. It’s the robotic replacement for lazy adults and kids who won’t do their chores.


Clip your clothes onto pegs and the process goes as fast as 3 seconds. This “mate” can take on anything and there’s no towel too thick or sleeve too long for it to handle. With its wrinkle-remover function, your favorite dress shirts will look just like they’re fresh from the dry cleaners. 

But keep your socks and underpants away from this buddy, you’re not that chummy.

9. Keep your apartment up to 5 degrees cooler with this sun-blocking film

Who needs SPF 50+ sunblock? These films are over SPF 1,000!

Blasting your air-conditioner blasting 24/7 at 18 degrees seems to be the only solution to Singapore’s stifling heat, but keep that up and you’ll be racking up quite a fortune on your utility bill. 

Cut your aircon some slack with 3M™’s Prestige Series Window Films – they’ll keep your home up to 5 degrees cooler just by blocking out infrared heat.

Can you tell which panel is the odd one out? The Prestige 60 film is so lightly tinted it’s hard to point out an observable difference. If you’re curious to know, it’s the one on the far right that has the Prestige Film applied! 

With technology exclusive to 3M, the clear Prestige Window Film outperforms most of the darker tinted films in the market. The Prestige films have been tested to perform best during the hottest times of the day when heat rejection is most needed.

Made with low internal reflectivity, so you’re seeing less of your reflection and more of the view

Also, UV rays don’t discriminate. So while you might have sunscreen to protect your precious skin – your poor furniture is being subjected to accelerated aging thanks to repeated sun exposure. These films are a quick fix to thoroughly protect your prized possessions and extend the shelf life of your furniture, so you’ll be saving a lot more in the long run. 

Innovative solutions for your new home

From smart fridges that can order groceries to smart plugs that prevent overloading of your electrical outlets, these are smarter solutions to the everyday problems you’ll face in this daunting adulting phase. But our favorite has gotta be 3M’s Prestige Window Film Series. You’d never expect to gain so much from a one-time installation of a thin window film.

All you’ve got to do is drop 3M’s authorized distributor a call and this service-oriented crew will swing right by your place for a FREE consultation and see you right through the entire installation. 

The films come in a variety of shades so you can be certain there’ll be one that suits your needs. No matter which you choose, you’ll be enjoying a clear view of the outside from the cool comfort of your home. These films also reduce glare so you won’t have to draw your curtains all the time!

Buy any one of 3M’s Prestige Series sun control window films, and you’re set for 15 years thanks to the company’s 1.5 decade warranty. That oughta put an end to all your insecurities. 

Book your free consultation for 3M Prestige Film today!

Your house should not only have the brains but also the looks to boot, so I’ll leave you some inspiring homes with owners who let their imaginations run wild and their creative flares go cray. We hope to feature your home someday. 

This post was brought to you by Jestac, authorized distributor of 3M Window Films.

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