Bites By Scarlett – 9 Best Things To Buy From $0.25 At This New Snack Mart In The East

Bites by Scarlett – Cheap snack store at PLQ

Whether you’re the sort to raid the office pantry for a mid-afternoon snack, or just want some light bites to quell those midnight hunger pangs, consider popping by Bites by Scarlett the next time you drop by Paya Lebar Quarter

Much like its parent brand, Scarlett, it carries a range of imported Chinese snacks such as Want Want milk rolls and Haidilao Cup Rice, which are available from an astoundingly low $0.25.

Here’s the lowdown on this newly opened store:

What is Bites by Scarlett?

Bites by Scarlett is a supermarket that specialises in imported Chinese snacks and convenience food. 

You’ll be able to find a trove of options to keep your pantry full. Instant meals, candies, crackers, jellies, drinks, and even ready-to-cook lok lok – you can find them all at this new store in PLQ.

Where is Bites by Scarlett?

Bites by Scarlett is located on level 3 of Paya Lebar Quarter, in front of the escalator landing and right next to Simmons. Just look out for its bright orange colour scheme and huge snack display.

Themed snack booths & bins with $5 snacks

Even before stepping into the store, the first thing that you’ll notice are the 2 rows of snacks that almost span the width of the store. These house an array of individually packed snacks such as bean curd rolls, konjac jelly, and sunflower seeds. Here, you can grab any 20 snacks for just $5 – great for those who like variety.

Going further in, you’ll notice that in addition to the aisles of snacks commonly found in other stores, Bites also has 2 themed booths.

The Haidilao booth.

Fans of Haidilao will find a goldmine of the hotpot giant’s offerings here. These include their line of Cup Rice (from $1.50) – think instant noodles but with rice instead – as well as crowd favourite beancurd rolls ($3.80).

Those looking for heavier options can pick up Haidilao’s self-heating bowls ($5.90) and self-heating hotpots ($7.90). There’s also semi-prepared salted egg fried rice ($7.90), should you prefer to prepare a fuss-free meal at home.

If Want Want Land’s 2025 opening’s too far away for your liking, you’ll be delighted to know that Bites by Scarlett has a dedicated Want Want section too. 

On top of featuring staples like rice crackers (from $1) and steamed bun biscuits ($2.75), a wide range of snacks offered by the brand are up for grabs here too. These include the likes of jelly (from $1.60), QQ gummies ($1.10) and milk wafer rolls ($1.50). There’s even apple and fruit punch flavoured Wang Zai milk here too, on top of the typical original flavour found elsewhere.

Notice how the pillars at the Cha Cha sunflower seed booth are shaped like their packs of sunflower seeds?

Those looking for something to munch on over mahjong or movie nights can head over to the Cha Cha booth, which stocks a wide selection of nuts and seeds. 

These range from Cha Cha’s signature sunflower seeds (from $1.95), to others like milky macadamias, salted almonds and crispy cashews (3 for $9.90, 1 from $5.30). Those looking for healthy breakfast options can also grab some nut oatmeal ($6.30), which are available in 220g packs.

Best snacks to get from Bites by Scarlett

Given the wide range of unique snacks available here, it’s not surprising that you might need to set aside time to trawl the aisles. But if you’d like some recommendations, here are some of our top picks:

1. Flavoured White Rabbit candy

Part and parcel of every Singaporean kid’s childhood, White Rabbit sweets are no stranger to us. But rather than offering the original milk candy found everywhere else, Bites by Scarlett stocks an interesting range of flavours, such as matcha, red bean and coffee. Strangely enough, the OG milk flavour was nowhere to be found during our visit.

Price: From $1.40

2. 2-litre cans of Chinese beer

If you’re the sort to find tall cans of beer insufficient, you’ll be glad to know that the supermarket stocks XL-sized cans of Original Beer. Available in both craft beer and stout forms, each of these massive cans contain 2-litres of brew, plenty enough for the next drinking sesh with your buddies. But if you’re worried about your beer going flat, fret not, these cans come with caps too, which help preserve the carbonation.

Price: $18.90 

3. Vacuum packed lok lok

Lok lok lovers can choose from the wide variety of vacuum packed skewers available here. These range from squid skewers ($3), crab sticks ($2.60) and shrimp slides ($3.50). Vegetarian options like mock meatballs ($1) and kelp & bamboo shoots ($1.50) are available too.

Price: From $1

4. Instant porridge

Those wanting an alternative to instant noodles can consider getting the instant porridge. While both flavours were rather creamy and thick, we found the abalone flavour rather briny, while the crayfish porridge had a nice kick to it, thanks to the chilli oil included.

Price: $1.70

5. Instant Haidilao Cup Rice

Essentially plain rice but with various seasonings added, Haidilao’s cup rice makes for a good meal on the cheap.

The shallot oil flavoured cup rice reminded us of glutinous rice, while the braised meat flavour tasted rather similar to lor mai kai, but with braised pork replacing the char siew. Do be warned though, the meat portions here can be quite skimpy, so it’s best to pair it with other ingredients, such as the vacuum packed lok lok mentioned earlier.

Price: $1.50

6. HDL Self heating line

Those wanting quick and fuss-free meals can consider Haidilao’s self-heating line. Essentially little meals in boxes, all you have to do is pour the various ingredients into the bowl that’s included, before pouring water on the heat pack below and closing the package.

We found Haidilao’s Curry Chicken Rice very similar to those sold in coffee shops and food courts. The Claypot Chinese Sausage Rice tasted almost akin to the real deal, save for the char commonly found at the bottom of the pot.

Price: $5.90

7. Wang Zai milk in various flavours

Bites by Scarlett also stocks another staple of our childhood days, Wang Zai Milk. On top of the ubiquitous original variety, flavours such as apple and fruit can be had here as well.

Compared to the regular Wang Zai milk, the apple flavour strangely tastes similar to banana milk, while the fruit flavoured one lacked a distinct milk taste, with the artificial fruit flavourings taking its place. 

Price: $1

8. Want Want Tube Jelly

The store also sells Want Want Fruit Jelly, which are rather similar to the ice pops we used to beat the heat in our carefree younger days. Sucking on one of these is sure to bring back waves of nostalgic memories, given their similar taste.

These can be found in both strawberry and grape flavours.

Price: $1.80

9. Heytea Zero Sugar Grape Soda

Known for their pricey bubble teas, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Heytea has a line of rather affordable bottled drinks available here. These include the Zero Sugar Lychee and Zero Sugar Grape sodas, as well as various teas such as Lemon Black Tea and Tieguanyin Grapefruit Oolong Tea.

Similar to the grape flavoured Want Want Tube Jelly, we felt that artificial flavourings featured heavily here. That said, their price point makes it attractive for those looking for ways to beat the heat.

Price: $0.85

Get cheap snacks at Bites by Scarlett in PLQ

With its wide range of snacks at affordable prices, BItes by Scarlett can easily give many supermarkets and grocery stores a run for their money. Plus, it’s open till 11pm too, making it an attractive option for a late night snack run.

Payment here is by cash, NETS and all major credit cards. They have a loyalty program too, which you can join here. It’s free for all to join, and every $1 spent entitles you to 1 point. Members get a $1 rebate for every 150 points accumulated.

Find out more about Bites by Scarlett


Address: Bites by Scarlett, #03-14 PLQ Mall, 10 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409057
Opening hours: 9am-11pm, Daily
Contact: 6968 4278 | Scarlett Supermarket website

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Photography by John Lim.

Mattias Tan

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