8 Best Power Banks To Charge Your Phone ASAP When It’s Running Out Of Juice

Best power banks in Singapore

It goes without saying that all of us here in Singapore heavily rely on our mobile phones to function daily. When you’re on the go, heading from meeting to meeting, nothing’s more annoying than suddenly running out of battery just as you need to call that Grab. That’s where power banks become our unsung heroes.

Since our lives are now highly digital, it makes sense that every Singaporean needs to have one on hand at all times. And this list of the best power banks to suit your budget and your needs will help with just that.

How to choose a power bank

Since there are thousands of power banks you can get at both physical and online gadget stores, choosing the right power bank can be a little bit of a headache. But all you need to do is map out what you need:

Firstly, determine what you need a power bank for, whether it’s for daily use or for travelling, to gauge whether you need something lightweight, or don’t mind a bit of bulk. 

Think about how many electronic devices you use on the daily. If you have a tablet, camera, or even other smart products like watches and wireless earphones, you may need a power bank with a higher capacity to keep all these running on long days.

On the technical side of things, if you only need to charge 1 device, a power bank with about 5,000mAh would suffice. But for multiple devices, or if you heavily use your phone and it runs out of juice more than once a day, invest in something that’s 10,000mAh and above. 

1. Prolink energiepak Mastery 10,000mAh – for wireless charging

Image credit: Prolink

Picture this: put your charging cables into your bag neatly and when you eventually take them out, they’re all tangled up. Sounds familiar? Then perhaps a wireless power bank is the way to go. 

One of the top-rated wireless power banks in the market is Prolink’s energiepak Mastery 10,000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank. Use it with any Qi-enabled phone, including models like the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and above. 

You can use it to charge 3 devices at one go, thanks to the addition of 2 cable charging ports. It also automatically turns off when it’s not in use, so its juice doesn’t go to waste.

Price: From $42.90 (U.P. $79) on Shopee & Lazada
No. of charging ports: 1 USB A & 1 USB Type C port
Full charge time: About 1-2 hours | Able to fully charge 1 mobile phone around 2-3 times

2. RAVPower Solar Waterproof 15,000mAh – for outdoorsy folk

This power bank comes with a built-in flashlight
Image adapted from: Qoo10

Power banks are an essential item when it comes to outdoor activities like camping and hiking. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a jungle without power for your phone in case of an emergency. So if you usually spend your time in the great outdoors, the RAVPower Solar Waterproof Power Bank 15,000mAh will be your best companion.

On top of a generous charging capacity, this power bank can weather a literal storm as it’s water resistant, dustproof and shockproof. But what’s most unique about this device is that it slowly recharges when you put it under the sun, so if you’re really marooned on a deserted island, this just might be the best tool to have on hand.

Price: From $79.90 (U.P. $99.90) on Shopee, Qoo10 & Lazada
No. of charging ports: 2
Full charge time: About 2 hours | Able to fully charge 1 mobile phone around 3-4 times

3. Rock P63 Mini Digital Display – for those with no space

It comes in an array of colours like green, black and pink, and a sleek matte finish.
Image credit: Lazada

For those who tend to travel light, the Rock P63 Mini Digital Display Power Bank is a small and lightweight option that won’t take up much space in your bag or pocket. It’s only about the size of a credit card, but packs a pretty generous 10,000mAh of charging power.

It’s one of the more aesthetic choices on this list too, with a sleek design that sports a digital display showing its remaining battery life. But if you don’t need this feature, go for the similar and slightly cheaper Rock P51 ($21.90, U.P. $29.90) that has 2 USB charging ports instead of 1.

Price: $24.90 on Shopee
No. of charging ports: 1
Full charge time: About 4 hours | Able to fully charge 1 mobile phone around 2-3 times

4. Energea Travelworld 2 in 1 Adapter & Power Bank – for jetsetters

It comes with universal attachments so you can use it anywhere around the world
Image credit: Qoo10

2-in-1 are words that never fail to please, especially when you’re a frequent flyer who can’t heck with carrying too many items when travelling. So for those who prefer to pack light, go for the  Energea Travelworld 2 in 1 Adapter & Power Bank.

Simply plug it into a wall socket to charge your electronics as per usual, then carry it around as a power bank. It holds about 5,000mAh of power, which is adequate for about 1-2 full charges.

Price: $79 on Qoo10
No. of charging ports: 2
Full charge time: Estimated 2-3 hours | Able to fully charge 1 mobile phone around 2 times

5. Xiaomi 10,000mAh Mi 3 – for those on a budget

Image credit: Mi

Mention that you need a new power bank and Xiaomi is always one of the first brands that’s recommended. It’s for good reason too – not only are their power banks reliable, but it’s also incredibly budget-friendly, easily costing below $40 for a heavy-duty 20,000mAh device on online stores. 

But if you’re looking for a slim power bank that’s able to power up both mobile phones and tablets, the 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 is a sleek option for basic users. You can use it to charge 2 devices at one go, and it even comes with a function for charging on a lower current, for small current devices like smart watches and bluetooth headsets.

For those who need something with more charging power, their slightly bulkier 20,000mAh Mi Power Bank which has the same functions but double the charging capacity – is also worth a look.

Price: From $21.88 (U.P. $32) on Lazada & Shopee
No. of charging ports: 2
Full charge time: About 3 hours | Able to fully charge 1 mobile phone around 2-3 times

6. iWalk Scorpion 12,000X – for easy cable organisation

Image credit: Lazada

Between heading to the office, going out for dinner, or visiting your family, being constantly on-the-go increases our chances of misplacing our charging cables. And if you’ve lost your fair share of them, the iWalk Scorpion 12,000X Power Bank would be your best solution.

It’s also handy for those who often use a myriad of devices, be it 2 phones, a wireless headset or a camera. That’s because it comes with 4 built-in cables: lightning, micro USB, type-C and USB. You can use it to charge 3 devices at any one time, and it won’t take up much space thanks to its slim design. 

Price: From $55 (U.P. $109) on Lazada
No. of charging ports: 4
Full charge time: About 1-2 hours | Able to fully charge 1 mobile phone around 4 times

7. Pineng PN-917 20,000mAh – for high capacity without bulk

Image credit: Lazada

Slim power banks are pretty common these days, but when it comes to a big capacity of 20,000mAh at an affordable price, the Pineng PN-917 20,000mAh Power Bank is among the most popular models out there. 

Not only does it come with 3 USB charging ports, but it also has 3 different recharging inputs – lightning, type-c, and micro USB for you to charge the power bank itself. This means less cables to carry and flexibility to use it with a variety of devices.

Price: From $36.90 (U.P. $53.90) on Qoo10 & Lazada
No. of charging ports: 3
Full charge time: Estimated 2-3 hours | Able to fully charge 1 mobile phone around 3-4  times

8. Anker Powercore II 20,000mAh – for high quality

Image adapted from: Anker

Anker is a name that consistently tops lists of the best power banks in Singapore, especially since they have a wide range of power banks to suit any need. But for basic users who appreciate having a ton of juice on hand, the Powercore II 20,000mAh will get the job done. 

The reason why it’s so highly rated is its ability to deliver a fast charge to pretty much any device. Since it can last about a week with regular use, just view the LED light wheel for an estimate on how many charges are left. 8 dots indicate you can fully charge about 6 mobile phones from 0%.

If you have a bigger budget and are looking for other types of power banks such as wireless and mini ones, their catalogue is worth a look too. 

Price: From $79.90 (U.P. $109.90) on Lazada
No. of charging ports: 2
Full charge time: 1 hour | Able to fully charge 1 mobile phone around 6-7 times

Bonus: Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

Image adapted from: Anker

For the avid Nintendo Switch gamer, Anker has an external battery that’s optimised for your device. It allows you to charge your Switch while you’re playing, so you’re able to clock in an additional 9-10 hours of playtime by using this. 

Additionally, this power bank can be used on latest gen mobile phones and even MacBook Pros, so its use doesn’t just have to be limited to the Switch.

Price: From $69.90 (U.P. $99.90) on Anker & Lazada
No. of charging ports: 1
Full charge time: About 2.5 hours for the Nintendo Switch | Able to fully charge 1 Nintendo Switch around 1-2 times

Choosing the best power bank

Whether you need a power bank that’s lightweight, or one that’s weatherproof, you’ll be able to find a ton of options in the market. But this list of the best power banks in Singapore can help narrow down that search. Simply gauge what you’ll most likely use it for, set a budget, and start browsing. 

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The products have been ranked in terms of features and price from sources and reviews online.
Cover image adapted from: Lazada, Lazada & Qoo10

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