This Karaoke Kit Lets You Turn Your Living Room Into A KTV Easily, Complete With Snacks & Alcohol

Auchentoshan Home KTV Kit rental

Nothing quite beats the rush of endorphins one gets from a good dose of karaoke, whether you’re singing your sorrows away to the heartfelt tunes of Adele or celebrating your positions in life with a little Ariana Grande. 

Covid-19 may have robbed KTV junkies and bathroom singers of their favourite “feel good” activity, but here’s a piece of good news for those reminiscing their regular sing-offs with friends and family: you can now DIY your own KTV sesh with one of Auchentoshan’s Home KTV Kits.

From whisky and bar bites to an unlimited playlist, this Home KTV Kit by Auchentoshan has all the right ingredients for an extra shiok KTV experience right at home. 

Here’s what you can expect:  

Unlimited song list, quality whisky and food options

More than 230,000 songs in 14 languages

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur singer who sticks to JJ Lin songs or a closet Beyoncé, the Auchentoshan Home KTV Kit comes with a Remix, a nifty device that will transform your home into your very own KTV studio. All you’ll need is a TV or display with an HDMI port – the wider the better for maximum feels – and a soundbar with an Aux jack. 

The device comes fitted with an arsenal of over 230,000 songs in 14 different languages and two wireless microphones so it’s guaranteed to be lit whether you’re a K-pop, J-pop, or Mando-pop fan. They’ve even got Hokkien songs in their song database so your elders can join in on the fun. 

Triple-distilled and single malt whisky for extra smooth vocals

Booze has a magical way of getting even the shyest of friends crooning away and taking the dance floor. And each of these KTV home kits includes a bottle of Auchentoshan whisky to get the party started. 

Take your pick from Auchentoshan’s range of classic whiskies that are sure to please the folks at home: Auchentoshan Three Wood, Auchentoshan 12 Years and Auchentoshan 18 Years.

Image credit: Auchentoshan

Those who prefer refreshing notes can go for the 18-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky that has citrusy notes and a hint of green tea. If you like richer accents, the 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky offers the fragrance of caramel and toasted almonds. Three Wood Malt, on the other hand, has been matured in quality bourbon and sherry barrels giving it a complex, yet distinct flavour profile.

Auchentoshan’s whiskies are triple-distilled for maximum smoothness and sweetness, so you’ll have free rein to whip up cocktails with a splash of soda for a fizzy kick or enjoy them neat or on the rocks. All products of a single malt distillery, these whiskies promise a kick of flavour and will surely be a sure hit among novices and refined drinkers alike. 

Pair it with food offerings from Three Little Pigs or Zouk

Auchentoshan Festive CNY Box with Zouk (from $288) and Auchentoshan Bundle Deal with Three Blind Pigs (from $238)

And what’s a KTV sing-off without some munchies? The Auchentoshan Home KTV Kits come paired with food offerings from Zouk (from $288) and Three Blind Pigs (from $238) to make a fancy spread for your guests to enjoy. 

The Lunar New Year celebrations this year stretch till 27th February 2021, so if you’re planning for karaoke as a post-dinner activity on chap goh mei, the Zouk Festive CNY Box (from $288) gives you a fresh plate of lo hei loaded up with a generous portion of salmon along with a bottle of your choice of Auchentoshan whisky. 

It also comes with Zouk’s signature canned cocktails, with unique flavours like Bourbon Pineapple, Guava Fizz and Yuzu Blossom, as well as Fever-Tree soda water to mix.

On the flip side, if you can’t live without some hearty fried grub, order up the Three Blind Pigs Bundle Deal (from $238) which comprises two bottles of Auchentoshan 12 Years or Auchentoshan Three Wood, truffle fries, spam fries, chipotle popcorn chicken and crispy wings. These come along with dips like a zesty lime crema and Korean gochujang and kimchi for the wings.

Rent the Auchentoshan Home KTV Kit for a fun time with loved ones

Rather than lamenting the closure of your favourite KTV joint, make the most of this festive season by renting an Auchentoshan Home KTV Kit. Not only will it elevate you to a first-class host, you’ll max out on the fun you can have with the eight VIPs you can receive each day!

Order Auchentoshan Home KTV Kit with Zouk | Auchentoshan Home KTV Kit with Three Blind Pigs 

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Photography by Nadia Loewito. 

Shi Nan Liang

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