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7 Romantic Trip Ideas For Singaporean Couples Under 3 Hours Away That’ll Beat Expensive Staycations

AirAsia Holiday Quickies

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With Valentine’s Day this month, you can bet celebratory staycations are already on the list for many couples. But instead of being restricted to staying within the country, what if you and your bae could take your love to a whole new world of possibilities within a matter of hours? 

In fact, travelling to a nearby destination can be easily done in the same time frame it takes to play a round of mahjong, or even watch a movie.

From the animal-loving couple to those that travel for the ’gram, there are plenty of romantic travel options to hit up around the region no matter what your preferences. What’s more, AirAsia’s Holiday Quickies allows you to be transported to any of the following destinations in just a mere 4 hours or under.

1. Langkawi – for the couple that’s sian of SG’s concrete jungle

With Singapore’s crowd and heavily urbanised districts, it’s understandable why couples are constantly looking for less populated spaces to unwind at. Check out Pantai Cenang, one of Langkawi’s most popular beaches that’s just a 10-minute drive away from Langkawi international airport.

This long and scenic stretch is known for its quietness and cleanliness, making it perfect for frolicking around. Snap a picture here and people may think that you own your own private beach. The waters? Clear and cool, allowing you to see the grey shore beneath your feet.

Jet ski or paraglide in the air together to check off another activity on your #CoupleGoals list.

Flight duration: Approximately 1 hour and 25 mins 
Flight cost: From $76

2. Bandung – for the couple that’d rather climb mountains than the corporate ladder

Couples looking for mountainous and volcanic experiences should keep Kawah Putih (which translates to “white crater”) on their travel list. On the surface, the pale turquoise colours and gentle-rolling steam may beckon you to take a dip.

Tip: Consider bringing a mask as the sulphur levels may get overwhelming
Image credit: @loubidays

The waters are highly acidic (pH 0.5 – 1.3), so you should avoid contact instead. That said, this body of water does make for the perfect wedding shoot backdrop, so you might want to KIV this for future plans.

As the weather can get chilly as well, do bring a jacket just in case, or steal a cuddle to keep warm instead.

Image credit: @jatiswaramahardika

Tangbukan Perahu, Bandung’s most famous volcano, is another stunner.

The cool thing is how you’re allowed to walk around the parameters of the volcano to visit the various craters. The most popular one’s called Kawah Ratu or Queens crater.

You can cook eggs (upon purchase) in these boiling springs!
Image credit: @claudioc07

Immerse yourself, literally, into the heart of Bandung’s steamiest volcanic site – Kawah Domas. The numerous craters here are of varying temperatures.

The warm ones are used as mud spas and are said to have healing properties while the ones that are slightly hotter are especially therapeutic when you soak your feet in them.

Flight duration: Approximately 2 hours  
Flight cost: From $90

3. Yogyakarta – for the couple that’d rather chase the sun than work deadlines

Couples who are constantly on the run to meet work deadlines deserve a break, and can chase the rising sun at Prambanan Temple – the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia instead.

Despite how ancient it is, the architecture and designs carved on the temple walls remain just as intricate. Take this opportunity to bond over learning about new cultures together.

Take your love to greater heights by watching the sunrise or sunset together at Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia, is made out of 9 stacked platforms. Perched high on the mountains of Magelang Jawa Tengah, this makes for the perfect spot to exchange silent glances with each other while watching the sunrise. Be sure to also bring a jacket here as it can get cooling at sunset!

Tip: To avoid the crowd and take your time trekking, be sure to arrive before 10AM.

For lovers who want a little more privacy from tourist-frequented spots, hide away from the world as you trek 6 stories deep into Jomplang Cave. Every day at noon, you’ll be able to see light leaks, so whip out your cam for some epic shots.

Flight duration: Approximately 2 hours and 20 mins 
Flight cost: From $143

4. Bangkok – for the couple that makes BKK their annual pilgrimage but wants to go beyond Chatuchak

There’s no denying us Singaporeans love going to Bangkok. But to keep your annual visit to BKK exciting, try venturing beyond the cliché likes of Chatuchak market and Platinum Mall.

Get your adrenaline rushing as you zoom past an abandoned Sleeping Beauty-inspired castle with Motor Sports Land’s go-karts. The track is divided into five zones but for the best views of the castle, we recommend going to Zone 2.

Image credit: @ritasila

Couples can either choose to ride solo or share a ride in a 2 seater. But we recommend the latter ‘cos you know the saying – teamwork makes the dream work.  

Another activity to jump into is Bungee Jumping. Pattaya Bungee Jump is Thailand’s very first bungee jumping attraction with a height of 60 metres, where couples will oversee the view of a breathtaking lake on their way down.

Image credit: @t.wotarasi

The attraction also has other activities such as Paint Ball, Off Road Buggies, ATVs and a Human Slingshot — which throws you over 90 metres high at a speed of 150kph in a second!

Flight duration: Approximately 2 hours and 25 mins 
Flight cost: From $136

5. Phuket – for the couple that prefers watching wildlife to rom-coms

Image credit: @semagin_phuket

Netflix and chilling is romantic but what’s even better is visiting all those scenic documentary locations in person – such as taking a trip down to Mai Khao Beach. During seasonal months, you’ll get to see little turtles and their young waddling about the seashore.

Image credit: @Anara_bishkek

Lovebirds can also check out Phuket Bird Park, a private sanctuary that’s home to more than 100 bird species across Asia, Africa and South America.

The place has over 1,000 birds and couples can get up close and personal with hornbills, parrots and kookaburras, a favourite among tourists, for cute photo-taking opportunities.

Flight duration: Approximately 1 hour and 50 mins 
Flight cost: From $132

6. Bali – for the couple that loves nature more than people

Image credit: @thebaliguideline

For nature-loving couples who’re looking to escape the crowd, you’ll understand how challenging it is to find a scenic spot in Singapore that isn’t hogged up.

Tucked away in Bali, there’s a secret cafe set within a hidden garden that you can escape to. Gardin Bistro & Patisserie is a quaint cafeteria with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to be surrounded by greenery as you dine with your loved one. Opt for their Salmon Coulibiac (142,000 IDR, S$14.20), a risotto with thick and tender salmon and hollandaise foam.

Image credit: @biggardencorner

Walk all that food off at Big Garden Corner, a quaint sanctuary that best captures the heart of romanticism thanks to their vibrant decorations.

These include heart-shaped displays and giant cages lit with LED fairy lights filled with cushions. Get your partner and camera ready for some aww-inducing photo opportunities.

Channel your inner Indiana Jones and Lara Croft here
Image credit: @elwinni02

If you’d like to explore deeper territory together, visit Goa Gala Gala, an underground home that looks more like a labyrinth right out of an Indiana Jones movie

While not obvious upon first inspection, the space is actually complete with a bedroom, kitchen and even a meditation room. Visitors will have to carefully climb down a hidden stairwell, but the experience is definitely worth it.

Flight duration: Approximately 2 hours and 45 mins 
Flight cost: From $138

7. Penang – for the couple desperately looking to escape the reality of a 9 to 6

Trick-eye museums tend to be overcrowded, so for those who are looking for an escape route, check out Dark Mansion in Penang. Not only is the place filled with 3D trick-eye installations, but the entire showcase glows in the dark too.

For more fantasies in the dark, couples can also check out Penang Avatar Secret Garden. The compound has LED lights hanging from trees and was inspired by the Avatar movie itself. P.S. the lights only turn on at 8PM, so it’s best to reach around that time.

The exhibition is also filled with other glow-in-the-dark backdrops, perfect for those who are iLight fans.

Those who love a good scare will love what lurks behind the Ghost Museum. The place is split into various zones with each area featuring ghosts from all walks life including regions such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Ancient Egypt.

While you’re trying to hold yourself (and your bae) together from all the jump scares, don’t forget to pose for a photo at the various pop-up stations too!

Flight duration: Approximately 1 hour and 20 mins 
Flight cost: From $69

BONUS: Cebu – for the couple who must die-die get at least 100 likes on Instagram

Couples that prioritise their Instagram feeds will understand the feeling of wanting to clinch that “100 likes” status.

To nail that picturesque shot of being in a field filled with flowers, check out 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cebu. As the name describes, the field is littered with stalks of LED roses, which stand about 3 feet tall each. By 6PM, the entire bed of roses will light up with an electric blue hue, so Instagram Boyfriends, take note to capture this magical moment together.

Image credit: @cesseuropa

For those who prefer architectural structures, German Ruins is a good fit for your feed. Perched atop a small cliff that overlooks the sea, the area brings together the old and the new as graffiti markings are sprawled all over old stone ruins.

Feel free to take a dive from the cliff as the drop isn’t that high, but for those who prefer a gentler approach, stairs leading down to the clear blue waters are available too.

Flight duration: Approximately 3 hours and 50 mins 
Flight cost: From $182

Book your next Holiday Quickie with AirAsia

Planning a romantic staycation might be a hot go-to choice for couples, but to truly stand out as the ultimate partner, sometimes it takes going the extra mile. From destinations like Ipoh to Krabi just a stone’s throw away, there’s always a new country for couples to relieve stress while spicing up the romance by jetting off, several times a year for a quick holiday.  

Thanks to AirAsia’s Holiday Quickies, you and your boo can have the work-life balance you both deserve at pocket-friendly rates. With their high-frequency flights such as 28 times weekly to Bali, and 35 times weekly to Bangkok and Penang, you won’t need to worry about not getting a seat for your next impromptu getaway.

The best part? With the right planning, you won’t even have to take leave from work!

Book your AirAsia Quickie Holiday here

This post was brought to you by AirAsia.

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