6 Active Outing Ideas To Jio Your Friends For Instead Of Dinners, Like Longboarding Or Island Hopping

Active outing ideas with SG Spark Squad

Two great things about travel: meeting new people and partaking in new experiences. But with travel coming to a standstill for well over a year, many Singaporeans are lamenting about our nation’s lack of new things to do. The truth is, this Little Red Dot is packed with active outing ideas, you just need to know where to look.

SG Spark Squad brings you not only these said experiences, but the chance to forge new bonds with like-minded folks who are always on the prowl for fun and fresh activities. Better yet, they will also be absorbing part of the cost, with discounts of up to 50% off and some experiences being offered at no cost whatsoever – meaning less financial worry for local youth.

What is SG Spark Squad?

Image credit: SG Spark Squad

If you haven’t heard, SG Spark Squad started on Instagram in 2019 to bring new experiences to the youth in Singapore. By wrangling up a bunch of fun-loving people to join activities where they can fully let loose, and strangers get to spark new connections within a lively, non-stifling environment. 

It also goes to show that new friendships can be ignited anywhere, be it on the beach, high in the sky, or within a friendly battleground. Even TSL’s very own Fauzi and Chow have given the community activities a go, liked it, and even formed new connections along the way. It’s safe to say that SG Spark Squad has the TSL stamp of approval, and you should hurry to sign up as well so you don’t miss out on the fun.

From water sports to shooting arena games like paintball and airsoft, here are some activities you can try together with the SG Spark Squad community:

1. Frolic at a high elements playground at Adventure HQ

Image credit: SG Spark Squad

Think of Adventure HQ as a playground for grownups. It combines your favourite nostalgic elements from childhood playgrounds with more daredevil-esque attractions – including parabolic slides, Ninja Warrior obstacle courses and high-level bouldering walls. 

It’s the perfect place to challenge your new SG Spark Squad pals to a friendly vertical race. Nothing like a dash of competitive spirit to fuel new connections!

Image credit: SG Spark Squad

This indoor play space at HomeTeamNS Khatib would be paradise for those who love the thrill of scaling heights and conquering obstacle courses that’ll activate muscle groups you never knew existed. The best part is, you’ll be clocking in cardio under the guise of fun and games.

Read our full Adventure HQ review for more info.

2. Go on a wet & wild obstacle course at HydroDash Sentosa

Those with a fear of heights can still get in on the obstacle course fun, and with an added dose of sun, sand and sea, to boot. HydroDash Sentosa is Singapore’s first inflatable aquapark, enabling you to slip and slide the afternoon away. Coming for this SG Spark Squad Hangout is also ideal for those looking for new beach hopper kakis

More than just a bouncy castle in the ocean, the elaborate set-up features monkey bars, wagon wheels where you have to watch your step, rope-scaling slopes and even a water trampoline.

Read our full HydroDash Sentosa review for more info.

3. Whizz down the track on longboards

Skateboarding has been synonymous with cool kids ever since Avril Lavigne’s iconic Sk8er Boi dropped, but coasting up and down the ramps can be intimidating. 

For a more beginner-friendly introduction to the world of boards and wheels, give longboarding a try. As the name suggests, the boards are built not only longer but wider as well, and fitted with softer wheels which give you better balance and control. 

Our colleagues Chow and Fauzi recently gave it a whirl with SG Spark Squad and Odyssey Boards, and both of them agreed that it was a breeze to get the hang of. Chow recommends the workshop for fellow newbies like herself, citing not just the ability to learn a new skill but get to meet new people as well and make friends within the SG Spark Squad Community.

Fauzi initially had doubts of mastering longboarding within just two hours, but he was confidently cruising down the tracks by the end of the session – and plans to whizz around the streets of SG because, and I quote, “Damn, I feel so cool being able to cruise on a board”.

Word of advice, the wildly popular workshop was oversubscribed in March, so it’s fastest fingers first to ensure you and your buddies get a slot for the upcoming workshops. Stay tuned to the SG Spark Squad Instagram’s IG Stories to make sure you’re the first to know when sign-ups open.

4. Zip down Sentosa’s skyline at eagle speeds with MegaZip Flying Fox

Image credit: Sentosa

Imagine coursing down the cable car tracks…except you’re the vehicle. That’s pretty much what the MegaZip Flying Fox experience at Sentosa’s Mega Adventure Park will feel like. 

One for the true blue adrenaline junkies, this activity gives you great height, rapid speeds, crystal clear views and an unbeatable feeling of soaring freely. Who knows, maybe the new friends you meet through this SG Spark Squad Hangout will become your new theme park buddies, ready to conquer any extreme rollercoaster which tickles your fancy. 

Fun fact: The MegaZip descent can reach speeds of up to 60Kph, which is about as fast as the average speed of an eagle. 

5. Test your shooting prowess with TactSim Airsoft

This one’s a must-try for folks who love arcade shooting games. In the first of its kind in Singapore, TactSim Airsoft is an airsoft arena where players can battle it out in a whopping 765 square metre space. 

Besides the well-decked out arena which offers spaciousness to zip and attack as well as ample wall dividers for you to hide behind, all equipment will be provided. You’ll get snug protective vests to shield your upper body from critical hits, and badass-looking headgear so you don’t suffer any shots to the noggin.

Try your hand at four different airsoft guns, practising your precision at their Target Shooting Range then eventually challenging the other SG Spark Squad members to two-vs-two matches.

Take note that because real pellets will be used, this activity is only open to people aged 18 and above.

Read our full TactSim Airsoft review for more info.

6. Go island hopping on a ferry to visit 4 different islands

Image credit: Klook

If sandy beaches, crashing waves and glistening seas are right up your alley, gather your friends for an Island Hopping tour, equal parts exhilarating and nourishing for the mind and soul. The quaint ferry will take you through Sisters’ Island, Lazarus Island, St. John’s Island and Kusu Island, giving you unblocked views of the gorgeous coastlines along the way.

Besides the tranquil ride, you and other fun-in-the-sun SG Spark Squad members can look forward to picturesque backdrops and cultural landmarks at each of the pit stops. Make sure to stand-by ample space on your phone, and don’t be shy to ask some of the other fellow squad members to help you snap some pics – it’s a surefire way to start a convo.

Try new active outing ideas with the SG Spark Squad community

Image credit: SG Spark Squad

If these activities have already got you scrambling to free space in your calendar and sign up ASAP, here’s some even better news: SG Spark Squad also has other Hangouts available, including rhib rides, paintball, axe throwing, wakeboarding, VR sessions and spin classes.

Make sure you’re following @SGSparkSquad on Instagram as well to stay tuned to important deets! The activities chosen are based on what the community wants, so don’t be shy to chime in via Instagram post comments and IG story replies to let them know what you wanna experience next.

Image credit: SG Spark Squad

Because SG Spark Squad is graciously absorbing up to 50% of the cost, with some activity providers offering sessions entirely for free, you don’t have to worry as much about the damage on your wallet.

As a community partner of the SG Spark Squad, these activities have the TSL stamp of approval. Just sign up, give the activity a try, and meet a bunch of like-minded, fun-loving peeps while you’re at it. 

Each of the Hangouts are specially curated to tailor to different demographics. But because there is a limited capacity, the SG Spark Squad carefully selects participants as well so that everyone gets the chance to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

All you have to do is fill up the online registration sheet, and await an IG DM from SG Spark Squad for selected participants. Good luck, and have a blast!

Sign up for SG Spark Squad’s Hangouts here

This post was brought to you in partnership with SG Spark Squad.
Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal

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