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99%SME Lets You Discover Rare Snacks & Quirky Local Gifts Online Before Everyone Else

99%SME – Singapore online marketplace for SMEs

Image adapted from 99%SME

A shopping errand typically involves several destinations based on the category of items you’re after – the supermarket for food and drinks, a hardware store for lifestyle tools, speciality shops for unique gifts and so on. Now imagine being able to cop everything you want and need, all from the same domain. 

99%SME is a local online database of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) peddling everything from power banks to DIY bak kut teh kits. Because all of its sellers are based in Singapore, you even have the option of browsing online then picking your purchase up IRL. No more shipping mishaps where your package mysteriously vanishes while crossing the sea or skies!

Everyday must-haves sorted by category, distance and discount rate

Image adapted from: 99%SME

Singapore may be a Little Red Dot on the map but if there’s one thing 99%SME proves, it’s that our nation is booming with SMEs. The marketplace is home to literally thousands of businesses, each offering loads of tempting items which will either make your life easier or just put a smile on your face after a spot of online retail therapy.

Trendy fashion pieces and branded cosmetics, electronic knick-knacks, pet supplies and furniture all at heavily slashed prices.
Image adapted from: 99%SME

Everything is neatly sorted into categories, allowing you to browse at your own leisure and unearth treasure finds you never knew existed in Singapore. Even among the most mundane of lifestyle products such as your very first set of crockery to stock the new BTO with, you’ll be able to find them here at highly competitive prices. 

Image adapted from: 99%SME

You can further narrow down your findings by filtering price range as well as specific retailers, and sorting the results by popularity, distance and even the rate of discount.

Uniquely Singaporean gifts and lifestyle merch

Plush coin purses and pencil cases in the shape of iconic local foods
Image adapted from: Nom & Co on 99%SME

Gift-giving can be quite a headache, as you struggle between buying something adorable yet low-key useless, or something utilitarian but utterly boring such as socks or…toilet paper. 

Giant ice cream sandwich and curry puff plushies and a CNY love letter biscuit bolster
Image adapted from: Nom & Co on 99%SME

Marrying the 2 categories, 99%SME has a selection of merch that would delight Singaporeans and foreigners alike. A uniquely local lifestyle product that reminds an out-of-towner of their visit will be a lot more appreciated than some tacky keychain or fridge magnet.

Image adapted from Toy Galería & Singapore Memories on 99%SME

A bubble milk tea ambient light to fuel sweet dreams of BBT, plus a fragrance of Singapore’s national flower – the Vanda Miss Joaquim –  to remind you of strolls through Gardens By The Bay. The latter even comes with free name engraving!

Rare food and drinks that are hard to find elsewhere

Treats from UK, Europe and India
Image adapted from Amoy Canning, Ramanico Delights & United Nature on 99%SME

We all know the child-like glee of stumbling upon an exotic dessert or cutesy snack along the aisles of foreign minimarts. At 99%SME, you’ll be able to virtually rummage through rare food and drink options from all across the globe.

Snacks and breakfast essentials that are tasty yet nutritious
Image adapted from Mrs Free & Laurel Wheat on 99%SME

A lot of the edible offerings possess health-boosting properties, such as being rich in antioxidants and probiotics to tackle free radical damage and promote a balanced digestive system respectively.

Image adapted from Manly Food Enterprise & Simple Indulgence Patisserie

Boasting gorgeous packaging aesthetics, these work well as presents or just as a little #TreatYoSelf2020 pick-me-up. 

Image adapted from Seah’s Spices on 99%SME

If any of your loved ones are headed abroad for work or study, these DIY cooking kits for Singaporean hawker favourites will save the day when homesickness strikes.

User-friendly experience – sort by location and self pick-up

Scour through 99%SME’s extensive range and zone in on the items that not only tick your boxes for the lowest price, but greatest convenience too. If shipping times are your idea of pure torture ‘cause you just want to get your hands on the physical product ASAP, opt for 99%SME’s self pick-up option. 

As small as our country might be, a commute from the far East to West throws a spanner in the works of everyday busy schedules. This is where the location sorting of search results comes in handy, presenting to you only options that are within a stone’s throw away for quick and easy collection.

Shop on 99%SME to support local SMEs while saving time and money

Supporting local businesses is something Singaporeans often preach, but may not prioritise as it doesn’t seem to be the most obviously convenient option. With the launch of 99%SME, we now have thousands of local small to medium enterprises to shop from, combining an array of product categories right at our fingertips.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms where you have to countdown the excruciating number of days till your package arrives, your 99%SME purchases are ready to be collected as and when you decide to pop over. Great for last-minute gifts, or simply because you can’t wait till everything in your checkout is physically in your hands to have and to hold.

Find out more about 99%SME and start shopping here

This post was brought to you by 99%SME.

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