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18 Things from your Singaporean childhood that 1990 babies will miss

18 Things your loved from your Singaporean childhood

There are things that will always be a part of you.

They range from memories close to your heart, to that scar you got when you stupidly yolo’ed and skateboarded down a flight of stairs, to the facebook pictures that randomly pop up of the bad fashion sense you had 10 years ago.

But these are things we’ll always smile at, no matter how embarrassing the memory. For after all – these were the memories we had growing up that made us who we are today.

Here are 20 memories from our Singaporean childhood that 1990 babies will miss. Let the nostalgia begin!

1. Gotcha machines

These machines used to be dime a dozen and you could find them littered outside supermarkets, hoping to get a quick buck from bored kids waiting for their grandmas to shop. 

In the past, $1 was king and it would get you the best little knick knacks. My favourite was a hello kitty ball keyring. I thought it was nice to chew.

2. Playing Eraser wars

I had Brazil because I picked it up from the remnants of another war. Aa kid dropped it and finders keepers so! And I never won a battle. 

I’d spend recess trying to learn how to flick it over so that I could “eat” my competitor but usually, I’ll overflick it and I’ll fall off the table. 

3. Playing pick up sticks

My favourite game as a kid.

I am a famously sore loser when I play with my family and relatives. When my sister manages to pick up one without touching the rest, I’d blow the whole lot and say I want a restart.

Poor sister.

Nicole 1 sister 0.

4. Growing your Tamagotchi

My sister has the patience of a mini god. She fed her pet well and it was always happy. My pet was always neglected and miserable. I tried to secretly trade it so many times, she locked it up before she slept at one point. 

Poor sister. 

5. Beyblades

Let me stop you right there.

I loved Beyblades so much, I can sing (off key) to their theme song. Believe me at a point when my Chinese was limited to “??????”, it took love to be able to recite the Beyblade Chinese theme song.

I’ll go to the gotcha machine and get many so that I can eliminate the useless ones and choose the strongest.

And when I lose, I’ll pretend to be the soul of the Beyblade (this really does happen in the show) and just flick my competitor’s Beyblade over.

6. Pokemon figurines

I have over 100 of them.

My dad goes to a Jurong East market to especially buy them for us. Me and my sister would pour the box of them out and grab the first 10 (fastest fingers wins) we love and fight. 

I remember my favourites were Lapras, Ninetails, Rapidash and Dragonair. I hated rock and grass type pokemons. Thought they were pointless heh heh.

7. Pokemon cards

I never understood them but I bought 50 pieces at $2 from my very enterprising primary 5 friend and I loved the fancy energy cards. But everything on the card confused me so it was back to ma Gameboy. 

8. Pokemon episodes

I watched both the Chinese and English version. And I lip sync to the Japanese theme song each time I watch it. I also at one point memorized every episode. 

I also memorized the team rocket speech in both English and Chinese. Queen of Pokemon is me. 

9. Gameboy

Oh I missed my Gameboy. In the past there were no phones as fascinating as the Gameboy. I had cartridges after cartridges of pokemon and random (cheap) games.

I used to love falling asleep next to it and I would scream bloody murder if the battery ran out midway a game. I would be confirming with my grandma that she’s okay with watching that channel for the next 3 hours then taking away the remote battery.

I mean we could change the channel manually but ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

10. Neopets

I had a Zafara that I loved with all my heart. So much that I put her in the pet hotel so she’d stop bothering me so that I can focus on earning money for the Neohome. I had the fanciest Neohome. 

Neopets have since changed drastically and I no longer recognize it sigh. 

11. Habbo Hotel

I had my first girlfriend here.

Also had my first ff (falling furniture, a game mad popular back then) hosting here. I remember feeling like Ellen Degeneres but the midget, pixelated version. Man I miss that.

12. Dragon Tale

Oh how much I loved this show and how much I tried saying the catchphrase in a bid to magically have the nearest mrt take me there. 

13. Ma Me Mo

I don’t know why people liked this show. 2 overweight monsters and a little kid who cannot get his schtick together and get out of his pjs already

Kidding. I only didn’t like this show because it’s only there to buffer time before my favourite wizard show. (CAN’T REMEMBER THE WIZARD SHOW)

14. REM / Robbie and the Book of Tales

Kidscentral used to produce gems. Me and my sister used to adore REM. My sister loved a Rachel and I loved Eeching. Nobody liked Mo because she had short hair. Oh little girls.

Robbie was my first TV crush. I would always watch the TV when he does a little commercial before the show actually starts and pretend he’s talking to me heh heh.

15. Weekend cartoons

I don’t know about you but 10am was Powerpuff Girls and 10.30am was Pokemon.  A full hour of nonstop cartoons as me and my sister finished bowls after bowls of cereal.

Living the #baller’s life.

16. MSN Messenger

I always liked signing in and out to get the attention of my crush and when he didn’t bother, I’d change the display name and display pic and personal message. 4ls0 I typ3d lyk th!s. #n0sh4m3

17. Heelys

Talk about ancient.

I loved Heelys. Me and my sister would run run run and tilt back to skate down small romps and our parents will tell us to stop it but #yolo.

Also, I particularly loved humming Barbie Girl while I skated. Not sure why.

18. Barbie Dolls/ Hot Wheels

I loved both with a burning passion.

I have 4 Barbie dollhouses and 2 cars and my Barbies would cruise around the place tripping my then-baby brother and he would cry and my car would get confiscated.

Hot Wheels had this carpark race thing where you can race each other down the slope. My baby brother and I would always choose the best cars (the heavier but streamlined ones) and give my sister the crappy cars heh heh.

What do you miss most?

By now half the people (too young or too old) would be reading this and going “simi sai eh”. The other half of you, thank you for sharing the memories I fondly look back on year after year.

I’m sure I missed out tons more so feel free to add on to what you’ve missed about your childhood!

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