8 Bubble Tea Shops In Hanoi Besides Gong Cha Or Dingtea To Get Your Bubble Tea Fix

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Bubble tea shops in Hanoi

Bubble tea is well-loved everywhere, so it’s no wonder that hundreds of bubble tea joints are popping up all over Hanoi to satisfy Hanoians’ never-ending demand for this addictive drink.

And while the likes of Gong Cha or Dingtea are established brands with quality beverages, it doesn’t hurt to try out other brands every once in a while for something fresh. So, here are 8 bubble tea shops in Hanoi with roasted milk tea, crème brulee egg milk tea, and more for a change of pace.

1. Chago – with chewy tapioca noodle toppings

Image credit: @liinhheooo

Established in 2015, Chago quickly took Hanoi by storm and has since established a reputation for itself as one of the most popular bubble tea shops in town. Today, its signature packaging featuring red flowers on a black background can instantly be recognized by any Hanoian bubble tea lover.

You’ll find here the usual green or black tea (VND32,000, ~USD1.38), as well as other drinks such as dalgona (VND45,000, ~USD1.94) and mango ice blend (VND52,000, ~USD2.25). The brand has also recently introduced zero- or low-calorie versions of some of its drinks to cater to the needs of the health-conscious.

Image credit: ChaGo Tea & Caf’e

Topping-wise, aside from the usual tapioca or jelly, Chago is also known for its tapioca noodles, which are long, chewy tapioca strips that are incredibly satisfying to munch on. Drinkers often jokingly refer to these noodles as đuông dừa – which are coconut larvae that some people like to eat raw.

Address: Multiple outlets, full list of locations available here
Opening hours: 9AM-10.30PM, Daily

2. The Tea Pub – fruit-flavored milk tea

Image credit: @bonnielee94

With an expansive menu spanning across over 30 items, customers should never want for options at The Tea Pub.

The classic black tea with milk and pearls (VND42,000, ~USD1.81) with its strong tea aroma is a great option for those who want a simple drink, but what you must try here is the red dragon fruit and grape oolong milk tea with black pearls (VND49,000, ~USD2.12).

Image credit: @monkeyjul

Yes, the drink’s name is quite a mouthful to say, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect: the creaminess of the milk tea is balanced out by the fruity taste of red dragon fruit and grapes for a refreshing yet still pleasantly sweet sip.

There are also other fruit flavors such as peach, mango, and passion fruit if grapes and red dragon fruit are not to your liking.

Address: No. 10/1 Alley 55 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng Str., Đống Đa District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 9AM-6.30PM, Daily

3. Yu Tang – authentic Taiwanese bubble tea and street food

Image credit: @xudu_98

We all know Taiwan as the birthplace of bubble tea. Yu Tang aims to deliver to Hanoians not only the most authentic Taiwanese bubble tea, but also many of Taiwan’s signature street food dishes.

Image credit: @lang_gthang

When it comes to bubble tea, Yu Tang prides itself on its craft boba, which are handmade using an in-house recipe, resulting in a soft texture and a moderate sweetness. You can order the signature classic milk tea with craft boba (VND51,000, ~USD2.21) to see what the fuss is all about.

Yu Tang’s multiple outlets are practically fully-fledged restaurants with bright, spacious areas for dine-in. To go with your tea, sit down and enjoy a bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles (VND90,000, ~USD3.89) or some pork-filled dumplings (VND45,000-VND55,000, ~USD1.95-USD2.38) for a filling meal.

Address: Multiple outlets, see full list of locations here
Opening hours: 9AM-10.30PM, Daily

4. Bobapop – with plenty of topping options to choose from

Image credit: Bobapop – Taiwan Lattea

In a market as highly contested as bubble tea, it is not uncommon to see shops come and go, unable to keep up with the overwhelming competition. Bobapop, however, has stood as the go-to place for many Hanoi bubble tea aficionados since 2013.

Those with a sweet tooth should not miss out on the signature matcheese (VND49,000, ~USD2.19) – matcha topped with a layer of cheese cream. As the drink is quite sweet by itself, it is recommended that you order your cup with at most 70% of the regular amount of sugar.

Image credit: @__chij__beos__

But if that’s too much of a guilty pleasure, the honey aloe vera tea (VND35,000, ~USD1.52) is a healthier option. The honeyed tea has a natural, moderate sweetness, while the aloe vera topping helps improve your complexion.

Speaking of toppings, Bobapop offers a whopping 20 options for you to choose from. Feel free to experiment with the many flavors of jelly and pudding, such as coffee, chocolate, and taro, to find the ones most suit your taste. The pearls, which come in several fruit flavors, are also worth a try. As you bite into them, you can find them burst open, filling your mouth with juiciness.

Address: Multiple outlets, full list of locations available here
Opening hours: Vary depending on outlet. Most are open from 8AM-10.30PM, Daily.

5. Tae Tang – featuring trendy roasted milk tea

Image credit: Yi He Tang Việt Nam

Opened in 2019 under the name Yi He Tang and later rebranded, Tae Tang is a relatively new kid in town, but it has garnered a fair amount of public interest thanks to its signature roasted milk tea (VND39,000, ~USD1.68).

The name no doubt incites curiosity, but no, they don’t put the milk tea in an oven or anything – the “roasted” part just means it contains roasted sugar instead of regular sugar.

Image credit: Yi He Tang Việt Nam

That’s not to say Tae Tang’s offerings are not worth the hype, though. The roasted sugar adds a toasty, caramel-like flavor to the milk tea that keeps customers coming back for more.

The five-flavored milk tea (VND53,000, ~USD2.29), which is filled to the brim with 5 different toppings from pudding to jelly, is also a favorite among regulars.

Address: 76 Thái Hà Str., Đống Đa District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 9AM-10.30PM, Daily

6. Master Tea – bubble tea in glass cans

Image credit: MasterTea 美茶

Master Tea captures attention for its unique packaging option. Instead of the regular plastic cups that bubble tea is usually served in, you can choose to pay an extra VND6,000 (~USD0.26) to have your drink poured into a glass can for a cuter, greener alternative.

Image credit: MasterTea 美茶

Touted as using ingredients imported straight from Taiwan, the drinks here also have the quality to match the presentation. We recommend the jasmine milk tea (VND36,000, ~USD1.56) for its light, pleasant fragrance that lingers on the tip of your tongue.

Alternatively, the lemongrass orange tea (VND45,000, ~USD1.95) is great for quenching your thirst during hot summer days.

Address: Multiple locations. See full list of outlets here
Opening hours: 8AM-10.30PM, Daily

7. LeeTee – bubble tea with egg crème brulee

Image credit: @_nnghn

LeeTee is known among Hanoi bubble tea enthusiasts for its cute pink cups and multiple Instagrammable outlets, which also use pink as their dominant color.

Image credit: @huynhlevophi

Come here to try LeeTee’s trendy egg crème brulee that’s all the rage right now with its delightfully smooth texture and creamy flavor. The crème brulee can be served with cocoa, milk, or tea (VND48,000, ~USD2.08) depending on your preference.

Image credit: @leeteevietnam

Don’t forget to order your drink with some brown sugar tapioca pearls (VND11,000, ~USD0.48) as toppings for something chewy to munch on.

Address: Multiple locations, see full list of outlets here
Opening hours: 9AM-10PM, Daily

8. Feeling Tea – one of the oldest bubble tea brands in Hanoi

Image credit: Feeling Tea Trà Sữa Trân Châu

With a history that goes back well over a decade to 2004, Feeling Tea is one of the OG brands that introduced the bubble tea phenomenon to Hanoi.

Over the years, its menu has expanded to include more trendy drinks such as the peach coconut matcha (VND50,000, ~USD2.16), but we still find ourselves returning to the classic chocolate milk tea (VND30,000, ~USD1.30) from time to time, as its sweet flavor brings back fond memories of our middle school days.

Image credit: @ujunhs_

There’s also a decent selection of snacks and fast food here. Though this tea shop’s menu is not quite comparable to what you can find in a dedicated burger joint, its burgers make a decent grab-and-go meal that you can get for a reasonable price of VND30,000 (~USD1.30) each.

Address: Multiple outlets, see full list of locations here
Opening hours: 9AM-10.30PM, Daily

Hanoi bubble tea shops with fruit-flavored tea, tapioca noodles, and more

You can never go wrong with a cup of Gong Cha or ShareTea, but Hanoi’s bubble tea scene is so much more than just those established brands. So, the next time you head out to get your bubble tea fix, check out these 8 other bubble tea shops in the city. 

From unique toppings to original Hanoian flavors, they all have something to offer that’ll broaden your horizons.

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Cover image adapted from @leeteevietnam and Yi He Tang Việt Nam

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