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Vietnamese Employers Provide Customer Service Staff With Extra Protective Gear During COVID-19

Extra protective gear for service staff to help prevent COVID-19

As coronavirus is catching up rapidly with Vietnam and causing anxiety among people when in public space, service workers in many establishments have stepped up their protective measures to make customers feel more comfortable.

Customer service staff put on extra protection

Recently, the government has ordered the shutdown of all entertainment venues, including cinemas, restaurants, coffee shops, spas, and gyms, in an attempt to slow down the transmission of the coronavirus. However, essential establishments such as supermarkets, marts, banks, and hospitals are still open to serve customers.

With the number of COVID-19 cases rising across the country, basic protective measures such as masks and hand sanitizers are not sufficient to put some customers’ minds at ease. To protect their staff and customers, some banks and grocery stores have provided visors and gloves for their customer service staff to give them extra protection.  

VPBank tellers wears visors
Bank tellers with protective visors and face masks
Image adapted from:
Các sự kiện nội bộ VPBank

Tellers in a VPBank branch were seen wearing visors with medical masks underneath when dealing face-to-face with customers.

TPBank visor
Image adapted from: TPBank

On its Facebook story, TPBank also shared a photo of its tellers clad in ao dai and face visors in purple, the bank’s theme color.

“Together we fight the pandemic”, the bank’s caption reads.

Coopmart visor

Meanwhile, a customer service staff at Coopmart was also seen wearing a protective head visor and gloves.

Visors are becoming a mainstream fashion trend these days

biker wears visor
A man is seen riding his motorbike with a visor on
Image adapted from: Lê Long Hồ‎

If medical masks and hand sanitizers are the protective items that reigned supreme in Vietnam only a couple of weeks ago, head visors are now in style these days.

Not only do they give anyone who walks by you peace of mind, they also serve as a plastic barrier every time you accidentally reach your hand upwards to touch your face.

wear visor drink coffee
Image adapted from: Lê Long Hồ‎

Compared to fabric or medical masks, protective visors are more convenient when you are out on the streets drinking or eating something.

Mi Van children wear visors
Image credit: Van Mi Nguyen

A visor has a surface that helps protect the eyes, the nose, and the mouth of the wearer from other objects such as dust and aerosols.

Put on protective gear to protect yourself and the people around you

Even though the government has urged citizens to cut down on non-essential travel, there are certain errands that we all have to run, such as buying groceries or withdrawing cash.

However, if you need to go out, make sure you put on protective gear. From face masks to gloves to head visors, they may not protect you from viruses 100%, but can help to reduce the chance of infection.

As asymptomatic infected people can spread the virus unknowingly, prevention is better than cure.

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Cover image adapted from: Các sự kiện nội bộ VPBank and The Smart Local Vietnam

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