COVID-19 measures in movie theatres

Major Cineplex Reopens
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Cinemas have always been a well-loved spot to go to watch some good movies with a bunch of friends. Good news, after 2 months of being shut down due to COVID-19, cinemas across Thailand are finally able to reopen today, 1st June 2020.

As COVID-19 is still not going anywhere anytime soon, Major Cineplex, one of Thailand’s biggest movie theatre operators, is reopening with 5 strict preventive measures put in place to ensure its moviegoers are safe from catching the virus.

Five preventive measures at Major Cineplex

1. Screening

All staff and moviegoers need to be checked at a screening section and meet these requirements in order to enter movie theatres.

  • Need to have a body temperature lower than 37.5 degrees celsius.
  • Need to wear a face mask or a face shield.
  • Need to clean hands with sanitiser.

Major Cineplex Reopens
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2. Social Distancing

Social distancing rules are applied at the Major Cineplex too, and all staff and moviegoers need to strictly follow them. Here are the measures for social distancing:

  • Everyone needs to be at least 1 metre away from others, 3 steps away on escalators, and only 4 passengers are allowed to take a lift at a time. 
  • Every other e-ticket vending machine will be available.
  • In the movie theatres, there will be a gap with 2 seats between every other 2 seats, and there will be also a partition between every 4 seats.

Major Cineplex Reopens
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3. Cleaning

Hygiene is an important concern, and these are some of the measures to keep the theatres clean:

  • Every counter will be cleaned with disinfectant every hour, while food and drink counters will be cleaned every half hour.
  • Hand sanitisers are provided at all counters
  • Chairs and tables in lounges will be cleaned every hour.
  • Disinfectant will be sprayed in the ventilation system rooms before and after operating hours, and also in movie theatres after each screening.
  • Toilets will be sprayed with disinfectant every 2 hours.

Major Cineplex Reopens
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4. Cashless transactions

Major Cineplex recommends all moviegoers to pay for their tickets through e-Payment instead of using cash.

Major Cineplex Reopens
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5. Tracking

All staff and moviegoers are required to follow tracking measures by doing check-ins and check-outs. 

Major Cineplex Reopens
Image credit: Positioning

As for now, the number of new COVID-19 cases remains very low. However, be sure to follow all preventive measures for your own safety. 

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