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Thai Chana websiteImages adapted from: PPTV HD and BBC

Even if Thailand extended the lockdown, different measures have been taken to ease up several restrictions around the country, including allowing people to go out for a meal and visit shopping malls

To prevent more transmissions of the virus as people adapt to life amid covid-19, the government has launched a website called ‘Thai Chana’ to encourage people to keep to the safety measures in place. 

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Scan QR codes before and after visiting each place  

Thailand Launches Website To Track People Via Check-InsImage credit: Post Today

Social distancing and wearing face masks might seem troublesome for people when wanting to enjoy their time outside. However, the possibility of an increasing number of COVID-19 cases is scarier. 

In order to encourage people to strictly abide by the proper policies, the government decided to launch an online platform ‘Thai Chana (ไทยชนะ)’ for both service providers and customers to use. 

Thailand Launches Website To Track People Via Check-InsImage credit: iT24Hrs

All stores will have to register and accept the terms and conditions on the platform before reopening. There will be a specific QR code for each spot which customers must scan to check-in and check-out every time they visit stores. 

This will be implemented at all shopping malls, restaurants, and even convenience store like 7-11. 

Thai Chana website
Image credit: BBC

When checking out, the platform also requires users to fill a form to ensure that places you visit follow the rules, such as offering hand sanitising gel, performing social distancing measures, and having their staff don face masks. 

Thailand launches website to prevent COVID-19 cases
The assessment form for users to evaluate a store’s service
Image credit: travel141

For patrons who don’t use a smartphone, they can sign in their name, phone number, and time visited in a register at each store.

Moreover, people can also check the status of each store before visiting to see how crowded it is.

Prepare your smartphones and follow the rules for your own safety. 

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