Punishing people by forcing them to exercise

Punish Tourists With Exercise RoutineImages adapted from: Poetry of Bitch and Pattaya Mail

To prevent new COVID-19 cases from surfacing, Thailand is urging people to practise social distancing and wear a face mask when heading out. 

So when a group of tourists were seen not following the rules, the authorities at Koh Tao in Surat Thani province turned to punishments like push-ups and jumping jacks to keep them informed.

Prepare for punishment if heading out without masks 

punish people without face masks by exercise
Image credit: Pattaya Mail

Koh Tao is an island in Surat Thani province which is a is a dream destination for many tourists. Unfortunately, some foreigners are still stuck in the country due to COVID-19 travel restrictions not allowing them to fly back home.

As part of strict safety protocols, everyone is required to wear face whenever outdoors. For those who break the rules, authorities there have healthy punishment to offer. 

Punish Tourists With Exercise Routine
Image credit: Poetry of Bitch

The officers were seen getting the rule-breakers to carry out push-ups and jumping jacks as a form of punishment. 

Luckily, they accepted this without a fight – even thinking that this was actually a “kind” punishment instead of getting fined. Some even took turns to capture pictures of each other which have gone viral. 

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Thai netizens praise authorities for being reasonable

Thai Facebook page, Poetry of B*tch, released a post telling these funny stories. Many netizens left their comments, showing how impressed with the authorities’ actions. 

Punishing people by forcing them to exerciseSource

Translation: This kind of punishment won’t make anyone angry but laugh instead

Punishing people by forcing them to exerciseSource

Translation: This is good. A warning about social responsibility is better than fining

Punishing people by forcing them to exerciseSource

Translation: This is very cute

The spread of COVID-19 is a global problem that we have to fight together. To prevent more cases, don’t hesitate to follow the proper measures and take care of yourself no matter where you live. 

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