Tourists get schooled for breaking lockdown rules

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Images adapted from: YouTube, Hindustan Times

India is a day shy of reaching Day 21 of its lockdown, which was implemented back on 25th March. However, both citizens and tourists continue to challenge stay-at-home measures even when the officials put the foot down.

You thought you were too old for school to handwrite pages of “I will not…” for doing something wrong, but these police officers don’t think so.

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The tourists did not go to jail

Image credit: Hindustan Times

This Sunday, 12th April, 10 tourists in the town of Rishikesh were caught taking a walk around town and hanging out by the Ganges River. Instead of giving them jail time, they were sentenced to the harshest punishment possible – writing sentences.

The Uttarakhand police made the tourists write “I did not follow the rules of lockdown so I am so sorry” 500 times as punishment for disobeying lockdown rules.

Rishikesh is a Beatles tourist hotspot

Image credit: The Daily Mail

In the past, Rishikesh was known for being a frequent travel destination for The Beatles, where they wrote four dozen songs during their stays. The town’s become a pilgrimage for Beatles fans and those who want to visit the “Beatles Ashram”.

Any means to keep people safe

Police in India had to get creative with their punishments in order to keep both locals and tourists at bay. So far, they’ve tried wearing a coronavirus-shaped helmet to scare them and making them do squats and push-ups.

The population in India greatly outnumbers the police force and it’s understandable that controlling the population is easier said than done.

It’s hard to say if the ten tourists learned their lesson, but one thing’s for sure: their handwriting improved after this incident.

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