Free tests for Grab drivers

grab free testImage adapted from: Grab Thailand

Although the government has eased restrictions such as allowing customers to dine in restaurants, staying at home is still a safer choice. During the whole COVID-19 pandemic, people have been relying on delivery drivers to get their food and supplies. 

However, people often forget the fact that these drivers are in high-risk groups as they come into contact with many people daily.

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The earlier the better

grab free testImage credit: Grab Thailand

Together with Urban Institute for Disease Prevention and Control (IUDC), Grab worked on active case finding. The earlier the carrier of the virus is being detected, the faster medical workers can treat the patient and prevent any further spreads.

grab free testImage credit: Grab Thailand

Grab car drivers and delivery drivers were chosen as one of the groups to be tested for free as they are always in contact with people from different areas every day. If any driver happens to be a carrier of the virus, the risk of it spreading rapidly in a large area is extremely high. 

Grab Thailand’s Head of Public Affairs, Dr. Kengkran Louvirojanakul also stated that the tests can also build customer’s confidence and that safety is the company’s top priority. 

After lifting of lockdowns and the further ease of restrictions, people will be using public transport again, with Grab being one of their choices. In order for the public to choose Grab, they need to make people trust them.

The testings were held from 22nd April to 10th May and there were no positive results detected from more than 1000 samples.

Free masks are provided for drivers

Dr. Kengkran also shared that Grab has been providing free masks for all drivers as some find it difficult to gain access to the necessary resources. He also added that the company provides car cleaning services that can help kill bacteria and viruses to make sure everyone stays safe. 

Although many restrictions are being lifted, everyone still needs to stay alert. Prevention is always better than cure.

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