Free durians in Thailand

Free durian in ThailandImages adapted from: ให้ความรู้.com and สายสมร เบญจมาศ

The Pantry of Sharing has been a recent movement in Thailand for people to come together to show each other support during COVID-19. This initiative allows those in need of food to gain access to free supplies, and for others to do a good deed and give what they can to others. 

And lucky for locals in Trat province, a hotel owner brought pieces of durian to their community pantry for others to enjoy for free.

Durians ran out in just 5 minutes

Thai lady give away durian at local sharing pantry
Image credit: ให้ความรู้.com

Mrs. Saisamorn Benjamas is the owner of BM House Hotel in Trat province. She brought over 100 pieces of durian to a sharing pantry in front of Bor Rai Police Station for neighbours around to enjoy. 

Thai lady gives free durian to a sharing pantry
Image credit: สายสมร เบญจมาศ

She said that the fruit came from her own orchard. She wanted to share this it with other people to enjoy during the current hard times. 

“Some took 2-3 pieces for others in their family, but it was fine. Some were disappointed when it ran out, so I put in some rambutans for them to bring back home”.

Free fruits for people in Thailand
Image credit:
สายสมร เบญจมาศ

Netizens praise for her kindness  

Before going down to the pantry, Mrs. Saisamorn posted photos of the fruits on her Facebook, saying that she was bringing them to her nearby community pantry. 

Free durian in ThailandSource

Translation: “Please be mindful and share with others”

Under the post were tons of compliments and well wishes from Thai netizens. 

Free durian in ThailandSource

Translation: You are so kind. Wishing you all the happiness and wealth 

Free durian in ThailandSource

Translation: That’s so great. Good luck with your life and business!

Trat is a province in southeast Thailand that is famous for its abundance of fruits. This year is considered to be a hard time for orchard owners as business is down due to the virus. 

Durians can be quite expensive, so it’s hard for some people to afford it – especially now. Thank you Mrs. Saisamorn for bringing this delicious King of Fruits for your community to enjoy!

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