“Work From Home” Pyjamas Are Officially A Thing You Can Wear For Your Next Zoom Meeting

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Japanese company makes “Work From Home Jammies”

workfromhome pyjamas
Image credit: Whatever Inc.

After months of working from home, many of us have perfected the art of “looking decent” on our Zoom and Google video meetings.

Well, from chest up at least. Little do our co-workers know that below the proper button up shirts are our 10-year old cartoon PJs and comfy bedroom slippers.

But constantly changing in and out is a chore, which is why these Work From Home Jammies are perfect for anyone who has to deal with online meetings while working from home.

Business on the top, comfort on the bottom

These WFH Jammies are the brainchild of Whatever Inc., a digital design studio based in Japan.

Image credit: Whatever Inc.

The PJs look like your typical nondescript grey sweats…until your eyes pan up. Meant to be perfectly aligned with your laptop screens, no one will suspect you for being in your sweats on your next conference call.

wfh jammies
Image credit: Whatever Inc.

The top itself is half sweatshirt and half white “button-up”, which you can even put a tie on to really sell the look!

Aaaand right back to bed
Image credit: Whatever Inc.

Went through careful design process

In an interview with Bored Panda, Taichi Ito, the senior designer at Whatever Inc., mentioned that the pyjamas were inspired by jokes people made online about wanting to stay comfy despite needing to be on camera.

wfh jammies zoom
Image credit: Whatever Inc.

One particular video went viral after a man was seen getting up during a video meeting, only to expose himself in his boxersOops.

Mr. Ito shared that a lot of thought went behind making the PJs both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear.

The team also made sure that the different aspects of the top came together to work when appearing on camera, such as the height of the pockets.

Currently on Kickstarter

work from home pjs
The PJ set comes in 2 other colours too
Image credit: Whatever Inc.

The Work From Home Jammies are currently listed on Kickstarter, and have unsurprisingly exceeded their pledged goal. Hey, a lot of us want to look somewhat decent for our meetings!

The team expects deliveries to start going out from June 2020, with the items being shipped internationally from Japan. However, they’ve asked potential customers to ensure that their country has no restrictions for orders from Japan before making an order.

Image credit: Whatever Inc.

2 sizes are available (M and L) in 3 colours, and its unisex too.

With the talks of companies turning to working from home even beyond COVID-19, at least we know what we’re wearing in all our video meetings in time to come!

Check out the Work From Home Jammies on Kickstarter here.

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