“Creative” ways to deal with COVID-19

With all the talk about COVID-19 flying around, it’s normal to feel stress and paranoia during this scary time – even if that headache you’re having is just from a lack of sleep.

However amid the sullen news, there are many funny ways Thai people are dealing with the virus, from social distancing to crazy coronavirus-themed foods. Here’s a compilation of the most hilarious pictures we’ve found to put a smile on your face.

Social distancing 101: Thailand style

Due to the virus spreading across the country rapidly, people are highly recommended to keep safe distances from each other when outside.

Let’s see how Thais have been keeping up with this during their day to day lives.

social distancing for safe travel during COVID-19
Keeping your distance even on motortaxis – thanks P’Win for your service!
Image credit: ฉันชอบดูนางงาม

Making merit in the time of COVID-19Making merit and offering food to monks while protecting each other
Source: ฉันชอบดูนางงาม

Thai social distancing practice
When you are asked for your signature at the bank
Source: ฉันชอบดูนางงาม

Funny Social Distancing Practices in Thailand
Practice your tossing skills while you’re at it!
Source: ฉันชอบดูนางงาม

Thai fight COVID-19 with funBoth customers and staffs are safe behind a line
Source: ฉันชอบดูนางงาม

Aside from keeping the distance, you have to learn these hacks to survive in the COVID-19 crisis. 

Scotch Brite face mask to cope with COVID-19
Will the price of Scotch Brite increase after this? (PSA: Please wear proper face masks for your safety!)
Source: Bianca Daniella

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Stay calm and stay safe

corona cookies
Um, corona cookies, anyone?
Source: Bianca Daniella

Even in this serious crisis, it’s important to stay positive and safe. 

Find the things that make you feel relaxed, stay tuned for all updates, and strictly follow the proper measures – as much as slapping a sponge on your face might seem hilarious.

We hope to pass through this situation by supporting each other!

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Cover images adapted from: ฉันชอบดูนางงาม

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