Smart ways to deal with COVID-19

bubble tea kasetsart university
Images adapted from: Thai News Agency

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc and causing lockdowns and quarantines to be put in place, many restaurants around Thailand sadly face a dip in business – but this cafe in Bangkok adapted quickly.

Kasetsart University‘s resident coffee shop has gone full inspector gadget, with a fully functioning pulley system to deliver drinks to customers.

Practicing the 1 metre rule

kasetsart university cafe
Image credit: Thai News Agency

10/10 for abiding by the rules of social distancing too. With the virus spreading around pretty rampantly, people are advised to stay 1m apart when outside. The trolley system ensures that no direct contact is made between the cafe’s staff and customers, which minimises risk of potential infection.

funny bubble tea shop
Image credit: Thai News Agency

Hand sanitisers are placed on the tables for customers to use too!

kasetsart university cafe
Image credit: Thai News Agency

The cafe also apologised for not being able to use any cups brought in by customers due to hygiene reasons, providing plastic cups instead. Customers are also asked to pay using the trolley system to further minimise contact.

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Better safe than sorry

While it may seem a tad ridiculous, it’s awesome that businesses like this are going to extra mile to keep both their staff and patrons safe. Business still have to go on, but a little goes a long way in times like this.

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