Schools close amid COVID-19

Schools Closed
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Now that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so soon, it is best for everyone to stay at home. Office workers are now working from home as it’s safer, and similar regulations will be set for students as well.

As the number of infections surged, the Council of University Faculty Senate of Thailand (CUFST) requested both government and private universities to use online platforms instead of normal classes. 

Schools Closed
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Besides the students, the council has also asked executives of higher education institutions to allow staff and lecturers to work from home and perform online conferences whenever necessary instead of holding meetings in person.

This measure will go into effect from today until the end of May 2020 in order to lower the risk of infection through close contact.

Schools across Thailand are closed too

Also, the Thai cabinet has just approved a plan to close other high-risk locations due to the outbreak. The approval was announced on 16th March 2020, saying that schools, nightclubs, movie theatres, massage parlours and other entertainment spots will be temporarily closed for 2 weeks starting this Wednesday, 18th March.

Events and large gatherings like fairs and concerts have also been ordered to close indefinitely, alongside sports arenas, stadiums, and cockfighting arenas. Songkran Festival has officially been postponed as well.

Schools Closed
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With self-quarantine measures put in place to avoid catching the virus, now’s a good time to rest at home and binge-watch new shows on Netflix

Meanwhile, we really hope the situation will get better soon.

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