‘Netflix Party’ Chrome Extension Lets Friends Watch Movies In Sync While Everyone’s Stuck At Home

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‘Netflix Party’ extension on Google Chrome

netflix party
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When you’re an introvert, the idea of self-isolation at home just sounds like another day in the life. So when countries all over the world started implementing lockdowns and quarantine measures, I didn’t really have to make any major changes to my lifestyle.

Armed with my Netflix account and a cupboard full of “survival food” (read: MAMA noodles), I was ready to conquer COVID-19 by staying indoors.

But what if you’re a bummed out social butterfly that just wants to hang out with your friends? Well, here’s some good news for you.

Netflix Party is a new extension on Google’s Chrome browser that lets you watch movies and shows with your friends in sync. And with Thailand shutting down movie theatres for 2 weeks, this is our best bet at “movie night” for now.

Customisable and available in HD

netflix party
Image credit: Netflix Party

All you gotta do to get started is to download the extension on Chrome, pick a movie, and then create a ‘party’ and share the URL with your friends. Once everyone’s in, just play the movie, grab some popcorn, and imagine you’re all at the cinema.

I mean, little imagination goes a long way during a self-quarantine, right?

netflix party 2
Image credit: Netflix Party

The app also includes a chatroom feature that lets participants share GIFs and screenshots.

So whether you and your friends are in Bangkok, Singapore, or a whole other continent, embrace the social distancing woes and enjoy yourselves while you’re at it.

The extension is currently only available on Google Chrome, and you can download it for free here.

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