934 Total COVID-19 Cases In Thailand, 107 New Patients Declared Today

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Infections continue to rise in Thailand

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Image credit: The Star

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry reported 107 new cases of COVID-19 in the country, bringing the tally up to 934 total infections to date. There have been 4 reported deaths, with some having underlying illnesses like TB and diabetes.

As with many of the recent infections, the new cases fall in 3 main groups as well, spokesman of the ministry Dr Taweesin Wisanuyothin shared.

New cases also fall into 3 main groups

1. 27 people were in contact with previous patients, or were at the same venues as the previous patients.

  • 4 people were from boxing stadiums, including an inter-provincial bus driver as reported by Bangkok Post.
  • 5 were from entertainment venues. These included a singer, receptionist, musician, visitor, and venue owner.
  • 14 were in close contact with previous patients, including a student, taxi driver, police officer, vendor, and an inmate.
  • 4 are from clusters resulting from religious ceremonies in Malaysia.

2. 13 came from overseas or were in contact with visitors

  • 6 returnees and foreigners from Britain, France, and Germany
  • 5 worked in crowded places/worked with foreigners, including a cashier
  • 2 were doctors who had treated a patient that visited a boxing stadium. This led to 15 medical officials and 10 other doctors needing to be in quarantine.

3. 67 cases are currently still under investigation for contact tracing

Of the 934 cases, 70 have since recovered and been discharged. 4 remain in critical condition.

Partygoers mainly blamed for spread

Bangkok Post shared that the cause of the spread mainly falls on partygoers.

A high surge in cases was seen after Bangkok reported its very first cluster of infections on 12th March 2020. 11 partygoers were tested positive for the virus after sharing drinks and cigarettes at a party in Thong Lor, bringing the then total up to just 70.

Since then, Thailand saw a big jump in cases with more people being linked to the initial cluster.

Dr Taweesin said that partygoers “transmitted the disease to about 100 other people” and urged people to practice social distancing by avoiding crowded spaces. He also mentioned that one should not “conceal [their] history of risky behaviours” as this could affect both health personnel and the health system.

People asked to not return to home provinces

thailand new cases
Image credit: AFP

Cities across Thailand are seeing a spike in cases after people have travelled back to their home provinces. Dr Asadang Ruay-ajin, spokesman of the Disease Control Department, shared that the transmission of the disease to all regions in Thailand are a result of infected people from boxing stadiums and entertainment venues.

Cities across Thailand have been affected, with Phuket and Pattaya now under lockdown, and the first COVID-19 cases being reported in Ayutthaya and Phitsanulok.

As such, it is highly recommended for people to stay put and remain in isolation to minimise further spread of the virus.

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