Free meals for people out of work because of the virus

Street Vendor COVID-19
Images adapted from: Chalit Pumruang

COVID-19 might not be the most fatal disease we have ever known, but its high infection rates have been extremely detrimental for the economy in many countries including Thailand. As a result, many low-income earners were put out of their jobs and left to fend for themselves.

Mr. Pornphitsanu Phonmathong is a 56-year-old vendor from Muang District, Nakhon Sawan province. He shared his concern for his customers ever since the virus hit Thailand. Knowing that this has affected people’s livelihood, he then decided to cook free food and hand them out to those unable to afford meals during this time.

He was ready to not let these people fight alone.

Helping low-income folks affected by the outbreak

Street Vendor COVID-19
Image credit: Chalit Pumruang

As one of his regular customers showed up to his shop and asked for a free meal one day, Mr. Pornphitsanu came up with the idea to help low-income people affected by the virus by providing them with food, no charge.

Street Vendor COVID-19
Image credit: Chalit Pumruang

Translation: Free egg fried rice every weekday morning for those put out of work due to COVID-19

According to Komchadluek, Mr. Phonmathong witnessed the layoffs that have been happening recently and felt sympathetic for the affected workers.

So, he decided to offer free food as a way to help them. He has been giving out free food since 13th March , from 5am to 7am every weekday.

kind street vendor in thailand
Image credit: Komchadluek

Gets financial support from other vendors

After he has started giving people free meals, other vendors came forward to and provide him with some financial support to buy raw ingredients. 

Street Vendor COVID-19
Image credit: Chalit Pumruang

Now he uses 6kg of rice and 3 trays of eggs to cook up a bigger portion for his customers, along with boxes of milk to give out for free as well.

It warms our hearts to see people like Mr. Pornphitsanu make sacrifices just to help others in need. This shows us that superheroes aren’t always in capes – they might be standing behind a wok with an apron instead.

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