Staying in high spirits during COVID-19

Thai Singers Start '#cover19challenge'

Images adapted from @artiwara, @rachwinwong, and @kimkee.hor

The spread of COVID-19 has seen lives being affected in ways we never could have imagined. With lockdowns and safety measures put into place, many of us have been asked to stay at home

Sadly, many small businesses and people in Thailand have been forced to close their shutters and leave their jobs, making it a scary time to live through. And through it all, medical staff have been toiling day and night to make sure everyone stays safe.

Artiwara “Toon” Kongmalai, a Thai singer is known for his charity causes, has just come up with a ‘#cover19challenge’ campaign, inviting other Thai singers to join him in making song covers to keep people in a good mood during the COVID-19 situation.

New cover starts everyday at 7PM

Artiwara "Toon" Kongmalai Bodyslam

Image credit: @artiwara

Toon comes from the rock band Bodyslam and started to run for charities like “Kao Konlakao”. 

Thai singers join #cover19challenge to fight COVID-19
Image credit: @artiwara

With the COVID-19 situation in Thailand, he returns with a new campaign, the #cover19challenge, with an aim to cheer up anyone watching, from those of us staying at home to state officers and medical staff that are fighting against the virus.

The campaign will invite Thai singers to cover songs by other artists at 7PM daily from now onwards. Followers can tune in to watch the fun and even sing along – sounds like something fun to do while stuck at home!

Whoever’s song is covered will be the next person “tagged” to do the challenge.

#cover19challenge to fight COVID-19


Toon started his cover on 22th March 2020 via Instagram Live together with his girlfriend, Rachawin “Koy” Wongwiriya, with the song named “ก่อน (Gaun)” from Moderndog. 

Toon Bodyslam starts #cover10challenge


Thanachai “Pod” Ujjin, a singer of Moderndog band already accepted the challenge and passed it to Ancharee “Pu” Chongkadikij. And now, the challenge is up to Seksan Sookpimai a.k.a. SEK LOSO. 

Spreading positive vibes to cheer each other up 

You can follow their campaign via the Instagram hashtag #cover19challenge. There are many more singers and artists joining in too, so stay tuned! You can even put your vocals to good use and belt out a number of your own. 

Though this might just be a little thing, it can help make a massive difference to cheer others up during such a dark time. This also shows that Thais will get through this together by helping one another in every way we can.

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