Collapsing overpass in Thailand

Adrenaline junkies come in all forms – bungee jumpers, skydivers and those who brave obviously-failing infrastructure. 

10 steps of an overpass in Thailand have been left in rubbles and are tilted towards one side; citizens continued to use it in order to get across one of the busiest roads in Bangkok. 

Car accident caused infrastructural damage 

The high impact from a zipping stray tire is the main culprit for the infrastructural damage – a car accident that occurred on 2nd March 2021 apparently caused the tire to dislodge from the car and fly into the overpass, reported PPTVHD36.

collapsing-overpass-thailandImage credit: PPTV HD 36

As the overpass is located in a prime area of the city, citizens have no choice but to continue using it in order to cross the 8-laned road in Rama 2. There are also no warning signs against using the collapsing staircase; citizens have voiced their concern and asked the authorities to respond to the incident. 

collapsing-overpass-thailandThe sign reads ‘bin dai ja’, which means ‘can fly’ and the ‘ja’ adds a sassy tone to the message
Image credit: PPTV HD 36

collapsing-overpass-thailandOne Netizen likened the effort needed to use the steps to skateboarding.
The comment reads “Don’t stress – it will take a while for the authorities to arrive. By then, your sanity will be gone – we need to take pivot and adapt to our situation”
Image adapted from: PPTV HD 36

Citizens adapt 

Like all broken infrastructure, it’s best to avoid the collapsing overpass. In this instance, though, it appears that locals are taking the path of least resistance – a collapsing overpass vs. a busy street. 

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Featured images adapted from: PPTV HD 36


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