Instagram AR filters in real life

Instagram AR (Augmented Reality) filters are a new way to enjoy Instagram Stories. With its interactive features that move together with your camera, many people have been able to get creative on the platform. 

But if the world of AR is too confusing for you, just follow instructions from this man. There is no technology needed – just a whole bunch of creativity.  

We Bare Bears AR filter made from scratch

Many Instagram users and highly followed influencers love AR filters as it makes stories look cute while elevating the kind of content produced. Moreover, you don’t have to spend an hour putting on makeup – there are filters for it after all.

Hilarious IG Filter
The popular We Bare Bears filter
Images adapted from: @niningxx, @tikadew_, and @sibobbys

One user in a Thai Facebook group named ฟิวเตอร์ไอจีสวยๆ (translation: share cool Instagram filters) posted funny pictures that featured how an Indonesian man makes his own We Bare Bears IG filter from the scratch. 

Hilarious IG Filter
Images adapted from:

The man imitated how the AR filter works, and he’s pretty on point. He printed out the three bears from the cartoon, cut them out, and stuck it to his face – but not before slathering his face with powder for the ultimate spotless look.

Hilarious IG Filter Images adapted from: @anam_chenel

The post went viral with over 3.8K likes and 19K shares, and there are many netizens tagging their friends to see this funny filter.

Do you want to use his Instagram filter? Follow his account here to see more funny stories. 

Featured image adapted from: @tikadew_ and @anam_chenel

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