Flooded underpass in Korat

One would think that reporting a flooded road is just as easy as dialling a hotline number. Apparently, it took much more effort in this case.

Image credit: Jaroenpong Sumranklang

On 12th November 2020, Korat man Jaroenpong Sumranklang posted his ‘holiday photos’ on Facebook, showing himself, a friend, and a small child hanging out at a peculiar-looking “beach” which turned out to be a flooded underpass. 

Image credit: Jaroenpong Sumranklang

The car tunnel was flooded with rainwater and had been out of service since mid-October 2020. About a month later, however, no authorities showed up to fix the problem. 

Mr. Sumranklang later said that his intention was to shed light on this prolonged problem.

Fixed in 3 days

Images adapted from: PR.Railway

Miraculously, the rainwater was drained and the tunnel was open to the public for use again on 15th November – only 3 days after Mr. Sumranklang posted his satirical album. 

It was apparent that the organisation responsible for the tunnel, State Railway of Thailand, had been alerted to take action.

Big thanks to Mr. Sumranklang for coming up with such a creative and funny solution!

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Featured image adapted from: Jaroenpong Sumranklang, PR.Railway

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