Funny Thai cosplayer

“Small happiness” is what Sine Benjaphorn’s Facebook page, “Framsook Lek Lek”, means in English – and that’s something this young lady provides her fans through her crazy cosplay looks.

the queen's gambit
Sine’s latest character cosplay as Beth Harmon from Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit
Image credit: Framsook Lek Lek

Being a fashion store owner, Sine first started the page to promote clothes from her shop, but her creativity and sense of humour in many of her shoots attracted a lot of attention from Thai netizens.

Right now, Sine has more than 250,000 likes on her page and over 135K followers on Instagram. 

Known for her deadpan humour and funny props

selena gomez cosplay
That’s a bottle of fish sauce Sine’s holding while in a dress that’s made out of sauce packets
Image credit: Framsook Lek Lek

Many of Sine’s hilarious photos have her in “low-cost” versions of clothes and props as the original celebs, with her imitating their expressions to a T.

lisa manoban
Image credit: Framsook Lek Lek

Her serious demeanour seems hilarious once you notice the random objects she uses as props. In this is photoshoot modelled after our homegrown Lisa from Blackpink, Sine replaced flowers with meatballs and snacks yet she still tried to ‘take it seriously’ just like Lisa.

thai cosplay
No gold? Ginger will do.
Image credit: Framsook Lek Lek

Sine imitates both international and local characters and personalities, depending on what’s trending at the time.

sine the cosplayer
Sine as MP Pareena Kraikupt, Kim Jong-un
Image credit: Framsook Lek Lek

Sine doesn’t just stop at fictional characters and famous celebrities, she also cosplays politicians.

Follow her for her next looks

You can follow Sine on her Facebook page or Instagram and wait for her next cosplay looks. 

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Featured image adapted from: Framsook Lek Lek

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