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  16 Bussorah Street Singapore 199437
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Singapore’s Arab quarter is a peek into another world: share the karisik kebab, a large copper platter of combination kebabs including charcoal-grilled lamb chops and served with tender chunks of grilled chili, pilaf and rich buttery vegetables. For a postprandial treat, sit outside and puff a strawberry-flavoured shisha.

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The Best Turkish experience
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There are many Turkish joints in Singapore but I'd reckon that this might well be the best. The first time I was here was in 2007 and the restaurant is still around serving the best that Turkey has to offer.

Any hungry visitor would immediately notice the interior decor. The decor lends a rustic charm to the restaurant. First thing anyone should do is to order a pot of apple tea, maybe two as you will finish off the first in double quick time.

Take your time to enjoy the ambience. They play Turkish music, so it feels like as if you are somewhere else. This is the place to go to if you appreciate meat, specifically lamb. on every visit, I end up ordering karisik kebab as that dish allows you to experience a little of almost everything that Alaturka has to offer.

I would recommend making reservations before arriving. You wouldn't want to be disappointed at the door, to find out that the restaurant's packed. If you have a large party of perhaps 6 or 7, they have a special seating area where you sit on carpets around a large table with cushions making it a little more comfortable. That is authentic!

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