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Helming from Malaysia, PappaRich is place where you can indulge in their Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemal, Chicken Rice, Curry Laksa and many more local favorites which will warm your heart. They also have an extensive menu of deliciously crafted beverages for those looking for a place for drinks. 


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Comfortable comfort food
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PappaRich enshrines local street food in a restaurant setting, at a reasonable price. Purists may prefer to eat street food on the street, but fulfilling your craving for junk food in a family-friendly, air-conditioned restaurant is not a bad prospect.

One dish they do surprisingly well is their Canai. While other restaurants tend to use pre-made frozen dough to save time and money, but PappaRich’s Canai tastes fresh and fluffy. Their Kuaw Teows are also really authentic and you cannot miss their Nasi Lemak. They have lunch sets that are great value-for-money too.

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Richly Decorated, Richly Flavoured
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An occasional visitor to Plaza Singapura, I noticed the beautiful wooden interior of the PappaRich outlet just beside the entrance long before I first set foot in it. Due to the mushrooming everywhere of Toast Box, Ya Kun and Old Town outlets everywhere, I had no idea what would make PappaRich stand out. So, game for a taste adventure, I gave it a go.

The server was extremely courteous and offered seats deep inside the cafe. As I sat in the comfortable sofa-like booth, I admired the decor and had the thought that they had spent a pretty penny on their interior design. The lighting was less bright than most cafes I have been to, perfect for a quiet drink or catchup.

When I was presented with the menu, I was struck by how good the pictures of the items looked. Advertising, of course, but with obvious effort and a customer-oriented mindset. Each item was labelled with the local name in English and in Mandarin. A description of the dish was present for the main courses - certainly useful for visitors unfamiliar with the cuisine.

Having already had a bite to eat earlier, I settled for their Toasted Bread Special with Butter and Kaya. To wash this down, I ordered Iced Teh.

The items came quickly. The Iced Teh was sweet but only just so, carefully carrying the fragrance of the tea through the creamy profile of the milk. There was a minute tang of astringency, very slight and not distracting but it was there.

The Toasted Bread was rather different from what I usually have. For a start, the air pockets of the bread are larger than those in the breads used in other cafes. This would give it a more substantial mouthfeel and would probably feel fluffy if it had not been so well-toasted. A golden-brown crust graced the surfaces of the bread, both on the exterior and on the interior where the kaya and butter lay. As soon as I separated a triangle of the toast sandwich, I cannot help but notice the just-melted daisy yellow of butter placed in the middle oozing ever so slowly as my fingers put the pressure on. The kaya is spread evenly over the interior and, though ordinary-looking, was intriguingly brownish - perhaps I have become used to seeing green kaya.

When I bit into it, what I got was a slight external crunch followed by a slightly chewy internal layer. When the kaya hit my tongue, a melodious flavour came forth, invited the rich, savouriness of the butter for a dance and did the Cha-cha on my palate.

Perhaps this sounds like exaggeration but I don't quite remember having had many better kaya-butter toasts than the one I had here. I was impressed and I promised myself that I would make a return visit. And I did. And I will.

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