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Far cry from the authentic soya milk
Overall Rating 
Unisoy, a product of 21st century food technology, is a far cry as compared to the traditional Soya Bean Milk one can buy from wet markets.

The grainy taste and sweet aroma is lacking. Instead, it is bland and does not taste like the authentic soya bean milk. Apart from the taste, it costs more than the soya bean milk from the wet markets or processed soya milk packets.

No thanks, but I'll stick to soya bean milk from wet markets.

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Lacking the essence of real soymilk
Overall Rating 
Unisoy has always ranked as one of the bottom brands of soymilk I've ever tasted. Indeed, it is my opinion that because of the company's numerous modifications to make it everyone's healthy choice of soymilk that the essence of how soymilk should taste like is lost in the process.

Take lactose, for example. Whilst I acknowledge the removal of lactose has indeed made soymilk drinkable for a larger group of people, lactose is what makes milk milk. Without lactose, the delicious milky taste is invariably lost in the process. Moreover, artificial removal of natural sugars has further reduced the original quality of the soymilk.

Another point that deters me from buying Unisoy would be the price. A packet with 12 sticks of Unisoy powder can easily cost more than $150. And since I don't get the quality I expect from paying so much for a sachet of soymilk, I see no point in buying it. I would rather buy a $1.30 cup of warm soymilk from Mr. Bean anyday.

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Not for me
Overall Rating 
I've never been fond of Unisoy from the first time I tried it. I don't know why, but I can't comprehend a soya milk made from powder. Having seen the actual process in making soya milk and bean curd from scratch, I can't put it pass my head that Unisoy is powdered, though they taste similar.

I humbly pass on Unisoy and will rather stick to the soya milk from the wet markets.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3