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I have not really heard much from this brand although I have seen it around quite a bit. Some of my friends use it and they think the "snow" skin collection works wonders on their skin. My mother recently gave me the snow moisturizer to try, as she says is really good for the skin. I am still quite skeptical about this product because it says that this "snow water" really improves skin quality alot.

I feel that after using it a few times, there are not many obvious differences. Seems like the effects of my skin before and after using the product are the same and I am not sure if I would continue using it. The cream is light though and unlike most moisturisers that make you feel very sticky after applying it, this just disappears into the skin.

I would maybe try out some other products, since it is really recommended. Perhaps a mask or something the next time I go to the shops if the budget allows for it.
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1 results - showing 1 - 1